Sunday, July 31, 2005

Kisah Benar/ True Story pts 2 and 3

Disclaimer: to protect the innocent, the names of the characters may have been changed. Akiramike has a hazy memory so some details may have been left out or altered. Some things may have been exagerrated for story-telling purposes.

This is the sequel to 1st part which can be found here:


Unlike pt 1, the main protagonist for this story has changed. Since then, the girl has not appeared. Maybe she read my blog and knew that we knew she was stalking KTS. However we can't know for certain that she knows we know because what we know may not be true and so she can't possibly know that we know something that may not be true.

The main protagonist for pts 2 and 3 is a friend by the name of Ken and the whole thing started two days ago, one sunny Friday afternoon. Ken was playing ball at the same court as part 1 when 3 girls appeared on the scene.

Somehow, the appearance of the 3 girls seemed to energize Ken and he played like a man possessed. He was driving to the hoop at will, swishing his mid range 3 pointed and performing acrobatic lay-ups. The girls at this point were having some kind of sprinting competition, except for the girl in the light blue sweater who Ken thought was the cutest.

Somewhere in the afternoon, they ended up borrowing Akiramike's ball and were playing with it on the other court. I think my ball must have been been very happy that day. But no, Ken had to be a bastard and ask them to play with his ball instead.

Everytime the ball bounced to the girls direction, Ken would slowly walk to the other court to pick up the ball and take his time to come back. I shall call this the Ken-pick-up-girl-technique-no-1 or kentech1.

By now, it was pretty obvious to us that Ken was enamoured by girl no 3 as we called her. When they had finished playing Ken's ball, they returned it to him with a thank you. Unfortunately, Exploding Head spoiled Ken's fun by shouting at the girls ' Why don't you thank him by giving him a kiss.'

The embarressed girls giggled and walked to the water fountain for a drink. Undettered, Ken made the decision to approach them but alas, the girls quickly walked off after having a drink.


The weather today was good. I was waiting for Dragon Zakura ep 1 to finish downloading and I was too lazy to cook, so I decided to see if anyone was there. Quite a lot of the usual ppl were there and then Ken showed up as well and we called KTS.

So anyway, my team lost and we were sitting at the sidelines when KTS showed up.

KTS: Hey, I think I saw two girls walking around with a basketball.

Akiramike: Where, I don't see any.

KTS: Over there, playing on the swings. Aren't those the same girl as last time? And this time, they brought a basketball with them.

Unfortunately for Ken, girl no 3 was not with them but he got fired up and played more agressively. Maybe due to girl no 3's absence, he lost his mid range touch. The other side of the court was preoccupied so they girls had to content themselves with playing with their own ball on the footpaths.

The sky grew dark and most people left. The girls started playing on the other court. We were playing 3 on 3 at this time and Ken began using kentech1 at least 4/5 times. Later only, me, KTS, Ken and Randy were left. Ken was desperate. Where was his girl no 3?

Ken was undecided on what to do. We counseled Ken that the girls were here for him. After all, they had heard Exploding Head's remark the other day and had even come with their own ball. After much deliberation, Ken decided to ask the girls if they wanted to play a little 3 on 3, and they accepted. We introduced ourselves and under the pale street light Akiramike noticed one of them was pretty cute. Anyways the game was one.

We tried to run plays for them and they managed to score quite a few baskets. They were very sporting and aggressive as well to the point of fouling hard. I think Randy got hit on the face on a drive. It was pretty dark but I was impressed that they managed to catch passes. One of them even managed to steal Ken's ball. Alas for poor Ken, he seemed to have lost his touch and could not score in the final game.

We bid them goodbye and Ken was happy to have found the names of no 3's friends. He vowed to find out no 3's name next time.

However, KTS and I came out with a hypothesis. Most girls don't have a basketball lying around. Most likely they would borrow it from their boyfriend. No 3 did not come along so we deduced that the ball probably belonged to no 3's boyfriend and that they had probably gone out. Ken's heart was shattered but he did not give up hope. Our hypothesis had a large probability but it wasn't absolute.

Will no 3 play with Ken's ball again? Will he ever learn her name. Find out the next exciting chapter of Kisah Benar, same blog and same address.

Drama Aoiiro

Added Drama Aoiiro to my links. Its a drama blog about jdramas. I would have missed out on Dragon Zakura if not for it. A review of ep 1 will be forthcoming.


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