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Jyouou virgin eps 1-4

WARNING: This post contains lots of fanservice pictures and some nudity.

Jyouou virgin is the sequal to the 2005 midnight dorama Jyouou which I didn't review because it was really bad. The only thing worth watching it for was Sora Aoi. In terms of fanservice, it was so boring that it did not warrant the midnight slot. There are so many hot gravure and JAV actresses that they could have used but Jyouou was completely devoid of beauty besides Sora Aoi.

I want to be the cinematographer in a midnight jdorama when I grow up.

Good thing that the second season is a huge upgrade. Firstly, we have the lovely 22 year old Hara Mikie who was in the first two episodes of Giragira playing the usual idealistic and uber nice 18 year old, Ando Mai. Hara Mikie's acting talents consist of opening her eyes to anime-like proportions and hypnotising the audience with her other set of 'eyes'. Being the main character, Mai dreams of winning the second Jyouou competition so that she won't have to depend on her mother. To create some depth for her character, she has a history of being bullied in school because of the size of her oppai. The first episode even opens with a scene of her crying in school while taking her clothes off.

Asakawa Ran?

Like Teioh and every other kyabakura dorama in existence, Mai is nice and ignorant to the point of stupidity. Of course, she wins because of her ernest and her feelings reach her customers, blah blah blah. Like I said in my review of Teioh, the more I watch other kyabakura/host doramas, the more I appreciate Giragira where the key to the success of the main character was not just by being nice.


How nice of them to help Mai take her clothes off.

Mai joins the competition and we are introduced to our collection of stereotypical girls. We have JAV actress Hara Soari as Izumi Yuika as the loner who was previously a dancer in New York. I am ashamed to say that I have not seen her before but shall endeavor to familiarise myself with her body... of work. Suffice to say, she was a great body, reminds me of Asakawa Ran and I hope she doesn't leave this show too soon. I can pretty much guarantee Yuika will get back to dancing and Mai with a crappy speech with plenty of words like yume, akiramenaide and ganbatte.

That cleavage looks familiar...

An all girl jdorama would not be complete without some steamy yuri innuendo.

Kurokawa Mei plays Kinoshita Tomo, the most interesting character in Jyouou and probably the only hope this show has a chance of being interesting story-wise. She's the quiet one of the bunch. The girl next door who becomes Mai's ally with a history of attempted suicide. Ep 4 hints that she might be more than just supporting friend for Mai. Being a non JAV actress, she does not strip. Boo.

Changing room politics are not for the faint hearted.

Akiba girl looks better without her clothes on..

In addition to our three main girls, we have the trio of bad girls. Shibuya girl Erina, S&M chick, Mizuki Sara-sama and lastly Akiba girl Haruna Mio. Erina is ugly. Her fake tan and overly done face may be indicative of Shibuya fashion trends but I wouldn't pay money for her. Mio does the squeky maid voice but unfortunately her face does not match with her sound. Ogura Yuko, she is not. Its like someone else is dubbing over her voice. Sara-sama is the best of the bunch though she hasn't had her time in the spotlight yet.

If this shot doesn't sell this dorama, nothing will.

What took you so long to get into jdoramas?

I'm most excited about Kadena Reon in this show. She's hardly featured in the few episodes of Maid Deka that have been translated and I'm eager to see what she can do. I'm disappointed that her character is confined to wheelchair so we probably won't get any scenes similar to her famous ipod dancing. Rounding is up is JAV veteran Asami Yuma, who was also in Shimokita Glory Days which I encourage every sukebe to check out.

Star of the greatest gravure video ever, along with the Sabra Isoyama Sayaka and Kawamura Yukie photoshoot.

Workplace accidents do happen.

As evident from the screenshots, Jyouou virgin is laden with fanservice. Plenty of nudity, upskirt shots and changing of clothing. We even have scenes where characters take off their top mid conversation for no reason whatsoever. If you want to make people watch a show with bad script and acting, you have to make it worth their time. One thing I have learned from this show is that overly gratuitous upskirt shots are not exciting.


Now this is an exicting shot.

There are sadly no subs for Jyouou virgin but its not necessary. The story and dialogue is predictably like every other kyabakura show. The characters are cliched and every episode ends with Hara Mikie screaming yamete!


bframe5 said...

I just hope that Izumi Yuika gets to stick around for a few more eps...

On another note, it's too bad that the eps take a while to get added to the d-addicts tracker.

But, better late than never!

Anonymous said...

bframe5 said...

On another note, it's too bad that the eps take a while to get added to the d-addicts tracker.

The one who usually uploads the drama is away in the turn of the month. (Oct/Nov)

Anonymous said...

Don't give up on your important dreams!

Add some running, and you've got 90% of jdramas

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kamiko1981 said...
The one who usually uploads the drama is away in the turn of the month. (Oct/Nov)

Shitsurei shimashita. m(-_-)m

iampeter said...

subs are out for this if you didn't see...

1-3 there

i found another set of subs 1-5 i think

here is a link ill upload if you are still interested:

iampeter said...

actually whoops, wrong season. i think the one i uploaded is season 2 for sure.

Anonymous said...

there are some video clips here of Jyouou series esp. part 2 my fave