Thursday, March 30, 2006

Salaryman Kintaro season 3 ep 5

Love the flashback to the 1st season. The more things change, the more the stay the same.......

God, I love this show. Ep 4 ends with Kintaro's wife discovering his affair. I like how the writers didn't try to milk it. It shows that there are lots more interesting things to come. Kintaro gets into his first fight in after five eps. Wow. There was too much fighting in the 1st season and now there's barely any.

Kintaro and his harem, I mean secretarial pool.

Takatsuka has become the most boring supporting character ever. When the rumour of Kintaro becoming Yamato's president started, I was hoping he'd finally show his true colours. I hope the writers are keeping him in the show for a reason.

Sigh, how the mighty have fallen to become side characters who provide additional info/explanations when needed.....

Kintaro and sexcre, I mean secretaries are up to something.

Wife vs Mistress. Wheeeeeeeeee... let the catfight begin!

The best part of season 3 is still Kintaro's affair. Surprisingly Kayo is very supportive of Kintaro. The show gets interesting when Mrs. Kintaro goes to meet the mistress and the shocking ending of ep 5 is that the mistress turns up at the Kintaro home at the behest of the wife. WTF??!!! Maybe she realises that Kintaro needs a woman who can actually cook.

I'm betting that Kintaro, with his usual single-mindedness will convince both women that he loves them both equally. I mean who doesn't want a mistress who runs a bar (unlimited sake) and cooks real good food.

Super shocker of an ending. Can't fucking wait for next ep. Only prob is Masumi is getting kinda stale....

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Salaryman Kintaro: Season 3, eps 1-3

Salaryman Kintaro was one of the earlier jdoramas that I watched and which I still remember fondly. The first season was ok tale of a fomer biker gang leader turned salaryman but it was the second season that impressed. After the 1st season, I wondered what else they could do with Kintaro. The writers really impressed me with season 2, Kintaro and gang get kicked out of their company and they have to fight on their own from outside Yamato. The writers had a story to tell and they told it well. It wasn't just a sequel for the sake of a sequel.

Can't remember how many women she beat in seasons 1 and 2 to be Mrs Kintaro.

So here comes season 3. Season 2 end with Kintaro getting married which I though will kill one of the most enjoyable aspects of the series: women fighting each other for a piece of Kintaro. Its sorta like after Peter Parker married MJ or Clark Kent married Loise Lane. It became boring. I mean what interesting stories can you write about a married couple short of an affair. I mean there's no way Kintaro can cheat on his wife? Right?

She gets straight to the point.... I like it. :)

I just love the sense of purpose in season that I found in season 2. This time its about Kintaro preserving Yamoto from being taken over. And speaking of affairs, I find the addition of Moriguchi Yoko to be a great addition to the cast. We all knew who would win when the women were all fighting over him in the first two season but in the battle between Hada Michiko and Moriguchi Yoko, I have no idea who to root for.

Go Kintaro. Cheat on ur wife! Wtf am I saying?

I didn't expect Kintaro to cheat on his wife. And I certainly didn't expect him to go back for seconds. I thought the writers would use the 'they were drunk and didn't actually sleep together' subplot but they didn't take the easy way out. I have no idea how its going to end but I do know when Kayo-san hears about this, all hell is going to break loose.

If I have one complaint about season 3, its that Takatsuka-san has been emasculated. The character was one of my favourite villians. He was the opposite of Kintaro, more brains than brawn and with his own code. Plus he had a very hot partner/spy. Seriously, they need to let him win over Kintaro just once. Now he's more like a Vegeta in Dragonball Z. Playing a supporting role to the main hero, never to regain his past glory as the main villian.

Sigh, he used to be a cool villian and now he's become Vegeta. In season 4, he'll be Picollo; just for comedy.

I just want to see Kintaro fall and Takatsuka-san save the day to prove that Kintaro's way of doing things doesn't work all the time. Its great to see the rest of the characters back. Sigh, what happened to Takatsuka's partner. Or Umemiya Masako who played a small but recurring part in season 2. One can never have enough hot women in doramas.

She kinda reminds me of Shibata Ayumi from Melon Kinenbi.

I just have to give big props to ap for downloading this series. Kintaro seasons 3 and 4 have been on my most wanted list for so long along with Under the Same Roof that I really can't believe that I'm watching it. Too bad my seasons 1 and 2 are back in Malaysia or I could have a Kintaro marathon this weekend.

Kintaro finally realising the purpose of secretaries........

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

2nd House ep 10

Something was missing from my life a few weeks ago. It took me a while to realise that I have not seen 2nd House in a while. Lets not kid ourselves here. While the premise of the show has huge potential, the execution has been crap, pandering to the lowest of people, sukebes like you and me. One day, I've love to watch a dorama with a lot of fan service and a pretty good story. Someone should make a dorama out of I's.

Come on, its not like me and a million other sukebes have never seen her cleavage, and wouldn't mind doing so again.......

Ep 10 begins with the ep 9 cliffhanger, Aki (Isoyama Sayaka) about to get nekkid in front of the sukebe producer. While I want to see Aki nekkid, I cannot support the sukebe producer because he was an evil face. Not all sukebes look like someone from an AV.

If such nurses existed in real life, the world would be a sicker but happier place.

Nurse no.2 apparently pissed off for being left out of the action. Hhmm, I see thighs.....

Frankly, I don't really care about the story anymore. They had their chance to make it a sweet story about a pussy-whipped husband and an aspiring actress but they blew their chance with lame and repetitive jokes.

Mr. Sukebe Producer 'grabbing' two hostesses. How I'd like to play the Sukebes in these midnight doramas.......

But I come today not to whinge about the failings of 2nd House but to thank God for the goddes that is Isoyama Sayaka. No words in my limited vocabulary can espouse the happiness of watching her on screen. She's got the right mix of kawaii + sexiness, especially with her magnificant cleavage.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sabra Tokyo Auto Salon best 73

This file was sitting in my HD for a few days an I finally got around to watching it and what a big dissappointment. I guess I didn't learn my lesson from the last Race Queen file Druggy passed me. Maybe its just me thinking that real Race Queen look like those RQs in JAVs.

She's probably the hottest one among the 73. I wouldn't mind 36 mins of her instead of 60+ fugly RQs. Sabra better sign her up for a photoshoot.

I mean seriously, out of 73 RQs, one would expect 5 really hot ones, 10 pretty good ones and probably 20-30 decent one. No, out of 73 RQs we got less than 10 decent ones and lots and lots of fugly ones and by fugly I mean fucking ugly. I guess this is what happens when one watches too much doramas, PVs and gravure vids. One tends to forget what the average nihonjin girl looks like.

I just like the Ogura Yuko type pose. Seriously, if there's one thing Japanese girls are good at, its posing.

IMO, the main culprit is still the Sabra cameraman. The goddamn camera is too close to their faces thereby magnifying their imperfections. Secondly the camera is jerky and we never get a few seconds of FULL body shots. Hot bodies can erase deficiencies of facial beauty. For example, an ample bosom and silky smooth legs can make guys not notice 1 or 2 imperfections. Take a look at pics from car shows, they are all full body shots. As KimuTaku's character said in Engine, RQs are all about legs!

Hhhmmm, sisters.............

Now if only her legs were in this shot, I think it would be a pretty hot pic.

So, this is probably the last non-Jav RQ vid I'm going to get.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Byakukayou ep 1 + 2

Probably the best 1st episode that I've ever scene. Byakuyakou tells of two kids, a boy and a girl who become friends but have an unknown connection between them. The boy's mom is having an affair with her employee and his father is just plain ignorant of it. The girl's mom is an alcoholic with debts and in order to help pay off the debt, the girl is forced into child pornography. The ironic twist is that the paedophile happens to be the boy's father.

Sounds intriguing doesn't it? If it does, go download the bloody episode. Trust me, its that fucking good.


Fukuda Mayuko deserves awards from her work in ep 1 alone. She and Shida Mirai are going to top actresses in another 5-10 years.

Fukuda Mayuko (Shindo Hikaru from Jyoou) is an absolute delight in her role as Yukiho. As I've said in my posts about Jyoou, she's got depth in her acting. She manages to convey the pain and suffering that Yukiho goes through not by crying, but by laughing. It is in Yukiho's deperation to seek a bit of happiness that we can only imagine how much unhappiness she bears.

My one big complaint is that they should not have made the 1st episode 1 1/2 hours. They should have left the killing of the father at the end of ep 1 and end ep 2 with the two main characters deciding to separate. So much happened in the first ep. The pacing was fast like a movie but the normal pacing of ep 2 made it feel a bit uneven.

Another problem with character continuity is that we never see Yukiho break down when she was young. She was more of the super quiet don't show ppl ur weakness type of person. The only thing to establish that they are the same person is the fingernail biting habit.

IMO, Fukuda Mayuko's performance is so good that 1 episode is not enough to establish the continuity of character from her potrayal to Ayase Haruka's. I'll reserve judgement on Ayase Haruka's acting until later in the series. I'm not sure whether I'm so impressed with Fukada Mayuko's acting because of her age or despite of her age.

Maybe they should work the Kinpachi sensei ringtone into the series...

Of note is Kinpachi sensei in the role of the detective who won't let the case go. The most important thing for his character is that he must have a story. If he's just a stubborn cop who's just doing his job, the next 9 eps might not be as exciting. And of course there's the problem of already revealing the ending.

Lol, I love this homage/spoof of 101 Proposals. While the scene is a bit out of place, I just love it. Nothing is as cool and funny as the 'boku wa shinimasen' scene.

Personally, I'm expecting the rest of the series will not match up to the greatness of the 1st ep. Ep 2 is cool. I love the way they fought back against the blackmail. The problem is they will keep things interesting until the end. If the only story is about our main characters having to do more desperate stuff while the detective slowly catches on, it might be a little boring. Still, the 1st episode is so good that I'm planning to see this series through to the end. And hey, I love doramas about misery and ppl's deperate attempt to escape from their fate. It makes me feel better about my crappy life.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Nurse Aoi ep 7 + 8

Finally the series starts picking up steam with two pretty good episodes. The previous eps were more like moral dilemma type stories but they sort of lack the emotional punch to make it captivating. Maybe its because I used to be an ER fan and no medical dorama can ever top that show in terms of ethical dilemmas.

Still, I think the writers did a decent enough job. If only the episodes didn't scream 'filler'!

If only Oda Yuji would do a cameo as a nod to Odoru Daisasousen.

Ep 7 and ep concentrates on the two supporting characters Takagi and Komine with Aoi playing the supporting role. I find leaving Ishihara Satomi's character in the background makes the series much better. Her character is not interesting especially compared to Takagi and Komine.

Of note is Yanagiba Toshiro's performance in ep 8. The guy has screen presence with his acting using various different frowns.

No man can refuse a request from a girl this kawaii.......

And Todokoro still fails to make an interesting antagonist for our main characters. I'm betting that he has some other motive up his sleeve. Looks like the final 3 eps will be about Takagi v Todokoro. I just hope they have some great confrontation between those two.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Hinoi Team - Ike Ike

One interesting aspect of being a jpop fan are the guilty pleasures. Songs I will never admit listening to but somehow enjoy. I've always had a soft spot for euro dance pop and back in the day listened to Folder 5 with a bit of Kimura Yuki.

Today we have Hinoi Team who are trying to forge an identity as a euro pop type group. Have a listen to their 1st single, Ike Ike. Anyways, it sounds like some Vengaboys song but the energy of the song is infectious.