Thursday, March 30, 2006

Salaryman Kintaro season 3 ep 5

Love the flashback to the 1st season. The more things change, the more the stay the same.......

God, I love this show. Ep 4 ends with Kintaro's wife discovering his affair. I like how the writers didn't try to milk it. It shows that there are lots more interesting things to come. Kintaro gets into his first fight in after five eps. Wow. There was too much fighting in the 1st season and now there's barely any.

Kintaro and his harem, I mean secretarial pool.

Takatsuka has become the most boring supporting character ever. When the rumour of Kintaro becoming Yamato's president started, I was hoping he'd finally show his true colours. I hope the writers are keeping him in the show for a reason.

Sigh, how the mighty have fallen to become side characters who provide additional info/explanations when needed.....

Kintaro and sexcre, I mean secretaries are up to something.

Wife vs Mistress. Wheeeeeeeeee... let the catfight begin!

The best part of season 3 is still Kintaro's affair. Surprisingly Kayo is very supportive of Kintaro. The show gets interesting when Mrs. Kintaro goes to meet the mistress and the shocking ending of ep 5 is that the mistress turns up at the Kintaro home at the behest of the wife. WTF??!!! Maybe she realises that Kintaro needs a woman who can actually cook.

I'm betting that Kintaro, with his usual single-mindedness will convince both women that he loves them both equally. I mean who doesn't want a mistress who runs a bar (unlimited sake) and cooks real good food.

Super shocker of an ending. Can't fucking wait for next ep. Only prob is Masumi is getting kinda stale....

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