Sunday, March 05, 2006

Nurse Aoi ep 7 + 8

Finally the series starts picking up steam with two pretty good episodes. The previous eps were more like moral dilemma type stories but they sort of lack the emotional punch to make it captivating. Maybe its because I used to be an ER fan and no medical dorama can ever top that show in terms of ethical dilemmas.

Still, I think the writers did a decent enough job. If only the episodes didn't scream 'filler'!

If only Oda Yuji would do a cameo as a nod to Odoru Daisasousen.

Ep 7 and ep concentrates on the two supporting characters Takagi and Komine with Aoi playing the supporting role. I find leaving Ishihara Satomi's character in the background makes the series much better. Her character is not interesting especially compared to Takagi and Komine.

Of note is Yanagiba Toshiro's performance in ep 8. The guy has screen presence with his acting using various different frowns.

No man can refuse a request from a girl this kawaii.......

And Todokoro still fails to make an interesting antagonist for our main characters. I'm betting that he has some other motive up his sleeve. Looks like the final 3 eps will be about Takagi v Todokoro. I just hope they have some great confrontation between those two.

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