Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Okashi no Ie Episodes 3-10

What a fun, feel good ride Okashi no Ie has been. To me, Okashi no Ie is about people who live in the fringes of society and how they try to survive. What this show is trying to say without saying it out loud is that while these people struggle and do not have the things that everyone in society wants, maybe they have something else that not everyone in society has. I am glad Okashi no Ie never descended into schmaltzy melodrama.Very watchable, feel good show.

Edit: Forgot to mention the ending to episode 9. That was such a painful ending but their reactions sum up what the series is about.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Transit Girls Eps 1-4

Me very excited to see a lesbian jdorama. The story is about this evil 21 year old pedo university dropout Yui who forces herself on her poor, confused and underaged step-sister Sayuri.

Talk about abuse of power/position of trust.

Yui photographs her step-sister without her knowledge.

Yui parades half naked in front of her step-sister. Absolutely disgusting behaviour.

Yui holds Sayuri's hand when she is sleeping.

Not only that she kisses Sayuri as well. What a disgusting human being taking advantage of poor Sayuri like that.

Personally, I find the mother hotter and if this were a JAV, we would have some 3P action in the end.

Someone please call the cops on the predatory female, after the sex scene where the father/mother/neighbour walks in of course.

On a serious note, there's nothing much to see here besides yuri action.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Japan loot December 2015

I've had Yamazaki 12 before. Now to try Hibiki 12.

THE Madoka figure to end all Madoka figures.

Finally a decent Sambomaster shirt!

I hate the front of this Shonan no Kaze shirt.

but I love the back.

Fujiwara toufu shop. This is my new favourite shirt. Koko-chan from Hotaru recognised it because her father was a fan of the manga.

The first loot I got on this trip. I am 30 hours in and its pretty meh. There is no urgency and the characters and their dynamic are juat not interesting enough.

Read many good things about Yomawari. Its supposed to be very scary. Should not have bought 2nd hand to support publisher.

To practice reading although my copy of Exist Archive will arrive tomorrow and I won't have time to touch this.

2 games in one.

I seriously have no time to touch this. Unless I quit my job and game for a year, or two.

16 Vita card holder.


Not going to touch the Mozu movie.

Stop staring at me 1/4 scale Miku. I got too amny Mikus but its so tempting.

Looks so bad.

Ayano Nana!!!!!!

Hakata Tenjin in Ikebukuro. Tastes so generoc you should never bother.


Saturday, December 19, 2015

Mano Erina 2016 calender

Got this from the Hello Project shop in Akihabara.

No special gifts with the calender unlike last year.

The most interesting was that young girls outnumbered ojisans like me at the Hello Project shop which was interesting.

Cost of the calender is 2200 yen + tax.

Hello legs.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

New ramen shops in Japan for Nov/Dec 2015 trip

1. TONTORO (Kagoshima)

This post is for the new ramen places that I tried this trip so the old reliables like Fuunji are not included. Tontoro is absolutely worth the 45 minute trip down from Kumamoto. Absolutely nothing to complain about.

2. BUTAYAROU (Nakano)

I've already written a post just for Butayarou. My stomach is rumbling right now. So many tonkotsu ramen shops in Melbourne and they are all shit.

3. Mankai (Temmabashi)

Finally, a good hakata tonkotsu ramenya in Osaka! The soup could be thicker but otherwise I like it. Get out of exit 4 at Temmabashi station, turn right and walk a few minutes and its on your right. You can find the map here.

4. ITTOU (Shin Koiwa)

Ittou has been on my go to list since years ago. There's always a waiting line of one hour. Now they've opened up a second shop in Shin Koiwa. I don't think there's any difference from the main shop.

Ittou is fish soup tsukemen, a flavour that Yoshi's Mensousai Mugen is going for but doesn't come close.

5. SEIRYUU (Shin Koiwa)

Not bad. If only they opened for dinner.


I found one stupid Japanese post naming this one of the top 10 tonkotsu shops in Tokyo. Unfortunately, it tastes very generic. Nothing stood out for me at all.

7. ROKUGETSU Asakusabashi

Soup is decent, chaashiu is fucking awesome but the men is so bad. Really instant noodle quality. Sigh.