Monday, December 14, 2015

Random pics from Japan Nov/Dec 2015 Trip

In Asakusabashi.

Looking outside office window in Temmabashi, Osaka. I think.

Gundam thing in Akiba.

 Yet another loli slice of life anime. ZZzzzzzz.

Completely forgot to eat here. Must remember next time.

Outside Kinshicho station. I was here to eat ramen which I will write about in my new ramen shops post. They were pretty good and I remember they sang Pink Lady's Pepper Keibu and Kiroro's Mirai.

Microsoft game exhibition and talk in Akiba. No one really cared. Now if the 360 backward compatibility on the Xbone were region free, I would think about playing Lost Odyssey in Japanese.

Virtua Fighter t-shirts! OMFG. Love the jyunen hayaindayo one but I've already got too many t-shirts and I'm already going to get more this trip.

So tempted but didn't purchase. I believe this was just a cloth.

In Shinbashi goin to Odaiba for Sambomaster.

Should have bought the clothes hanger from Village Vanguard in Odaiba!!!!! I should have thought less and bought more.

Guy doing comedy, juggling act next to Gundam. I'm so sad that Idoling! have disbanded cause everytime I've come to Odaiba, I've always run into a free live.

Really wanted to get the SF2 shirt.....

Yamada Yoji promoting Haha to Kuraseba on morning tv. Unfortunately, his movie starring Nino started showing on the day I left. :(

View from hotel in Saijo. Ichiryuu where I had the horumon tempura is on the left. Didn't get to try the karaage from the stand in front of it though.

Fujisan from shinkansen.

Amiibos galore. I'm just waiting for the Ryu & Ken amiibos. Which reminds me, I haven't touched my Wii U in ages. I managed to resist the temptation of getting a N3DSLL for the second trip. I fear I might no be able to resist a third time.

My body is ready and I've stocked up on PSN money. Still can't decide whether to buy digital or the DX pack. Pissed off that the the day I left was the day of Ryu ga Gotoku 10th Anniversary celebrations in Akiba where they unveiled the RGG6 trailer. I should look up and see whether they sold any goods but its probably going to make me even more miserable than I am now.

Regretting now going to watch Furuta Arata and Tabe Mikako's twins. If I had enjoyed Otona Keikaku's The Lover Seven Years Ago more, I would have had more enthusiasm to go. I was feeling lazy. My excuse was it would have definitely been sold out and I would have had to pay a lot for resell tickets but thinking about it, I feel only regret.

Project Diva Dreamy Theater two arcade quality controller for only 8950 yen! OMFG. Unfortunately it weighs a ton and shipping it back to Australia would have cost more than the thing.

OMFG, its the Homura holding Kyuubei figure I saw from the Madoka exhibition! Somehow this figure doesn't seem easily available. I've got way too many figures and I need to downsize.

Ahhh, it looks so good. In the end, I decided I would buy it if I could find it cheaper and in a box, which I did. I need to downsize my figure collection before I start buying again.

Guts figure for like AUD$350? The face just looks wrong.

OMFG, Guys in armour for aud $450????? If it were huge like the Art of War ones, I would really think hard about it. This thing must be so rare.

Really cheap but something wrong with this Guts. Zodd looks pretty good though. Should have bought it.

Boxed Guts which is supposed to be same as the one three pictures above but the picture on the box looks a lot better. In the end decided it was not worth it.

OMFG Running the Saturn and Dreamcast on SD cards and even more impressive are the really small tvs. I have to really look into this. I wonder if I can buy a system and get them to install it for me.

The only Legend of Galacti Heroes goods I can find. Seriously, all I want is a black t-shirt with 銀河英雄伝説 on it and I promise to buy 2!

Someday, I shall go Japan to watch Wrestle Kingdom. The last one had some of the best wrestling I had seen in forever. I can't wait to see Nakamura vs AJ Styles. The drummer of Sambomaster had a t-shirt that said Strong Style Nakamura Shinsuke on it. I need to find out where to get that shirt.

I don't give a crap about a movie series where only 2 out of 6 movies were good.

Luke, I am your chichi (父)。Chichi??!! (乳)

With new girl at Hotaru, Miho-chan. I never imagined I would be singing the dango song from Clannad with her. Everyone else was laughing their guts out saying wtf is this song?

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