Sunday, September 15, 2019

Color Me True / Konya Romansu Gekijou de jmovie review

Color Me True is has an interesting premise where the princess from a black and white movie played by Ayase Haruka crossed over to our world and mets up with the no.1 fan of the movie who happens to be an assistant director played by Sakaguchi Kentaro.

To be honest, the first half of the movie really lost me. I found no fun in the relationship of the tsundere princess and assistant director who fell in love in Ayase Haruka as an actress.

For a movie about an assistant director writing a script, the script for Color Me True just felt weak, especially when it pertains to the relationship of the two main characters.

We've got Kitamura Kazuki as the leading actor of the period but it just feels like he should have more to do and they only used him for window dressing.

I was seriously considering stopping the movie and then we had the big revelation half way and a very strong ending to finish the movie off.

All I want to say is, the concept is great especially the ending but execution is suss. Color Me True feels like it would have been better served as a 5 or 6 episode tv series. Another complaint is not enough black and white Ayase Haruka scenes.

There are so many things that the movie did not have time to build on like the magic of making movies in that era or Kitamura Kazuki's character and most importantly Ayase Haruka and Sakaguchi Kentaro's relationship.

Don't expect to much especially the first half and you might find a watchable movie. Color Me True is available from nyaa here.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Nagi no Oitoma Episodes 2-6

The formula with rom coms is usually to start with two characters who were made for each other but who seem to be the only people in the world who do not realise this and the fun is watching them go through obstacles to get together in the end.

Nagi no Oitoma is something very different. We have two people, Nagi and Gamon who are clearly not meant to be together or rather were not mature enough to be in a relationship together. Nagi who tried to hard to read situations and Gamon who is essentially a tsundere.

I can't believe its taken 6 episodes to realise what the hell is wrong with Gamon. I blame Japanese anime where all the guys have no personalities and tsunderes are always female.

Yes I know there are plenty of tsundere guys in fujoshi anime but you know what I mean.

I enjoy the writing of Nagi no Oitoma. The friendship scene in episode 6 is great. Love Urara and her mother. Watching Nagi learn about her weaknesses and the fact that Gamon knew all about them was fun.

The thing is, I don't want to see Nagi and Gamon together. Not just because we never got to see them happy but because Ichikawa is better for Gamon and they have more chemistry together.

Plus Ichikawa is at the other end of the kuuki spectrum where she's so good at it that all the women are jealous.

That scene where Gamon introduced Ichikawa as his colleague was painful to watch. The dude can be so smart but he can be so dumb. Team Ichikawa till the end!

Sunday, September 08, 2019

Nagi no Oitoma Episode 1

In Nagi no Oitama, Kuroki Haru aka the girl from Juhan Shutai plays Oshima Nagi, a girl who reads the atmosphere too much and tries way to hard to please people including her boyfriend played by Takahashi Issey by doing things such as spending one hour a day straightening her natural curls.

One night at work she overhears Takahashi talking bad about her and saying he was only with her for the sex. Shocked, Nagi quits her job and moves to a cheap apartment where she meets a lot of interesting people as she tries to restart her life.

I was ready to dislike the Nagi character because she just overthought things and let herself be abused by everyone but I appreciated her earnesty in trying to change herself or rather trying to accept herself for who she is. We all need positive shows that don't get too preachy.

My problem is with Takashi Issey's creepy ex boyfriend and all his fakeness.

The twist at the end of the episode was that Takashi actually loves Nagi or at least claims to love her. Is there a sob story good enough to exonerate him or will it be interesting enough to make him interesting? I guess I'll have to watch the series to find out.

I like the tone of the story and Kuroki Haru is good so watchable first episode plus its got a couple of recommendations in the comments.

Sunday, September 01, 2019

Saka no Tochuu no Ie

WOWOW has done it again. Not only have they once again produced a better than average jdorama, they have produced a very good jdorama where for the first time ever, I found that Shibasaki Kou gave a very good performance.

Shibasaki Kou is one of the actresses that I always felt did not deserve her starring roles. It did not help that her character in the Galileo series felt unnecessary to me. The last time I said something good about her acting was in Hundred Million Stars from the Sky.

Anyways, Saka no Tochuu no Ie has Shibasaki Kou playing the mother of a young daughter who is selected to a spare jury member for a case where a mother played by Mizuno Miki is accussed of abusing and murdering her child.

As the case goes on, elements of the case start to seep into Shibasaki Kou's life and she starts confusing between the two. The case also effects two other jurors and the Judge's assistant as each of them also grapple with issues of child rearing.

First off as a thriller, Sakano Tochuu no Ie build tension really well. The tension between Shibasaki Kou's fears and being unsure whether or not the world is against her or she is just unstable. It also creates doubt on Mizuno Miki's crime and whether she is to be blamed.

The other thing is does really well is show how difficult and maybe dangerous it is raising a child especially in an age where any physical discipline can be easily be seen as abuse and how a parent who is under so much stress cannot slip up even once.

The second thing that Saka no Tochuu no Ie does really well is that it explores parenthood from multiple sides. From Ito Ayumi's character who cannot have kids to useless juror who blames everything on his wife to the judge's assistant to has to decide between work, child and husband.

The key to making characters emphatic and relatable is to make their problems real and their reactions honest to their characters and this jdorama does that really well and without any preaching, I might add. Except for the Shibasaki Kou speech at the end.

The script for Saka no Tochuu no Ie is so good, I could not believe it did not fall into the usual pitfalls. Congrates to WOWOW and everyone involved because they really did justice to the script. Thanks to HPriest for subbing and Robert for recommending it! Must watch!

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Voice Episodes 1-4

Voice reminds me a lot of Signal and not just because both are remake of kdramas. Both have a science fiction premise, it Signal it was the ability to communicate through time and in Voice, its someone with a superhuman sense of hearing working at an emergency control room.

However, both also feel like the shows are trying way too hard to be touching and exciting. I will accept any premise as long as it leads me down an interesting path but the path that Voice makes doesn't feel well made.

Too many jumps in logic and the police looking incompetent, something that happens a lot in jdoramas. Most of all, it feels like certain crimes are happening in certain ways in order for Maki Yoko to use her super powers. Plus everyone knows that most calls to emergency lines are about domestic disputes.

I really wanted to like Voice because I am a fan of Karasawa Toshiaki and Maki Yoko but I just could not buy what Voice was trying to sell me. Sometimes the lines feel like they are badly translated from Korean.

If you liked Signal, Voice should be right up your alley. If you didn't like Signal like me, its not worth giving Voice a try. Its a real shame because I really like the cast in both shows. Voice with available with English subs. Meh.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Soshite Ikiru Episode 2

So in episode 1, it seemed like Soshite Ikiru was going to be about two people who met at the scene of a great disaster who also happened to orphans who feel a great debt to their adopted family.

Everything was great, acting was great and the only thing that gave me pause was Arimura Kasumi playing this jimoto idoru wanting to be an actress.

That kind of role is usually reserved for female idorus when they act in jdoramas for various reasons. For male idorus its usually dancer.

I kept wondering why the writer chose this dream for Arimura Kasumi's character because any another job would be ok.

The the twist happens and we find out not only will Arimura Kasumi's character sacrifice her dream, she will not tell the dad who she barely dated.

Right now, I am not particularly invested in her character or her predicament because of her choice.

I guess there would be no story if she aborted but I don't feel the desire to continue especially with their relationship which hardly started. Maybe it gets better in episode 3 but meh.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Mada Kekkon Dekinai Otoko pictures are out!

To be honest, I don't really want to watch KDO2. I refuse to believe that Kuwano and Hayasaka sensei did not get a happy end. If Kuwano Shinsuke could not find happiness with Hayasaka sensei, then what hope do the rest of us have?

Yoshida Yo and Inamori Izumi are good actors but are they going to have the chemistry with Abe Hiroshi?

No idea who this Fukagawa Ai is but she's playing the new neighbout. Can she be the new Kuninaka Ryoko?

The brother in law is back.

And most importantly the pug.

I'm keeping my expectations low and getting ready to wipe Mada Kekkon Dekinai Otoko from my memory if it sucks. I am counting on the great Ozaki Masaya to do his magic one more time. Mada Kekkon Dekinai Otoko starts in October.