Sunday, November 17, 2019

Shiyakusho Episodes 1~3

The title of dorama 死役所 Shiyakusho is a play on the word 市役所 shiyakusho which means the local city council where people go to get their residence card or register . They've replaced the kanji for city with the kanji for death because this show is about the council that sorts people people out after they die.

Matsuoka Masahiro aka the Tokio guy who was in Manhattan Love Story works in the office, is ever polite with a creepy smile and his trademark line is all customers are buddha.

The three stories so far have been ok. All the action is set in the office with some flashbacks. I find the premise interesting not just because its unusual but also because it limits the type of stories that can be told because it is all set in an office.

The revelation at the end of episode 1 also sets up the main mysteries of the show about who the employees at the shiyakusho are and I want to see what happens in the end. Intriguing and watchable.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Japan 2019 trip Day 7: Geibikei

Geibikei was the highlight of the trip because like Shirakawago, its one of those places that looks as beautiful as the pictures you see on the internet.

Taking the train to Geibikei station. Its only an hour away from Sendai and we had to change trains once.

Geibikei station.

Stopped by Family Mart for some Famima chicken!

Its only a short walk from Geibikei station to the start of the gorge.

You can see the boats in the distance on the right. There are plenty of boats that go at certain times and no booking as required.

Everyone takes of their shoes and sit on the edges of the boat. We were going to be on a smaller boat but because more people came, we moved to a bigger boat.

Coming across a boat on its way back as we set off.

Look at the size of that carp in the clear water. This is crazy.

They will try to sell you duck food on the boat. Buy it so that can you can take shots like this..

.. and this with the red carp.

I was grinning ear to ear with how stunning everything looked.

I can't imagine how much more beautiful Geibikei would look if we had gone one month after when the leaves turn red.

At the end of the gorge, the boat stops and we are given 15 minutes to walk around.

Why Japan is the most advanced civilisation on earth.

You can buy rocks to throw into the hole in the cliff.

Managed to get one in and I got this as proof.

The boat guy sang a song on our way back and the lyrics were on the ticket.

It started to rain a bit on the way back and the boatman moved us closer to the side so we had more tree cover.

And then this guy standing on the motorboat in the left appeared. Notice the boat on the right having a roof because of the rain.

The motor boat went behind us and pushed us all the way back to the start.

 Highly recommend Geibikei. Its worth coming to Sendai just for this experience.

We had about 10 minutes before our train came so we went to this small shrine close to the train station.

Train at Geibikei.

There's this bookstore called Kikuya in Sendai which just opposite Sendai station.

The promotional stuff they have is great and the way they sort their books makes me feel like they really, really know their stuff.

We capped the day off with a Coco Ichi dinner. I like putting scambled eggs on my tonkatsu and now my stomach is rumbling. :(

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Aku no Hadou

Aku no Hadou is a prequel to Ishi no Mayu which I didn't like despite it being a WOWOW show. I can't remember anything about Ishi no Mayu and the sequel except the name Toremi so I'm going to assume the main character is him.

Aku no Hadou can be watched without seeing the previous shows because its a prequel and its a decent serial murder mystery that doesn't overstay its welcome.

Nothing fancy but nothing that I did not like. Watchable.

Saturday, November 09, 2019

Japan 2019 trip Day 6: Yamadera

Yamadera is made from the words yama aka mountain and tera aka temples and as can be seen from the above picture, absolutely beautiful.

Yamadera station is only an hour train ride away from Sendai, perfect for a day trip.

As can be seen on this map outside the station, there are many steps and temples on the way to the top. I think there are 1000 steps.

There are no cable cars to take you up but the trek was not too difficult with many places to rest.

Saw this cat at the entrance where you had to pay to go up the steps.

The higher we went, the better the views got.

 People sticking 1 yen coins to the rock surfaces.


Viewing platform at the top.

Reminds me of Shirakawago.

Took this shot on the way down.

Had soba and meat and rice set for late lunch. I think it was around 2 or 3pm by the time we came back down.

Hand made grape and apple juice.

Very shy cat.

Went back to Sendai and walked around shopping arcades.

Made the big mistake of going to this cafe in a shopping centre because they had omurice with demiglace sauce. Never ever go to cafes serving western food in shopping centres because its usually bad.