Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Apocalypse has been cancelled!

Great news! Jdorama god Ruroshin has decided to cancel the apocalypse and not destroy the the d-addicts subtitle forum (and fansub map?) thereby destroying the English speaking jdorama fandom. As the 5 people who read this blog might have noticed, the subtitle forum will only be accessible if you are logged in. Hopefully this will keep those pesky emails at bay.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Subtitles for Mosaic Japan Episode 1+2 are out!

Once, there was a great jdorama written by Sakamoto Yuji called Mosaic Japan. It was a brilliant show where he got to explore the Japanese porn industry and its many contradictions.

However, it was a WOWOW show and there were no Japanese subs so no one subbed it at all. Everytime I mentioned Mosaic Japan, I would always say that if Japanese subs were available, I would sub the show.

Then one day, Dark_Schneider_Py wrote in the comments that he had access to the Japanese subs and would we work on the subs together. It was time for me to walk the walk and finally sub something.

So Dark_SChneider_Py subbed episode 1 and I did a crappy job on episode 2 and since the end of the world is coming aka the closing of the d-addicts subtitle forum, we are releasing subs for the first two episodes.

Although I did a sub par job with episode 2, it still took a lot of time to do it. (I still translated things too literally) I won't be able to work on the rest of the series this year with JLPT N3 coming up soon but this is the first time I've contributed to the jdorama community besides retiming Japanese subs. You can get the subtitles from the d-addicts forum here. You need to be logged in to access it.

Highly recommend you watch this, I believe raws are available from avistaz and big thanks to Dark_Schneider_Py for making this possible!

Sunday, September 09, 2018

D-addicts subtitles are going down!

Just saw on @keiko1981's twitter that d-addicts will be removing subtitles due to always getting DMCA notices. We got two weeks to download all subtitles so download all subtitles for all series that you might want to check out in the future.

The question is where do we go from here? If the fansub map is still around then maybe we can still have a point from which to look for subtitles. Would another forum be willing to host subtitles? There has to be a central source for which subbers can all upload their work or else its going to be very hard for the already niche jdorama audience to get their subtitles.

Hopefully jdorama fansubbing will survive and not be relegated to locked threads in livejournal. Need my Japanese subs for Takane no Hana.

Friday, September 07, 2018

Takane no Hana Episodes 5+6

After 6 episodes I still don't get Takane no Hana. So Kazunobu Mineta loses his virginity to Ishihara Satomi and the next thing we know they are getting married? Did I somehow skipped a couple of episodes where both people learned more about each other and went on dates and maybe an overseas trip?

We get some distractions like Ishihara Satomi finding out that her father was responsible for her fiancee leaving her and us viewers finding out who the dad was. Personally, if Ishihara Satomi's ex-fiancee was stupid enough to get caught then its on him. I find it difficult to care about the politics of this family that somehow has lots of money and followers by sticking flowers into pots.

Then at the end of episode 5 we have the evil father who Ishihara Satomi had told people not to trust tells her some story about her mother and how he did everything because of this promise to her mother and she buys it hook, line and sinker.

It is then we find out the whole point of this story which is that in order to fulfill her destiny and become a greater artist she must cause someone the same pain that she felt and the guilt will propel her to further artistic greatness or something like that.

Somehow, Kazunobu Mineta is aware of this and is happy to play the sacrificial lamb. To me, the relationship between Kazunobu and Ishihara did not develop to a point that it felt real and I could care. He at this point just feels like some self sacrificing idiot who I don't care about.

You know what's the worst thing? Kazanobu's character is playing along with this charade and at the very end when he is suppose to give Ishihara this look of anguish that will propel her to greater heights, he gives her a goofy grin so that she will spend the rest of her days wondering if he actually knew and why the hell he didn't do anything about it.

Maybe Kazunobu is not such a self sacrificing idiot after all. Maybe this is his reverse way to get Ishihara to think about him more. And now, she'll really never be able to forget him. I don't know. I still love Nojima Shinji's dialogue. Takane no Hana feels more like a play than a dorama series. I'm confused but I'll keep watching.

Monday, September 03, 2018

Gibo to Musume no Blues Episodes 1-6


Its a family dorama about this career woman played by Ayase Haruka who gets married to Takenouchi Yutaka who has a daughter and the story is about the relationship between stepmother and stepdaughter.


+ I really liked Ayase Haruka's career women using her skills to try to navigate being a mother. She does a much better job of showing her 'salaryman-ness' compared to the main character in Youjo Senki who did not act much like a salaryman anyway. Anyway, its a fun spin on the housewife genre.

+ I really liked the Ayase Haruka vs PTA episode.

+ The daughter's relationship with Hiroki-kun is fun.

+ Daughter doesn't act like an adult in a kid's body.

+ Watching the influence that Ayase Haruka has on her daughter.


- No chemistry at all between Takenouchi Yutaka and Ayase Haruka.

- Ayase Haruka vs PTA was too short.

- Takenouchi Yutaka's character is too bland.

- Ayase Haruka still looks the same after the time jump.


= Kenshin playing the stupid character who keeps screwing up his job. After 6 episodes, I am sick of him and do not like the fact he seems to play a big role in episode 7 and in the future. Is he going to be the one pop Ayase Haruka's cherry? Ugh. No thanks.


Watchable show but I'm not too excited about its future.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Cheer Dan Episodes 3-5

I have decided to give up on Cheer Dan. Not because of the most non threatening scene of a motorcycle moving towards a young kid who had plenty of time to get out of the way but because it doesn't feel like an underdog show to me.

I feel there are too much tears in Cheer Dan without enough blood and sweat and that the tears were not earned. Plus, its not really a fun series for me.  The movie had a lot more comedy in it.

Also as a sport, there are not really battles or matches for Cheer Dancing so we can show growth and make this exciting so there's a lot of high school fluff. There's an audience for this stuff, people who liked Love Live will feel right at home.

The movie did the story better and while this is the sequel, its basically the same thing all over again with a lot of filler.

Mostly, I'm quiting Cheer Dan because I don't want to end up hating the theme song, which I love. If you want to watch a ganbarre jdorama, I recommend Juken no Cinderella or Ganbatte Ikimashoi or the Cheer Dan movie or Biri Gal. Meh.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Dele Episodes 1-3


Yamada Takayuki runs this company Dele that deletes whatever data a client wants to be deleted after they pass away. Problem is of course, identifying that a client has actually died and that's the job of newcomer played by Suda Masaki.


+ Anything with Aso Kumiko in it is good. (She was so good in Kiseki no Hito)

+ Yamada Takayuki's character being in a wheelchair is interesting especially the
times where he has to go out into the field.

+ Chemistry between the characters is excellent.

+ The writing, acting, directing so far has been above average.


- I feel like stories about what happens to people's digital footprints when they pass away is an untapped goldmine and yet Dele is nothing more than your typical benriya uncover someone's sob story past jdorama, albeit a very good one.

- Why do they have to be so nosy? Its not like they get paid for finding out the truth. I know story reasons but they are more like a detective agency than a company created to safeguard people's secrets.


= Yamada Takayuki's 90s haircut.


Pretty watchable so far and stories are pretty good but is very formulaic benriya series.