Saturday, July 14, 2018

5 reasons why everyone should watch Genkai Danchi Episodes 1-5

I had zero expectations for this show about this grandfather and his granddaughter who move into this old housing complex but by the jdorama gods, the first five episodes have been an incredible ride.

1) This is the first suburban/housing complex housewife dorama I can remember that manages to be creey that didn't feel stupid, albeit with the housewife role being played by a grandfather.

2) I love it when an actor like Sano Shiro who always plays supporting roles get to shine as the main actor. I guess that was what kept me watching Black Revenge until the end.

3)  Sano Shiro's character Terauchi is one of the most fascinating, well written effed up characters in jdorama history. He is so fun to watch that I want to do a spoiler review when its all finished.

4) Its a show about old nostalgic old Japanese values maybe not having a place in today's world.

5) The writing is absolutely golden. I was at the edge of my seat for every episode. Its unpredictable and yet I have a sense the writer Takafumi Kosaka knows what he is doing. A bit of googling reveals that Kosaka has written some of my favourite WOWOW shows including Kageri Yuku Natsu and Umoreru. 


Watch it! Thanks to Monchi for subbing it. 3 more episodes to go. Fingers crossed. You can get the raws from nyaa here.

Friday, July 06, 2018

Tsugunai The Unforgiven download links

Due to popular demand, I am going to upload Tsugunai to mega. It helps that the file I have is the 480 file so it didn't take forever. If anyone knows where to get the 720 version, please let me know.

You can get episode 1 here. 

Episode 2 is up. 

Episode 3 is up.

Sorry about the delay. My internet was down for 3 days. :(

You can get the subs by Kz from d-addicts here. Just rename the files.

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Black Pean Episodes 1-6

Black Pean is a big budget hospital dorama that is a cross between Shiroi Kyoto and Iryu Team Medical Dragon. How do I know its a big budget show? Because the first scene they show is 'look how cool it is when we have 200 hospital staff in a room watching an operation!'

My response to Black Pean is if a hospital can have 200 staff wasting their time, then they must either have no patients or are neglecting their patients. I bloody hate when jdoramas do this huge number of people in a room/hall for no reason at all. What sort of stupid viewer gets impressed with that crap?

Anyway, the only Johnny I like Nino, plays Tokai, a doctor with no teamwork or communication skills. He loves wasting people's time but not telling them about his plan until the end probably hoping people would be impressed and tell him he's so smart.

The truth of the matter is, he is wasting resources as the other doctors could have been using their time to tend to other patients. Plus, he thinks he is so great because he can tie knots really quick and hold a gun with a steady hand. Tokai is just an annoying brat who gets away with everything because his colleagues suck at their jobs. Tokai is not even fit to hold Asada Ryutaro's shoelace.

Speaking of gun, Koizumi Kotaro plays this doctor who is in love with this stupid miracle gun he calls a Snipe. He is like this pharmaceutical company forcing experimental drugs on people so he can write a stupid paper with bullshit results so he can sell this Snipe.

I used to like Koizumi Kotaro but I am starting to realise that he can only act one way and it is getting annoying. Perhaps he was just very lucky to get Namonaki Doku and Petero no Souretsu?

Uchino Masaaki is Dr Saeki, this doctor who loves the world 'impakuto fakuta'. Its like when a kid first learns about swear words and doesn't know how to stop. He is the only decent surgeon besides Tokai and he is in some political vote buying race with another doctor but I don't give a crap.

Truth of the matter is while watching Black Pean, all I can think about was how fucking cool Iryu is versus the very boring operations in Black Pean and how much more interesting Zaizen sensei was as a political character in Shiroi Kyoto.

I tried very hard to like Black Pean. I really did. 6 not so fun episodes is all I can take. At some point I had to push the delete button and admit I'd rather rewatch Iryu for the third time. Meh.

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Rewatching Tsugunai The Unforgiven

Sometimes when I've seen too many mediocre shows and all my reviews can't be summarised as 'meh, I've seen better', I just want to watch something fun, even if I've already seen it twice like Tsugunai, a pretty good 3 part series from 2012 with Tanihara Shosuke in the lead role.

Its one of the rare shows where the main character is a homeless guy and not some idealistic asadora hero who gets involved with a murder mystery. I've already reviewed each of the three episodes so I'm just going to write about things that stood out for me on the third viewing. If you have not seen it, I recommend you do though I have no idea where you would get access to it today.


The general rule of mystery thrillers is that the first suspect is always innocent. A lot of times, I'm just waiting for the main character to eliminate the first suspect from the list so we can move on. However, Makoto is different because the show plants this seed that this weird kid is the killer because he can hear people's sorrow and wants to silence them. The audience's first reaction is, this can't possibly be true! But its so weird and creepy that it could be and that is what a good red herring is.


I really enjoyed the kid's acting on third viewing because he gives the vibe something is off with him which makes the viewer not dismiss Makoto as the killer. You know something is not quite right with this kid but you can't get a read on his intentions.


Both characters endured great trauma, their loved ones have endured great hardship and both characters blame it on themselves. Eisuke, the doctor cannot forgive himself for the death of wife and child and the kid blames himself for being the victim, surviving and having his mother go crazy. 

I know 99% of Japanese doramas are about characters coming to terms with their pain/past etc but Tsugunai does it by showing, with depth and making the audience feel the pain. Makoto life was saved by Eisuke but that only brought him even more pain and suffering.


Not saying all cops in jdoramas should all be good at their job but making the police look stupid so the main character can look good crutch has been used way too often. I liked that they suspected the main character but did not do so in an evil moustache twirling way and used him to help solve their case.


Homeless people are everywhere in Japan and hardly seen in jdoramas and it was interesting watching this homeless main character look for a place to sleep or hunt for food behind a convenience store.


I want another murder mystery with the homeless, recovering alcoholic doctor.


I did not give Tsugunai a must watch because I didn't think the execution was as good as it could have been but now I think the negatives are relatively minor and maybe I just like it a lot more than I should but Tsugunai is now in my must watch list.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Miss Sherlock Episodes 6-8

Miss Sherlock is finished and I must say it was an unmemorable series. Non of the cases were memorable and most importantly, the chemistry between Sherlock and Wato-san didn't really work. It didn't feel like much of a partnership, I didn't care for her and I found the two police officers more interesting.

I liked the ending. I thought the set up was great. I just didn't care about Wato-san who must be so traumatised by the end that there is no way she can function in society again. Maybe its just the fact Wato-san invited her psychiatrist to her home party.

I loved that Sherlock fired the gun by the gods, why did they have to take that away by making some stupid plot line about he died from the virus first before the gunshot? Are our freaking heroes not allowed to take a life when the lives of millions are at stake? Did Sherlock not 'kill' the villain? I hate this hero cannot kill bullcrap so we need to invent stupid things to get the hero of the hook or get throwaway character to do the killing.

The one thing that Miss Sherlock has proven is that chemistry is everthing. Watchable but forgettable.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Black Revenge review

I wanted to watch Black Revenge for two reasons; firstly to see Kimura Tae in a lead role playing something different from her usual nice person roles as the widow seeking revenge and secondly, there are hardly any shows about weekly gossip magazines and celebrity gossip.

On a side note, Fukuyama Masaharu did a movie about gossip mags called Scoop! and I am 100% sure I wrote a review about it cause I hated the second half so much but since I can't find it on my blog, I must have written it in my head and convinced myself I had typed it out.

The plot of Black Revenge is Kimura Tae's politician husband was set up by people with a fake scandal 5 years ago and it ended with his suicide. Now she is working for the same magazine and is using it to uncover scandals on the people who conspired against her husband.

Yup, Black Revenge is as bad and trashy as it sounds. Everyone overacts like a bad C-movie and the writing is not even passable. For example, the first episode would play Kimura Tae's dead husband's video again and again to the point that its obviously to fill time.

The question is, is Black Revenge so bad that its fun to watch? Nope. I obviously finished watching the whole thing but most of the time I was doing other stuff and I fast forwarded the last few episodes just to see the ending. I guess I kept waiting for it to turn the corner although I so wanted to quit many times.

I don't know how to describe Black Revenge. I guess its the kind of show where I felt I got dumber the more I watched it but its such a train wreck I just had to keep watching. Do not watch.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

10 things I like about Unnatural

I am very, very impressed by Unnatural. When was the last time a mainstream aka non WOWOW medical show impressed me? Probably the first season of Doctors Saikyou no Meii but that was more comedy than a serious medical show. Iryu? Anyway, here are 10 things I liked about Unnatural:

1)  The police in this show were not incompetent.

2) Supporting character gets multiple pay offs.

3) Ishihara Satomi gets put between a rock and a hard place often and has to make difficult decisions.

4) Boss of group is actually smart, not lazy, thinks big picture and is willing to take the heat for his people.

5) Arata is awesome and works well with Ishihara Satomi.

6) Deals with a lot of real life issues like overworking, date-rape, bullying, unidentified bodies etc.

7) Did a great job building up the main story over the course of 8 episodes that when episode 9 happened, I was at the edge of my seat.

8) Every character got their chance to shine.

9) No one tried to act too cool.

10) No incompetent rookies.


Very good job by the writer Nogi Akiko who also wrote Juhan Shuttai!, I am Hero and Ore Monogatari. However, she also wrote a whole bunch of Aragaki Yui shows which I don't want to watch and Library Wars which I hated. Unnatural and Juhan Shuttai! clearly shows that she is very good. Must watch.