Thursday, March 26, 2015

Asian Kung Fu Generation Tour 2015 Suicup Forever at Zepp Tokyo

I think most Japanophiles know Ajikan. They've been around over 10 years and have created some great songs.

I'm not an Ajikan fan because I find most of their songs very meh. The new song Easter puts me to sleep.

However, they've got 4 songs I really like. Rewrite, Re Re, Solanin and Marching Band and these 4 songs are my reason for wanting to go see them live.

The good news is when the light pierced the darkness and I heard the first riff of Solanin to start the concert, I had goosebumps.

The meh news is that Rewrite had a super long solo/comedy bit in the middle.

The bad news is that they didn't play Re Re and Marching band. Wtf???? Re Re is the greatest example of a song where the live version completely destroys the CD version. I knew there was a chance Re Re wasn't going to appear but Marching Band is not an old song.

At least with Zepp and live houses in general it doesn't really matter where you stand cause most views are decent.

The shirt seem pretty small for XL.

As someone I know would say, I'm devo they left RE RE AND Marching Band out. I could listen to those two songs on repeat whole day. I hated the feeling of dread as time was running out and I realised the two songs won't come out.

I need to look up the set list after this cause there were some songs I didn't know that were not bad including two new songs. (I think)

Probably the best thing was there was miminal talking until the encore unlike Scandal so it felt like they tried to fit as many songs in as they could in 2 hours. Final song was Kimu to iu Hana which was their most audience participatory song.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tsukiji Sushisay in Ginza and Nippon TV

When Satoe said if I want to eat sushi we should go to Ginza, I did not expect cheap and good sushi fresh from Tsukiji.

I got the omakase platter at the bottom for ¥3000. The website is at

Ghibli clock where apparently a lot of the weather reporting is shot from. Its not ofetn I get to catch up with friends during weekdays but luckily someone is between jobs.

We visited the set of this show called Haru no Pon matsuri. Apparently it runs everyday on Nippon TV at 10.45am and people get to visit it once a year. The Pon pose which we are doing is the specialty of the show.

Nokia promoting this remote camera called Exilim.

Its suppose to look like bungee jumping but I don't think it looks convincing.

Don Quixote in Kamurocho I mean Kabukicho. As much as I'm having fun, I miss playing RGG.

For fans of Yakuza/RGG, this is how the real Millenium Tower looks like now. Toho studios should license this out to Sega for free.

I would pay good money for this poster signed by Sakura Mana and Arimura Chika.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rest of Odaiba pictures

Guess what? I ran into Idoling! doing a free live once again in Odaiba. They must know when I come down everytime. They had people watching for cameras but I was just takimg a picture of the foot. If only I had zoom.

Remember when 10 people in Momusu was considered a lot?

Went to Tanaka Shouten again.

A lot better than last time but still below how good Ogi was. This makes me so sad. Its like meeting the perfect woman many times and now I have to compare everyone else with her.

Hoodie from Nobunaga Concerto.

Iryu t-shirt. The hiragana says "7, hai, he's asleep. " Would have bought it if the logo was huge and on the back/front instead of on the sleeve.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Anime Japan 2015

It's good to be back in Japan!

You see the mass of humanity on the left? That's the line to get in.

The line did move surprisingly fast and I did seriously think about walking away. The only popular anime I like is the first season of Psycho Pass.

Walking past cosplayers on the way in.

Nearly there.

No idea.

Sega's Project Diva game featuring all the crappy anime I will never watch. Pretty sure I'll end up buying it anyway.

At least there's one anime I know! Doraemon.

Omfg its Freeza!!!! Why is no one running away in terror? Am I the onely one who can see him there next to Goku?

Omfg. Since since when can Pikachu fly? I must be hallucinating. Did I somehow brought a joint into Japan?


My what a strong grip you have...

The real reason Oculus Rift was invented.

Wtf is this boring anime that everyone likes.

I remember the Arslan anime from many years ago when famous anime didn't have harems.

Psycho Pasu!!!! Finally an anime I know.

Someone should tell them to shorten it to assoc instead.

Hanazawa  Kana!!!!!!!!