Sunday, July 05, 2015

Parasyte: Part 1

I went into this with super low expectations. I had watched the anime some time ago and found it fun but not absolutely must watch. Kiseiju (Parastye) is basically your teenager gets super powers story except its darker, people die and it explores some interesting questions.

In the beginning of the movie, I wasn't really happy with it. It felt like they were rushing through the story beats from the anime. However I kept watching and I thought they did a pretty bang up job adapting the various action scenes from the anime with the budget that they had. Nothing looked too dodgy and I can't believe this is the same director who did the abomination Yamato.

This movie needed an extra 15 minutes to let the Shometani Shota and Hashimoto Ai's characters breath.   You got to make your audience care about the characters before you put them in danger. The movie introduced the art class scenes in order to expand on the main character's relationship with Hashimoto Ai and his mom but it just felt inadequate.

However, if the director and writer had no choice but to limit themselves to an hour and 45 minutes, then I don't think they could have done much better cause they had to fit so much in and there wasn't any action scenes they could get rid of or join together.

I'm actually quite eager to see how they did certain scenes in Part 2. I really like Fukatsu Eri as the teacher. She is the only person in the movie who the audience really gets to know slowly. Keep your expectations low and you might enjoy this movie.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Fire Emblem If special edition unboxing

Kitaaaaaキタ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!! It's finally arrived!

I had to pay double for the special edition since the bloody preorders sold out two months ago.

Only problem is I'm in the middle of playing Utawaremono which is taking longer than expected and Aruruu is the best fake JRPG daughter ever.

Fire Emblem cards. Meh.

Probably the scene where you have to choose which side.

The main reason I wanted the special edition is that I wanted both games in one catridge instead of having only one and having to download the other. The bad thing about Nintendo hardware is if my 3DS or WiiU dies, I lose my digital downloads unless I can get Nintendo Japan to fix it for me.

I'm not a Fire Emblem fan but this is the strategy RPG with the biggest budget and I'm a fan of the genre. Hope its better than Kakusei which I can't remember anything about except magic was too strong.

Why would anyone want to choose the Byakuya oukoku route first? Apparently its easier so I kind of have to play it first. At least I now know who I'm going to pair with during the second story.

The two imouto characters. Still prefer the anya oukoku designs.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Ore Monogatari 1-12

Imagine if Gori and Rukawa from Slam Dunk grew up as childhood friends and every girl that Gori liked fell for Rukawa instead. Imagine if Gori saved this cute girl from a chikan and fell in love with her. That is the premise of Ore Monogatari.

It is a very fun premise; your typical supporting character and main characters changing roles. Plus it reminds me of one of my favourite mangas, Angel Densetsu about a guy who looks like a devil but is an angel at heart. The mangaka of Angel Densetsu wrung as many jokes as he could from the concept and finished it right before it became stale.

Ore Monogatari is less funny and a lot more sweet. Which is ok until the end of the blue and red oni story is revealed and the girl, Yamato's secret is revealed. Then it becomes just another sweet shoujo anime.

The second half got stale for me cause the characters turned out to be one note and the story didn't have much else to go. Maybe the manga finishes great or maybe this holding pattern is due to its success. Ore monogatari just feels like the concept is not being fully utilised.

Great first half and meh second half equals ok anime that is slowly descending into boredom. They better end this quick or move the story forward by the next episode. Oh yeah, the animation looks very good unlike Arslan. :(

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Yokokuhan The Pain Eps 1-3

Mizutani is riding a train and we see a bunch off schoolgirls looking at him weirdly.

One of the girls grabs his arm and accuses Mizutani of being a chikan. Lesson of the day, use both hands to hold the handle when near schoolgirls in packed trains.

Mizutani pleads not guilty, he gets held for 3 months before the matter proceeds to court and prosecution says they found a chikan material in his room. This is so stupid. Which guy doesn't have chikan material in their room? I'm pretty sure everyone has a few in their room, right? Right?

Mizutani is in deep trouble. The girl has been 'chikaned' before and the two guys ended up settling the matter aka paying her off(jidan). So basically police are complicit in a blackmail system where schoolgirls can make pocket money from poor Japanese salarymen without giving anything in return.

Mizutani's search leads him to a lawyer who brings him to a falsely accused chikan meeting and there he meets Sakuma...

who happens to be Shinbunshi who runs trials on the net and the viewers vote whether the person is innocent or guilty.

Yokokuhan is kind of interesting but there are a few problems with the premise:

1) Because its a 20 minute online trial, there is no time for twists and turns. Basically Shinbunshi knows everything and is never in trouble.

2) I know the judiciary in Yokokuhan is corrupt for the Shinbunshi online trial is so easily abusable. I can see how Shinbunshi can portray an innocent person as guilty.

3) Toda Erika is the only cop who is allowed to be smart.

Did I mention Erika-sama the second looks as malnurished as Mano Erina is now? They should be kidnapped and forced to eat something for their own good. They are like walking skin and bones.

The interesting thing about Yokokuhan is the identity of the members and their end game. Clearly its to build up viewership and go for the big fish. Whether or not its going to be exciting remains to be seen.

Eh dorama for me, which is just a step above meh.Unless episode 4 super sucks, I'm probably going to watch it until the end.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Boku No Tsuma To Kekkon Shite Kudasai Eps 3-6

Gah, Yoshikazu Okada should have finished off at episode 5 before it turned into crying porn in the final episode. I have nothing against crying or porn but episodes 1-5 had the right mix of humour and sadness for a cancer dorama. Plus, Yoshikazu Okada had the perfect gag to end episode 5.

Yeah, he had to tie up loose ends and I liked Shuji's line to his boss in episode 6 but it just went on for too long and just dragged. I guess they had their target audience to think of. Boku no Tsuma to Kekkon Shite Kudasai is still pretty. I won't call it must watch but here are my 5 reason to watch it:

1) As I mentioned a few times already, its pretty funny. Cancer dorama and humour is not something you find often.

2) Kimura Tae's best work I've seen.

3) They got the director of the Byakuyakou movie to direct and it looks pretty good.

4) If you've got Koizumi Kotaro and Sakai Wakana doing your minor supporting role, its definitely going to be good.

5) Its a story about the value of laughter. Shuji grew up fatherless and alone and it was laughter that variety shows brought him that sustained him through the tough times and its how he deals with pain.

The original work was a novel and was done as a stage play last year. It certainly explains why a lot of scenes have that stage look and the jokes. I would love to have seen the stage version. Speaking of stage shows, someone needs to turn Better Half in a dorama special. Highly recommended. Probably as good as cancer doramas are going to get.



If you don't know who she is, just watch this.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Boku no Tsuma to Kekkon Shite Kudasai Eps 1+2

I was going to try this out for Kimura Tae but I was afraid it was going to be your run of the mill sappy cancer dorama. From the first frame with the stage-like retelling of Mimura Shuji's childhood to the sitcom like wide camera angle of the house scenes, there was a different vibe to this dorama.It did not feel run of the mill at all.

Boku no Tsuma to Kekkon Shite Kudasai takes its time with the cancer and Shuji finally deciding he needs to fix his wife with up with someone before he dies. I won't spoil the who or why but its pretty funny. Actually, its not who or why but rather the hilarious situations and dialogue that it leads to.

Speaking of how funny TsumaKon is, the only people Shuji can talk to about his plan are his doctor (Koizumi Kotaro) and nurse. In giving Shuji advice, we can see the relationship issues between the doctor and nurse come to the surface with the eyes throwing daggers. I love it when dialogue says more about the speaker than other people. I'm surprised they got those two playing minor supporting parts.

Speaking of funny, this show is less sappy more feel good laughter. I'm watching it thinking, damn this dialogue is pretty good and the jokes are more hit than miss. Its nothing I've never heard before; perfect couple, husband with a secret but everything just works.

So I looked up the wiki to write this before I go on to episode 3 and lo and behold, the writer is Yoshikazu Okada who just recently graced us with the horrible Kokoro ga Pokitto ne. Talk about huge difference in quality. I think Kokoro ga Pokitto ne's failure had more to do with casting and directing though.

I am excited but I'm scared cause Yoshikazu Okada's recent good shows always end up short of being must watch such as Saigo Kara Nibanme no Koi. Uchimura Teruyoshi and Kimura Tae are really effing good. Its hard to make nice people interesting but the script does help a lot.

Very close to calling it a must watch. The first two episodes are really fun but I just don't want to label something must watch and then watch it fall apart after a strong start. I wonder if the same people who made Cofee-ya no Hitobito are involved in this as well.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Stella Glow and 4 things I never want to see in JRPGs again

So I finally finished Stella Glow on the 3DS. It was on OK mid budget strategy RPG. The best way to describe is FF Tactics meets harem visual novel. I loved the FF tactics parts with all the special moves and different characters. The visual novel bit was not fun with our boring nice protagonist who is the 'conductor' having to 'tune' all the witches which basically means he is the psychologist for all these loli characters with emotional problems.

The kanji says 'tuning begins'. I'm pretty sure everyone knows that its an euphemism for.

This just reminds me of Sen no Kiseki with how a potentially good Madoka-esque story is ruined by having too many anime tropes that. So, the following are things I never want to see in JRPGs again.

1) Mysterious little girl with no memory is taken in by heroes and and sleeps in main character's bed so lolicon fans can fulfill their papa fantasy with their harem girl

We've seen this is Zero no Kiseki and SAO. Shouldn't your first priority be contacting child services or putting the child in an orphanage?

2) Character takes so freaking long to die so that they can thank each and every character. 

FFS, do they no longer know how to do a good death in RPGs/anime? Less is more. See Legend of Galactic Heroes. What type of stupid audience falls for a super dragged out death scene anyway? I was so afraid that the dying character(s) would not actually die.

3) Stereotypical harem storyline takes precedent over saving the world.

The story of Stella Glow is supposed to be about saying the world but most of the story is about the hero saying stuff like you are my friend/comrade and you will never be alone multiple times and in so many ways. Not enough of the dialogue is on battles and casualties of war.

I'm not opposed to harem aka multiple endings depending on the girl. I am opposed to stereotypical harem characters with stereotypical dialogue which sound like its written by the same person that writes every goddamn harem anime based on a light novel.

The girls are only as paper thin as their typical issue and after that is solved there have nothing to do in the storyline besides eat cakes and go to onsen.

4) Having stupidly long debates with the baddie in the middle of battle with every character having their say.

What ever happened to you want to destroy the world and we're going to kick your ass you m'fer?


If you love SAO and harem anime in general, this game is made for you. If you like FF Tactics style games, its still fun to play through and Imageepoch really put a lot of effort into it. Can't believe I have to play through the game again to get the real ending. Gggrrr.


Its only a month until release and Masaya not even shown a second of how the troop animations actually look like. They've shown how the battlefield map and lots of artwork but no footage of actual troops. This does not bode well.