Thursday, September 21, 2017

Akira to Akira spoiler review

Akira to Akira is a show about two stupid Akiras. The first Akira, a poor son of a bankrupt is so stupid that it takes him forever to ask Tanaka Rena out when any idiot can see that she clearly wants to besides telling it to him directly.

I know that delaying the romance is part of building up the drama but when one of your main characters looks like an idiot, it just makes me not interested.

The second Akira is stupid because he lets his stupid brother and idiotic and creepy uncles nearly run his grandfather's company to the ground. The dialogue keeps saying how Akira's younger brother is good at management but makes hasty decisions.

Well, I did not see Akira's brother make any good management decisions. I did not even see him do any rational decisions befitting the president of a large corporation. Which stupid president would sign a loan guarantee on behalf of a large corporation without first running it through the in house lawyer?

Making decisions that turn out bad is not stupid but making decisions without first doing one's homework is completely wreckless, irresponsible and I had to watch that idiot and two uncles screw everything up before Akira salvages everything.

Now, I understand what Akira to Akira is going for. Its the Namonaki Doku guy who tries to do right, has to overcome large obstacle and finally breaks down in the end. However, what Akira did was more akin to burying one's head in the sand and his complete dealing of his brother with kid's gloves is shocking and its what got the company in trouble in the first place.

Akira to Akira would have worked better as a flashback dorama because the last two episodes about Akira trying to save his company was more exciting. Meh.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Ito-kun A to E Episodes 1-3


Kimura Fumino is a one hit wonder screenwriter who on day giving a talk about relationships notices that 4 women in the audience are involved with the same person, Ito-kun and decides to listen to their troubles and use it to write her next script.


+ More of a movie look than your typical jdoramas.
+ Kimura Fumino is not playing a boring naive, idealistic character for once.
+ Kaho is in it!


- The two girls so far have not been interesting.
- The only 'catch' of the show is the identity of this Ito-kun but frankly I don't care.


I'm still waiting for the episode that'll make me go 'I can't wait to see what happens next!' Meh, but I'll keep watching for Kaho and its been a while since I've watched with Japanese subs.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Cecile no Mokuromi episodes 1+2


Ugly duckling housewife played by Maki Yoko enters world of housewife fashion magazine discovers all the frivolous things that Japanese women care about and then finds out that the models are not as real as they think they are.


Maki Yoko and Ito Ayumi! I would be jumping for joy about both of them being the leads if it were any other dorama.


After two episodes, there is nothing to hook me. Not Maki Yoko's exaggerated housewife nor Ito Ayumi's desperate freelancer writer character. Not the Kichise Michiko being a victim of domestic abuse angle. I just find the tone or angle really boring. There needs to be more of a competition angle to this like talking about the extreme ways the models do their fake instagram pictures in order to get followers and likes.


Cecile no Mokuromi feels very safe and boring instead of taking advantage of the subject matter and really showing the warts and all of the fashion model industry. Instead it plays more like your typical housewife everyone has a secret dorama. Meh. Might give it one more episode but the first two nearly put me to sleep.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Yakuza 6, Grandia III and Berserk posters

My 3 posters that I got from yahoo auctions just arrived! I used buyee to bid on them and get them shipped. I used to buy video game posters from Trio in Akihabara and Nakano Broadway but the past year they have stopped selling video game posters. I need to find out where to get video game posters in Japan but I've never come across any other store that sells them.

First off is the Yakuza 6 poster. Love this game. Its a return to form for Ryu ga Gotoku Studio after the disappointing Kiwami. Can't wait for Kiwami 2 and I'll definite get the poster for that!

Second poster is for Grandia III. Its not my the best Grandia game but Grandia series is my favourite and it has the best battle system. Plus, Grandia posters are very rare. There was a not so pretty Grandia 1 poster for sale but it cost an arm and a leg. Speaking of arm and a leg, the bad thing about buyee is that I combined my shipping and they packed my posters into a box that was a lot bigger than it had to be in order to charge me more. It might have been cheaper just to ship my stuff separately. I get that they need to make money from the bidding and shipping but ichiman for 3 posters is way too much.

Last one is a Berserk poster from the official guidebook. I was hoping it would be an A2 size poster instead of an A3. Oh well. I think I'll hang it up at work.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Akira to Akira Episodes 1-3


Akira to Akira is a banking jdorama about two people named Akira. You've got rich Akira is the heir to a major corporation who decided to be a banker and poor Akira who's been through hardships in life. Th story about how their try to succeed in their jobs and it flashbacks through their multiple meetings when they were kids.


For one, its a WOWOW show so acting is better than normal. The casting is great. I liked that little story about the supermarket fight in Sendai. I wouldn't mind seeing a jdorama about supermarket wars.


In the beginning, Poor Akira says that he would assess all loan according to their merits. He then gets put in charge of this factory which is barely surviving and the owner has a little girl who needs a heart transplant. (boohoo)

The fact of the matter is, the factory has a slim chance of being able to repay a loan so that's why Poor Akira's boss did not want to issue a new loan. Not only that, stupid Poor Akira helps this factory worker run away without paying his debt?

Just because someone has a sob story doesn't mean they are entitled to escape from their debts and liabilities.


Akira to Akira is decent but after 3 episodes it has yet to show me something to get me hooked. Watchable. Fingers crossed it gets better.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Million Yen Women

Hyakuman en no onna tachi aka Million Yen Women is finally out on Netflix outside Japan. I was very intrigued by the show and then gave it an unfavourable review when I mistook the second last episode for the last one. Still doesn't change the fact the revelation of the mastermind and the mastermind's purpose was very meh for me.

The last episode did set things right. I did a bit of rewatching of the first two episodes with Japanese subs and the show still holds up and knowing who the mastermind is does make rewatching more interesting. Maybe I mind change my mind about the mastermind on my second watch.

Anyways, Million Yen Women is not your run of the mill harem show and the women are much more than your typical stereotypes. Its not often I can say I like all of them, except for one.

Very watchable show. Worth giving a bit of money to support jdoramas. Daddy of Light starts the 1st of next month so I recommend you wait till then. Hopefully Netflix pouring money in jdoramas and anime will allow the industry to be more creative instead of catering for the boring masses.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tsubaki Bunguten


Tabe Mikako returns to her hometown of Kamakura after her estranged grandmother dies. Mikako's grandmother trained her to be professional letter writer when she was young but Mikako rebeled and hated it.

Its basically a small town everyone has a past show and the letter writing is just an excuse for Mikako to investigate her clients.


Its basically for people who enjoy easy to watch shows and of course Tabe Mikako fans. The rest of the casting is great with Takahashi Katsunori and Katase Nana.


The letter writing gimmick is pretty paper thin, especially in this age of electronic communication. I kinda wished they had set it in the 80s. The only interesting letter for me was the debt refusal story.


The second half gets better when its not burdened by the letter writing gimmick for random clients and focuses the relationships between the characters but ultimately it was very meh for me. The mark of a bland show is when you wish you were watching better shows in the same genre such as Kibougaoka no Hitobito and Coffee-ya no Hitobito. Meh.