Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Carnation eps 1-48

Carnation is the second asadora I've attempted, the first being Amachan.So far, the story about a girl who loved sewing and making western clothes has been fun to watch. One of the funny things about Japan for me is how even today, 'youfuku' or western clothes is used to refer to what we wear everday now and its interesting to see a time in history where western clothing and influences were seeping into Japanese culture. As long as the main character of Carnation Itoko does not embark on a different quest and become an idol, I think Carnation is a watchable show.

While I've somehow gone though 48 episodes which is not that long considering each episode is only 15 minutes and when you take away the intro song and recaps, you're left with only 10 its hard for me to continue watching with the prospect of another 100 episodes.

I like everything about Carnation. Ono Machiko absolutely kills it as Itoko and Kobayashi Kaoru is fun to watch as the stubborn dad who inflicts domestic violence on his family but is quickly forgiven. 151 episodes to tell this story is just way too long for me or rather I can't continue marathoning this show.

Asadoras should be watched one episode a day and I really can't see myself trying out another one. I think girls would absolutely love this show with all the dressmaking and I enjoyed watching Itoko overcome her challenges but the pacing does not make for continuous watching. No more asadoras for me.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mosaic Japan Episode 3 recap

So our main character Riichi is now running his own uncensored AV company and he's reading a book about adult site management. Japan must have that many adult sites that its worth selling a book like this.

Sensei is having problems getting work because his hobbit cannot become the lord of the ring.

We have this funny scene where Riichi is interviewing AV actresses. In this one he's asking this girl whether she can do 3P and she gives him this smile. :)

He asks the second girl whether she can do gansha and she doesn't give a response.

Third girl gets asks whether she can do gokkun and Riichi gets an enthusiastic smile.

Riichi: Can you do 3P?
Fourth girl: What is 3P?
Riichi: Doing it with two male actors.
Fourth girl: Yes.

Riichi: Can you do gansha?
Fourth girl: Gansha?

Fourth girl walks away with ponytail dude so we can assume everything has been explained and she said yes and Riichi runs into Momoko.

Momoko: I'm playing a secret investigator who is captured although its not really a secret here. (she pulls down the zip at the back.

Momoko congratulates Riichi on becoming president although he just arrived.

I love this scene. Riichi is on a plane with his Chinese partner and the Chinese dude tells the air stewardess that they are going to Los Angelas to create an ero video company before telling the two people in the back to shut up.

Chinese partner: This has nothing to do with Japanese law. Japanese people watch a lot of ero videos. Do you understand?

Stewardess nodes.

Chinese partner: If you understand then please bring me a bottle of Jack Daniels and water.

Stewardess nodes and leaves: Sumimasen.

Chinese partner: President, let's scout that girl. She's got a nice ass.

We have a scene where Riichi is meeting up with a lawyer, advertising guy (I think) and a guy who is introducing him to idols who don't sell. Riichi is at a guy with the idol manager guy who tells him about this girl who he raised for two years who is working at a girl's bar. The manager then asks for twenty million yen for the girl ($20000) and manager fee of thirty million yen. ($30000).

We see the Galaxyz President Kui being nice to an old lady working at the mosaic section and the mosaic people having a nice lunch outside.

We get this scene where the woman who is always with the President Kui is stepping on Riichi's dick as she tells him why he was chosen to be president of the uncensored company. Its because uncensored AV is a dangerous job and if anything happens Riichi will take the fall. Riichi was chosen because he is the most earnest and stupid person.

Sensei is still having problems getting his hobbit to turn into LOTR and another actor who just finished work is called back to replace him.

The director is telling Momoko all the details of what she needs to do while Riichi is listening uncomfortably. Riichi decides to pay 5 million yen for the idol Yurika.

Riichi runs into Momoko in the lift and says asks her not to go to the onsen for the AV shoot. He says he will make her a star and she will be able to get on tv, even on Waratte Iitomo or Tetsuko no Heya. Momoko says that Waratte Iitomo is no more. Riichi pleads with Momoko not to go to the onsen and she says hai.

Momoko's Miku is sooooo cute.

Fallen idol Yurika is getting her picture taken before the shooting of her first video.

Riichi runs into the depressed sensei and makes him the actor for Yurika's video.

Sensei's hobbit is not working and Yurika wants to go home. How will Riichi solve this problem?

 Riichi takes a video camera and runs after Yurika before falling down in front of her.

We get this slow first person camera scene where Riichi is walking behind Yurika at the carpark as they get into the van with the mirror walls.

Hot fps action scene as Riichi takes matters into his own hands while carrying a camera.

Everyone has an orgy to celebrate!

Momoko is watching Riichi's sex scene with Yurika on her phone and Yurika looks like she's enjoying herself. Remember, Riichi just got Momoko to pull out from doing the onsen AV.

Riichi throws rocks at Momoko's window after his orgy and says he is going on board that company. Although he is being used by the Galaxyz president, Riichi is going to make the company his own.

Momoko invites Riichi in and serves him water in a pudding cup and apologises for not having juice. Riichi says its ok cause he didn't come for juice anyway.

Momoko: Of course! You can to do it, didn't you. I'll get ready.

Riichi: Please don't do it.

Momoko: I don't but juice but at the very least I can offer fellatio...

Riichi: Its all right.

Momoko: Mr President is where but I can't do anything.

Riichi: Are you stupid?

Momoko: Eh?

Riichi: I'm asking if you are stupid?

Momoko: Sumimasen, I'm not smart.

Riichi: Why don't you value yourself more highly?

Momoko: Hai.

Riichi: You do not belong at the place where you are now. You're being dirtied. Although I have to dirty myself, I will save you. Do you understand?

Momoko: Excuse me, what do you mean by save?

Riichi: I want to take care of you. Do you understand? I think of you..

Momoko: People who are smart..

Riichi: Yes?

Momoko: When people who are smart see people who are not smart, they think this person is stupid but when people who are not smart see people who are smart, they also think they are stupid.

Riichi: Eh?

Momoko: I understand what you are saying but what Tsunematsu-san (d-addicts wiki has his name as Tsunezue) is saying in the end is that you want to do it, don't you. Anyhow you put it, you want to do it, don't you? Uumm, you are saying you don't want me having sex in AV but I also don't want to have sex with Tsunematsu-san.

Riichi: Eh? Ah.... Eh?!!

Momoko: Tsunematsu-san, do you know the difference between a woman who is feeling it and a woman who is crying? Do you know the difference between the voice of a woman who is feeling pleasure or who is enduring the pain? I can't get wet. Even if I'm touched (don't there) or not touched, I can't get wet. It's painful. I can't do it without using lotion. Even if I do it with Tsunematsu-san, it will be painful. Is that ok. Although I've gotten a lot of sympathy from you, is that ok with you?

Momoko: Sorry for being impertinent.

Riichi: Eh. You've not even gotten wet once?

Momoko: Yes I have. Only with President Kui.

Riichi: Eh. (Pained look on his face and he starts to leave)

Momoko: I'll prepare juice for when you drop in next. What drink do you want?

Riichi: Ah, then bayari (?)

Post orgy at Galaxyz and President Kui takes a whole lot of cash out. Riichi comes back and does it with President Kui's woman asking her who is better but gets no response.

Riichi interrupts an AV shoot and says we don't need stylish actresses having cool looking sex. He wants them to shoot sex where everything can be seen.

If WOWOW had Japanese subs, I would sub this show. Its not a must watch series but I love this episode, especially the dynamic between Riichi and Momoko. This episode has got the right balance between humour, ecchi and character dialogue. The more I do the recaps, the more I like the series.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Last season is turning out to be a very good season with two must watch shows (Border & Black President) and a bunch of pretty good shows (Long Goodbye, Mosaic Japan, River's Edge) and now we can add Tokusou to that pretty good list.

Tokusou at the beginning seems like yet another corruption dorama but it turns out to be less about corruption and more about the people with the power to expose corruption and the price and responsibility that goes with it.

Yoshioka Hidetaka aka the kid from Kita no Kuni Kara plays the prosecutor who has been newly assigned to this tokusou/special unit Miura Tomozaku's character to investigate corruption between this construction company and the governor. Our babyface protagonist starts finding that all is not so kosher with the investigation details and some facts are being ignored.

Being a WOWOW shows, there is of course, a journalist character played by Motobu Sei who seems to have some sort of connection with the head of the tokusou and things aren't so black and white.

I won't spoil much but will say that Tokusou is about the price innocent people pay when power is abused by people trying to do the right thing and the relationship between the prosecutors and the media and the dangers of that relationship. There is also a whodunit in the second half that kept me guessing with a nice twist..

The only overacting in the show is by Saiki Shigeru (above), the boss from Kanpai Senshi After 5. His overactive facial expressions are the same whether he's in a sentai parody or a serious WOWOW show. He certainly rivals the bad guy from Hanzawa Naoki in his overacting. Luckily his role is limited and I love After 5 so I didn't mind.

Japanese level-wise, Tokusou was difficult to watch without subtitles but once I got past the first episode, it was relatively straightforward. Words you will need are kensatsuchou (Public Prosecutor's office), oshoku (corruption), zouwai (giving bribes) and shuuwai (accepting bribes).

Two pretty good jdoramas from WOWOW last season. They don't have to hit a home run ala Lady Joker everytime. As long as they consistently make interesting and thoughtful shows like Tokusou and Mosaic Japan, I'm a happy jdorama addict. Very watchable dorama.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mosaic Japan Episode 2 recap

Episode 2 opens with our protagonist Riichi sitting in a 'train' in front of two AV actresses who tell the story of how Galaxyz got started. Too many technical words for me but I wasn't interested in the details.

Bunch of guys enter the train and they start shooting a groping scene.

At an izakaya, Sensei who is the character above says that he has sex 3 days everyday 365 days a year. He says although he was born in the showa era, he gets to hug girls born in the heisei era and he gets 50000 yen per shot.

We transition to the cafeteria at Galaxyz where the director is interviewing aspiring AV actresses. The girl above says that she always wanted to do AV and just turned 18 yesterday. The second girl says that her first time was with the guy that her mom remarried who did iramachio (whatever that means). The third girl says that until her boyfriend graduates, she has to look after him.

 Riichi goes to the toilet but runs away in disgust when he sees them shooting an Av in there thereby destroying any empathy I have for his character.

Riichi was going to hand in his resignation letter but runs into Momoko at the elevator who tells him that up until just now, she was at the surgery room masturbating and after lunch she's going to do a 3P with the patients.

Riichi follows Momoko to the cafeteria and sits with her. Momoko is super polite and apologises for being in his way, bows her head and gets curry on her hair. He offers a handkerchief and she says zenzen sochu mo iro iro kakate desu. I have no idea what sochu she's talking about but she's basically saying there are a lot of things caught in her hair. lol

Momoko asks Riichi whether he knows that bukakke is a word that is understood overseas. Riichi asks Momoko why someone like her is doing AV. He says surely she can make it by working hard at another path. Momoko asks him, "What other path?"

Riichi responds by saying, "Something like an idol?"

Momoko tells Riichi that being an AV actress is harder than being an idol. She says that there are ten thousand AV actresses in Japan or at least in excess of 8 thousand. Out of that number, only a few become tantai (full time?) actresses. She says an ugly girl can become an idol but not a full time AV actress. A full time actress does not get jobs despite being cute but because they are cute. Momoko says that at her level she gets payed 100 000 yen (~ $1000) which is not tantai actress level. (Not sure about this one)

She says there are girls who get paid 30 000 yen one time doing some things which I shall spare the details of.

Momoko asks Riichi if he knows what the highest selling genre is and she tells him its the newbies/debut. The first one will sell the most and the numbers sold will decrease quickly. AV is a difficult world. Finally, Momoko tells the stupid Riichi not to put AV actresses together with idols! Momoko says that she is going to continue until she can sell some AVs, even to the point of not eating curry that she likes.

(I love this scene, I love Momoko and I love how Sakamoto Yuji wrote it. Now I feel like giving Mosaic Japan a must watch)

Riichi is told by the President of Galaxyz to drive two schoolgirls to some location. The girls are told not to turn on the lights and not to look at the guy's face.

Riichi notices a politician's badge on a jacket and is pissed off. He goes back to Galaxyz and finds Momoko ready to shoot a scene and interrupts the job.

Momoko tells Riichi that if he wants to do it with her, he can just join in.

Riichi sees his friends and he goes off on them with the why are you doing this? Aren't you a bus driver, teacher, beautician etc? He goes off against Sensei who is married with two kids and asks him how can he be doing AV with his former students? Get a proper job, blah blah. Rightfully Riichi gets beat up and we found out everyone in the town would be jobless without Galaxyz.

Riichi wakes up to find himself being used to serve sushi. At the end of the episode we find out that the President of Galaxyz wants to make Riichi together with the one-eyed chinese dude, the president of an uncensored AV company!