Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Japan trip 2018/2019 Part 8 : Takayama Showa Museum

So we said goodbye to the teddy bear museum,

and hopped on the bus to downtown Takayama.

One thing you will notice in Takayama is lots of places selling Hida beef skewers and sushi and I have plenty of skewers and sushi despite having just eaten. One thing to note is that the skewers get cheaper the further away you get from the station.

We didn't really know what to do in Takayama but the one thing that caught my eye as we looked at the map was the Takayama Showa Museum.

Me love showa era stuff and nothing says Showa like Yamaguchi Momoe.

It really felt like a show era movie set.

I can hear the Kinpachi sensei theme song in my head.

Playing SF2 on the SFC. The controller was really bad.

Wall of Famicom cartridges.

When was the last time you used a public phone?

Showa magazines.

Showa wrestling posters. Lots of Giant Baba and Antonio Inoki.

This is so nostalgic for me even though I did not grow up in Japan.

The Showa Museum was nice but we were kind of burnt out on Takayama itself.

First, it felt like a town that existed just for the tourists. It did not feel like there were any locals.

Second was that everything seemed to shut early and combined with shops being closed, Takayama felt empty.

Third was that it felt like Takayama consisted of the same 5 touristy shops being randomly generated all over and over. You can explain the first two reasons with New Years but the third reason just gave me this feeling of this place being 'fake'.

Spent an hour aimlessly walking around because so many eating places were either closed by 4pm or would only open for dinner after 5pm.

Managed to stumble upon Maruaki Hida Takayama that had A5 Hida Beef.

I wanted to keep the cost around 10000 yen and in hindsight, I should have ordered more pork and regular Hida Beef. At least I can now say I've had the A5 Hidagyu although I can't the difference between regular and A5.

Back to Ryokan Murayama for a dip in the hot spring.

Thermae Romae poster. Next post, my first time having a personal hot spring!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Japan Trip 2018/2019 Part 7 : Hida Folk Village and Hida Takayama Teddy Bear Eco Village

We left Shirakawago on the 17:20 bus that we had pre-booked for Takayama to stay at Ryokan Murayama. I did not think 2~3 hours was enough for Shirokawago so we spent about 6 hours there. Surprisingly, there were plenty of tourists who did not make any bookings but there seemed to be plenty of seats on the no reservation buses.

Ryokan Murayama was a bit farther from the town we it took a taxi there from the station for 1000 yen. We could not make the kaiseki dinner and I was not sure if there were any eating places close to the ryokan, especially at this time of the year so we ended up buying a lot of konbini food to eat in our room.

It was after arriving that we found out there was a sukiya (I think) and other eating places 15 minutes walk away. Oh well.

The good thing about staying at Ryokan Murayama was that its a stone's throw away from the Hida Folk Village and the Teddy Bear Museum. Hida Folk Village is basically a mini Shirakawago.

Beware of bears sign. I played Yakuza 5 and watched Golden Kamuy so I know how to deal with bears.

Walking to the Hida Folk Village.

We arrived pretty early, around 10ish so there wasn't anyone around.

A bunch of ducks somehow surviving on the pond in winter.

Snow covered steps to a small shrine that unfortunately we were not allowed to climb because of the heavy snow.

Such a beautiful snowscape.

One of the houses at Hida Folk Village.

I really liked how the houses really gave me a feel for how people lived back in the Golden Kamuy days.

A snow creature that (´・ω・`) created.

This family brought their snow dog to the Hida Folk Village.

 Taking a break at next to the ashtray.  Forgot to mention that we've come across inconsiderate dog owners who brought their regular dogs to cold areas in Kanazawa and Takayama.

Jizo statues.

I guess you could call this winter komorebi? (sunlight filtering through trees) Credit (´・ω・`) for the nice pictures because she actually puts effort into them while I just point and shoot.

Kimi no na wa white chocolate cookies with baka, aho and Kimi no na wa printed on them. I guess the girls hometown was based on Takayama?

After the Hida Folk Village, we went back downhill to the Teddy Bear Museum Cafe for lunch.

Its called the Eco Village because its got some exhibits about ecology at the first floor.

That is one humongous teddy bear.

My favourite piece from the Teddy Bear Museum.

There's a suspicious looking bear in this picture who doesn't look like he belongs. Next post, lots of hida beef pictures and the Takayama Showa-kan museum.