Friday, April 25, 2014

Silent Poor Ep 1

 Fukada Kyoko eating a burger without putting the top on. lol You can see on the tray the top bun and lettuce that she ignores.

Disregarding the fact Fukada Kyoko can't act (dodges eggs from Fukakyon fans), Silent Poor is a horribly written and boring moral show aimed at 10 year olds. Can't be stuffed criticizing Silent Poor cause it put me to sleep. The only thought that I had watching this was that Fukada Kyoko must have something in her contract that says any scene that was a full shot of her face must be lit up with the power of 10 suns.

So many much better shows to watch this season. I am checking all the time now for Mozu ep 3 to be uploaded.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Umoreru is from on the screenplay which won the 6th WOWOW Scenario Grand Prix. First time I've heard of it but having a competition to where the best screenplay is made into a dorama special is a great idea as opposed to tv stations commissioning doramas to push some powerful agency's latest talento.

Umoreru starts off with the aftermath of Kitami (Kiritani Kenta) blowing the whistle on Kanameru foods mislabeling their products. Kitami is ostracised by his colleagues and his wife Ito Ayumi and he returns to his hometown to work at the city hall where he is faced with the mayor's corruption.

While at first Umomeru starts off feeling like yet another WOWOW whistleblower/cover-up dorama, its a lot more than that. I would describe it as a psychological dorama, looking at Kiritami's state of mind as he grapples with the fallout of his actions and confronts his beliefs.

Kuninaka Ryoko is so perfectly cast as his first love and the criminally underused Ito Ayumi is his ex-wife. Surprisingly, Kiritani Kenta who usually plays supporting characters with a lot of ever-acting can act. Not Higashiyama Noriyuki OMFG he can be very good level but Kiritani Kenta does a decent job.

A lot of excellent scenes in Umomeru including the dinner scene, autumn besides the lake scene and the moment of truth scene. I wasn't sold on Umomeru as a must watch at first because I could see the ending a mile away but it stayed in my mind long after because the story is more about Kitami's psychological battle with the truth and its cost. Umomeru is not the heroic story of a whistleblower but about a man struggling with the consequences of his actions where there is no right or wrong. Must watch for me and thanks to Chuks for subbing it!


- According to Umomeru, Japanese women are more pragmatic than idealists. Being an ally of justice will not nab you Japanese women!

- I like that Kitami kept struggling with whether he did the right thing and there was no one tell him he had done so. In order to justify his actions at Kanameru, he had to speak out against the mayor.
- The mass media only wants to make use of Kitami because at the end of the day, no one is there to protect the whistleblower.

- I like that Kitami's old classmate called him out for having a holier-than-thou attitude which could be partially true but in the end chose having pride in his work over getting in the inner circle.

- Kuninaka Ryoko telling Kitami that he was only running away from the truth of his actions while she wants him not to uncover the truth about her past and create this fake truth him with.
- I like how the violins slowly go a bit crazy everytime Kitami has to confront his feelings mirroring his internal turmoil.

- Kitami admitting that he was not ready to lose everything again to expose the mayor's corruption yet he could not live a happy life with Kuninaka Ryoko and her son without knowing the truth. For the record I would happily ignore a murder for Kuninaka Ryoko.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Border eps 1+2


Oguri Shun is a section 1 detective who sees dead people.


+ Since Oguri Shun can talk to the dead, we know who the killer is but since the police can't connect the killer to the crime, Oguri goes to see Furuta Arata to get a false witness. Thumbs up for grey area morality.

+ Episode 2 has the dead killer taunting Oguri Shun. Nice. As long as the writer takes the premise and keeps coming up with stories we don't see in everyday cop shows, it should be watchable.

+ Oguri Shun can act.


- In episode 2, the killer tells Oguri Shun that the girl was kidnapped 2 days ago and he doesn't look to see if someone's filed a missing person's report to ascertain who she is?

- Serial killer smashes his laptop against table. Why not take out the HD and put it in the fish tank/set in on fire?

- As the subber wrote in the comments, why not check the killer's phone for e-mail? Why not have someone from forensics say they couldn't recover anything from the pc or his phone?

- As the HD was damaged that was pretty quick HD recovery. Reminds me of Bloody Monday where the writer had no idea how the internet worked and things just magically happened.

- How come none of the girls appeared to Oguri Shun at the place they were killed? Does he have to come into contact with the bodies for them to appear?


- Haru's agency demanding that she not wear the usual coroner outfits and that she show skin during autopsy. How old is she btw cause one would need years to get a medical degree, work experience and then acquiring a coroner's qualification? One line about her carrying a mensa card could have solved a lot.


Watchable cause its something different. The writer has to come up with various stories to keep things interesting when the victim can give information to Oguri Shun.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mozu season 1 Episode 2

torachan2006 has subbed the first episode of Mozu. You need to jump through some hoops to get the subs but I support subbers not wanting their hard work to be used to streaming sites to make money. If you're watching with Japanese subs, jadefrost has written a very detailed synopsis of the first episode. Anyways on to episode 2.


+ While Kuraki is on a warpath but the recent widower invites Maki Yoko for a meal twice this episode. Someone knows how to mix business with pleasure.
+ You get more Maki Yoko backstory and it seems like its going to stay in the background for a while and I'm guessing its going to resurface in season 2.
+ I like that Kuraki doesn't have a sidekick for him to explain his actions. I can only guess he is shaking the trees to see what fruits can fall down. He guesses that Maki Yoko received a call about Shingai but there's no way she would let herself be followed so he tries to provoke the Athena Security people.
+ I like the directing and the slow build up.


- Kagawa Teruyuki interrupting Maki Yoko in pursuit of a suspect. I know he hates Public Security cause he reminds everyone of it everytime he is on the screen but why help the suspect get away?


= How did Kuraki know where Maki Yoko was? They better explain that he planted a gps tracker on her during his two meals with her. Come to think about it, the proper way to show the gps would be for Shingai to notice it on the ground right before Kuraki bursts into the room. Why leave the explanation for the next episode unless that's how Kuraki finds her. This could turn out to be a plus depending on how they explain it in ep 3.

= I think I know who Shingai's sister is. Maki Yoko's comment about his face sounded like foreshadowing to me. Still don't really care about Shingai. He is severely lacking that scary aura.


How good Mozu will be depends on how it all ties in together.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Black President Ep 1

All hail Ozaki Masaya, one of the best jdorama writers out there having written KDO, Love Generation and Tadano Hitoshi! KDO is one of the greatest jdoramas ever and I never suspected that we would actually get its spiritual sequel in Black President!

Sawamura Ikki is Mitamura Yukio, the president of a black kigyou (business), which means a company that overworks his workers. Mitamura is a very direct person who likes to say what he thinks, actually cares about what other's think of him, always sexually harasses Kuninaka Ryoko who plays his secretary and emphasizes results over the treatment of his workers. Mitamura decides to enter University to study business management and ends up being taught by Kuroki Meisa and he also enters the movie club.


+ Brilliantly funny like KDO.
+ Ozaki Masaya is a genius at creating jokes that don't need the punchline to be said. For example, he sets up the ball pen thing in the beginning of the episode and the name of his automatic vacuum and makes them pay off at the very end.
+ Sawamura Ikki is very well cast to play the playful Mitamura.
+ Mitamura taking off his trousers when all Dan Mitsu only asked him to unbutton his shirt. lol
+ Dan Mitsu in a role that doesn't require acting. I still need therapy to forget her horrible acting in Hanzawa Naoki.
+ The mature age university student angle is interesting because it hardly happens in Japan.
+ After Dandarin, I'm happy for more worker's rights issues, this time from a management perspective.


- Kuninaka Ryoko should have swapped roles with Kuroki Meisa. This feels like casting according to name value cause Kuroki Meisa just doesn't have chemistry with Sawamura Ikki and Kuninaka Ryoko deserves her chance to play the Hayasaka sensei role since she was basically Natsukawa Yui's understudy in KDO.


- Sawamura Ikki shaking his shoulders and doing the 'yarou yo...'


While I doubt Black President will reach the great heights of KDO, I think there's a 90% chance this will be a very good dorama cause I absolutely believe in Ozaki Masaya's writing. He's got the ability to address issues of management and youth looking for their way in life with a deft and funny touch. Must watch jdorama.

Sigh, if only she swapped roles with Kuroki Meisa, Black President would be perfect.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mozu season 1 Ep 1

Ep 1 is an ok set up episode. The whole thing can be summed up into two storylines that are connected but have parts that feel disconnected. First, we have Kuraki's (Nishijima Hidetoshi) story. He's the ace of the public security police, who's wife died in the explosion.

Kuraki is the troubled soul hard boiled detective and as the episode progresses we learn about his troubled past and the incident with his daughter and wife. My only complaint of the Kuraki story is I wish they had revealed the incident with flashbacks only and without explanation and let the viewers put 2 and 2 together instead of the heavy handed I just want to truth and then showing varies unsolved cases.

Supporting Kuraki in his story is Osugi (Kagawa teruyuki), the section 1 investigator who declares many times his hatred for the public security section. He and Densha end up as our exposition characters though I am very skeptical of this boogeyman Daruma storyline. The second Kuraki supporting character is of course, Akeboshi Miki (Maki Yoko) who is from section 2 of public securities and answers directly to Kita Yoshio and was at the scene of the blast.

The second main story is about the killer Shingai who loses his memory. I really don't like the way his eyes turn completely black in two scenes cause it implies that there are supernatural powers at work, especially combined with the Daruma story. Not sure the Shingai actor is the right guy for the role and it doesn't help that the people trying to kill him were overacting.

The one thing I didn't understand was what was Shometani Shota doing in the beginning of the episode. He was filming the results of the blast, dropped his camera as if he were going to save this girl who was saved by Maki Yoko and he was never seen again. Maybe he will resurface in ep 2?

Let's see what happens in episode two when the story should really get going. The preview at the end looks very exciting. I actually watched episode 1 twice because somehow it didn't occur to me that Japanese subs would be available since TBS is doing season 1. It was so much easier for me to understand with Japanese subs. Fingers crossed episode 2 is good.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Looking at Spring 2014 jdoramas



SAKAMOTO YUJI + WOWOW + adult videos? WTF????!!!!! I must be hallucinating!!! Never in a million years could I have thought of such a combination. OMFG. Screw Mozu, this is must watch dorama of the year!!!! My mind is blown! And its rated R15+!!!!!!!!! Thank you jdorama gods!!!!!!!!!! Me so happy!


Ep 1 is available for download now!!!!!!!


+ Ueno Juri!!!!
+ Who killed my daddy mystery.
+ Trailer looks good.


Ono Machiko with a lot of supporting players . The writer, Izumi Yoshihiro's past works doesn't fill me with confidence but its based on a manga and I just hope its a funny one.


Main reason this should be subbed is that Ozaki Masaya is writing it. I didn't watch Doubles (no idea how good he is as a cop show writer) but if anyone can pull off a comedy about management, its him.


+ Salaryman Kintaro as a coffee maker with a past.
+ Kimura Tae + Kurashina Kana
+ Trailer looks really good though it kinda spoils the plot too much.


A WOWOW dorama that's not about a cover up? Must at least give this a try. Looks like 3 episodes are already up!


 Plot sounds complicated and that's a good thing!


NHK 1950s dorama based on a famous novel.


WOWOW bribery investigation dorama. Yes, please.



+ Koizumi Kyoko and Nakai Kiichi are always fun to watch
- Is there any more story left to tell?


+ Oguri Shun sees dead people.
- The writer of SP
+ Episode 2 trailer looks interesting.


+ Nojima Shinji !!!!!
+ Nakayama Miho !!!!!!
- Kinki Kid. Why did they cast him? Why?????!!!!!!


+ A show about social worker.
- Social worker is being played by Fukada Kyoko.
+ Its NHK so might be good.
- Its probably going to oversentimental mush.
+ Tokkan is in it.


+ Nino can act.
+ Hard to go wrong with underdog sports story.
- Lots of johnnys.
As as they don't cry as much as Rookies, might be watchable.



+ Eye candy cast.
- Cast lacking in acting ability.


By the writer of Zettai Reido. Stay very far away.


Kenshin and Watabe Atsuro are father and son in the first division comedy. How old is Kenshin again and I thought first division are for like the top veteran cops. Is Kutsuna Shiori old enought to be playing a detective?



The trailer doesn't look good. Not another anime murder investigation show.Its got Kitamura Kazuki, Tanihara Shosuke and Osugi Ren but I'm not even going to bother.


Sounds like Hanzawa Naoki light. As long as the acting is better (which shouldn't be too hard), might be watchable but too many potentially good shows this season.