Thursday, December 18, 2014

Suteki na Sen Taxi Ep 9

Amusing episode where time travel was not used. I'm enjoying the Edawakare character and the running jokes like him being a pashiri. I liked the pay off with the hairstyle fortune of the day joke. If you think about it the part with the clock doesn't really have a purpose in the scheme of things. Edawakare just needed to get the two guys in the cafe.

It was an amusing episode that was carried by Edawakare's antics. One more episode to go and fingers crossed its a good one.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Jigoku Sensei Nube Eps 1+2

EDIT: Just had a thought. Maybe Jigoku Sensei Nube getting greenlit has more to do with Youkai Watch than the manga. Youkai Watch which is basically Pokemon with ghosts is the biggest thing in Japan now and maybe someone just wanted a ghost fighting manga to adapt and aim towards kids.

I used to 'read' this manga a long time ago. What I mean by read is basically look for pantsu/cleavage/ecchi pictures. I decided to give the dorama a try and its basically a lot more family friendly show seeing as it was shown at 9pm. H2 dorama did not even half an pantsu shots like the manga but it turned out pretty good.

Unfortunately, the comedy part is not funny. Its like a boring tokusatsu show. Jigoku Sensei Nube should have gone bad all the way instead, ie go for low budget midnight slot so they can actually do fanservice. No need to hire B level actors. Just ham it all the way and dress it up with fanservice. There's evecandy in the show but its presented in a family friendly way. Ugh.

Don't watch it. There are no redeeming features for Jigoku Sensei Nube.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mano Erina Calender 2015

Time for the annual Mano Erina calender post! Every year, she's always had the best calenders.

Uh, boring January picture. The Mano Date photobook had better basketball pictures.

Sexy with one bare shoulder. Makes me wonder if she's wearing anything else. :)

Mmm. I like the OL look.

Ok inaka photo. They should have just zoomed the bottom left picture.

Nice ohayo gozaimasu photo.

Very standard bikini photo. Meh.

This inaka photo I really like.

Obligatory summer bikini photo.


Ooooh. Very nice Mano Erina pretending to be naked in the morning pictures. Me like.

I don't mind this one.

Sexy Mano Erina. :)

Deleted photos. I like the white dress in the fields one and the rain picture on the bottom left. They should have replaced the standard bikini pictures with those two.

Last page. Not a bad calender. Could have been better.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Jdorama ramblings 11/12/14


Goddamn! Sen Taxi is pretty good! As mentioned by 4545, the more connected, the episodes are, the better they get. Kind of like Shinya Shokudo and the various interesting supporting characters. Plus, all the guest stars are actors that I like who can act. Thumbs up to whoever is in charge of casting.

Episode 7 is super funny with Kanjiya Shihori playing a motoyan. I think it is my favourite episode so far along with 3 and 5. I like how they start to introduce different rules like how the taxi driver himself cannot change his actions although this rule is negated by episode 8.

I like how Takenouchi Yutaka's taxi driver is quirky and not cool like his self denial about being a pashiri. I like how he continues to try to improve his taxi service, lol. If this were a KimuTaku show, he would be trying too hard to look cool. Without bframe's recommendation, I wouldn't have tried Sen Taxi because when was the last good Takenouchi Yutaka dorama?

My favourite thing about episode 8 was the return of Usuda Asami's character and the doctor's cameo at the end. A nice feel good episode without being too sappy. If the quality continues, I just might declare Suteki na Sen Taxi a must watch! Can't wait for episode 9 and more Hanzai Deka!


Nothing much to say except it is watchable with funny moments but never comes close to being good. Mitsushima Hikari should be given more to do and there are times when Nishikido's acting is not enough to carry the show. Ultimately, the script is just familiar fluff. Watchable but I'd rather rewatch Suzuki sensei for the third time.


Arrrghh. This Eikura Nana and her harem show is so freaking slow. Female viewers might like all the gazing at each other stuff but I'm not satisfied being fed minute crumbs in regards to the main murder mystery. There's no freaking tension in episodes 3 and 4. There's no reason for me to keep watching.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Suteki na Sen Taxi Eps 1-6

Looks like I've found my favourite show for the Fall season! Suteki na Sen Taxi, which is a play on the word 'sentakushi' which means choice is basically an episodic 'Back to the Future' where every episode, a character  goes back a few hours in time and is allowed to redo his/her choices that day to unpredictable results.


- Konishi Manami's ahiru guchi. :) Moe~~~~~~~~~~

- The writing is very clever and and I highly recommend Episode 3 about the affair, Episode 5 about the konkatsu and Episode 6 about the mangaka with the resolution tying in to the previous episode. Actually the konkotasu episode is probably my favourite because you don't really see time travelling stories for something as trivial and the doctor's personality really shows. Hhhmm, I can't stop staring at her ears.....

- Takenouchi Yutaka's taxi driver being so wishy washy. 

- The running jokes such as the conversations at the cafe and taxi driver always trying to think of ways to produce a time slip event.

- Did I mention its a pretty clever and funny show? Great job so far by the writer Bakarythm who plays the cafe owner in the show. I have always said, I will accept any high concept as long as it leads to interesting stories and explores interesting situations. There's no need to answer where the taxi comes from because the stories are fun.


- The main character in episode one should have asked the taxi driver to get him to an ATM so he had enough money to go back to the beginning. I would have much preferred it not be a happy ending.

- Watching Mano Erina playing a hitozuma. She is so sweet that it hurts to watch.


An above average show which flirts with being a must watch show because of the clever and funny writing. The English subs here were not timed to jdramacity's raws but so I watched most of it raw cause I was too lazy to retime but I think they are all timed to the raws at Nyaa. Thanks to bframe for recommending me this show cause I might have given it a miss. Recommended show. If the quality continues, I might have to award it a must watch.

Can't stop taking screencaps of Mano-chan!

Saturday, December 06, 2014

JFF 2014: Tokyo Tribe

Tokyo Tribe is the worst Sono Sion movie I have ever seen. Its a hip-hop musical about warring gangs in Tokyo with some of the worst pacing and editing writing decisions ever. Sono Sion spends so much time introducing all the tribes in the beginning but most of them don't matter until halfway through the movie. Even then, a lot of info was unnecessary because their backgrounds had no bearing on the story.

On the flip side, it took a long while for the story to point out who were the main characters but even then, the story did not give the audience a reason to care about the characters. I felt like I was watching Miike Takashi doing whatever the wanted without care for story or the source material in Ryu ga Gotoku.

I've not read the manga but there is a narrative for the two main characters in the movie that is pushed to the side and not done any justice. It feels like Sono Sion adapted the manga to do a hip-hop Crows Zero and to say something about war but there was nothing in the story or the characters that interested him. Even if you are a die hard Sono Sion fan, stay away from this.

The best thing I can say about Tokyo Tribe is that we have a virgin girl, who the bad guy wants to sacrifice not minding getting raped cause that would disqualify her from being killed but even that story has no impact on the movie.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Japan 2014 trip 2 loot aka I got a Wii U just for Bayonetta 2

EDIT 4/12/14: How could I have forgotten about the shirt I looked everywhere for? I started at Jump Shop in Tokyo, Suidobashi, wanted to go to the one in Sakae but the lockers at Nagoya station were all full and I didn't want to lug a big bag all the way for nothing.

I went to Kyoyo and found out the Jump Shop there closed a year ago. When I cam back to Tokyo, I was shocked to see two XL Hanamichi shirts at the Jump Shop at Tokyo Station. Its a bit more expensive but the quality is very good.

The other Hanamichi shirt I got at Suidobashi. 10 is Hanamichi's jersey number and 31 = Michi.

At the back it says tensai basketballman. Wish I would have been able to acquire the Nike shoes though.

There were two things I had a hard time deciding whether to buy; a New 3DS LL and a Wii U. I was pretty sure I was going to get a N3DSLL despite already having a 3DS and a 3DS LL cause it has a faster processor, two extra buttons, extra half hour battery, better 3D and a nub that functions as a right analog.

After trying it out, I don't like the nub and I feel like Nintendo is shafting the consumer by releasing incremental updates on their hardware. I'm never going to touch my 3DS again and I can't sell it in Japan cause you need a residency card to do so.

The one I struggled with was the Wii U. I effing love Bayonetta. Its the Ikaruga of action games. Despite universal praise, Bayonetta didn't sell well and Sega didn't want to foot the bill for a sequel. Enter Nintendo who finances the sequel but it didn't sell that well in Japan cause most people who have a Wii U are kids. WTF didn't Sony offer to finance the sequel?

My problem wasn't the cost. I wanted to support Platinum games and hopefully Nintendo will finance Bayonetta 3. The problem was, I might never buy any other Wii U game after this cause it has nothing in the horizon that I want. Same with my 3DS. Its all 3rd party games, not Nintendo first party games. After I'm done with my 3 games and Wonderful 101, it's probably going to become a huge paper weight.

My mind was going back and forth during the whole trip. Last day I went to Yodobashi and tried the Bayonetta 2 demo and had a grin on face during the 5 minutes of playing. I had to get it. Screw the consequences! Unfortunately, this didn't leave me much time and I should have gotten some old Wii games. Fire Emblem on Wii is still selling for a lot of money online.

Time will tell whether I am going to regret this purchase. I've nearly finished replaying Bayonetta 1 but the stupid gamepad only last like 4 freaking hours. Grrrrr. After I finish the two Bayonettas, I'm looking forward to playing Zero: Nuregarasu no Miko. Its a horror game that uses the gamepad as a camera and apparently you can choose DOA boob bounciness or regular bounciness. Hhhhmm. Decisions.

Found this Ishin poster at Trio(?) in Akihabara. The same building as the good smile cafe. I'd rather have a Ryu ga Gotoku 5 poster though. This is the only game in the series that disappointed me but its better than nothing. They were also selling a Michishige Sayumi life size cloth scroll for about 8000 yen that I should have bought.

Wut. I've got a Sega Saturn shirt and now a Dreamcast shirt!

Uehara Ai calender. I was going to buy a sign Tsubomi calender but I looked up some pictures online and Tsubomi's calender doesn't look so good.

The only other game I bought besides the 2 Wii U games was Fightin Climax. I hate supporting Dengenki Bunko cause the stories suck yet are so popular as anime. However, as a Sega fan, this game has Akira and Slveria Bles.

Vita and 3DS card holders.

Mano Erina calender! Waited til last day to go to the Hello Project! shop and was told they don't carry her calender. I bought her 2014 calender last year from the HP! shop last year after she graduated. There were still carrying her old photobooks though.

Dreamcast hoodie. Now I just need a Megadrive t-shirt. Didn't do much shopping cause I left it until to late and I had a lot of late nights so I spent a lot of my afternoons sleeping. Right now, I realise that there are so many things I should have bought but during the trip I was more concerned with having fun and finding a replacement for Ogi.

Not really loot but Ruroushin Kenshin X Shiga pamphlet......

showing the places in around Biwako the movie was shot in.