Monday, December 21, 2009

Jyouou Virgin eps 5-12

The adventures of Ando Mai (Hara Mikie) continues. After she wins the 1st round besting her good friend Tomo-chan and we are treated to the second round where once again she gets bullied by her new adversaries. Tomo-chan is the most fun character to watch. You can never be sure what side she is on. Plus the fact that Kurokawa Mei is the only real actress in this show.

Sora Aoi is smoking hot...

My vote goes to Hara Saori for best oppai in Jyouou Virgin.

Kadena Reon gets a lot more to do in the second half of the series and I must say that she shows promise. I think the best part of the whole series is the Hara Mikie-Sora Aoi scene at the beginning of ep 7. Everyone's seen Sora Aoi naked but sometimes softcore style stuff is better because it leaves more to your imagination.


The most absurd part of the dorama is towards the end where Ando Mai volunteers herself to be raped in place of Tomo-chan. I don't know about you but that scene was so touching. *sarcasm* And she had to follow it up with crap about how its not about achieving one's goal but rather the journey towards one's goal. Someone's been reading Phil Jackson's books. Come to think of it, its not that absurd within the context of the storyline with Ando Mai being your super nice girl to the point of stupidity.

Dunno why guys would find the koakuma style hot.

Forgot to mention the heisei vs showa hostesses in ep 10 which was pretty fun. Its basically hostesses born before 89 vs girls born on or after that year. Of course the younger ones cannot work together and end up sabotaging each other under Ando Mai of course gets them to work together. Still, it was fun to see the older hostesses and their little tricks especially the widow's which was especially funny. The ending is way to happy for everyone but that's not really important, is it?

The megane girl is called Shoko. I wonder if she's suppose to parody Shoko-tan?

I wonder what Hara Mikie's looking down at?

At the end of the series, Hara Mikie promotes the dvd of the series which was sexy scenes not shown on tv. Aaarrrrgghhh. My curiosity is peaked. The question is whether the HK English subbed dvd is ripped from tv or the Japanese dvd? I wouldn't mind rewatching with subs so I can enjoy all the eye candy without having to strain my ears trying to catch all the dialogue. In terms of fanservice in midnight doramas, Jyouou Virgin wins the quality and quantity stakes hands down. If fanservice makes you happy, I can't think of any reason not to watch this.


bframe5 said...

Shoko was kind of fun to watch.
Looks like she's a pretty hardcore JAV actress... (横山美雪 -- Miyuki Yokoyama)

This title caught my eye.. haha
"ある日、モテない僕が横山美雪になっちゃった" (One day, my unpopular self became Miyuki Yokoyama.)

Anonymous said...

..hum, i came upon your blog

~and decided to post on the most latest entry,...

well basically i want to comment..please do put some sort of filter or make inappropriate images (those which don't go under the U category)unviewable to kids and those who are quite sensitive about these things and etc (you get the idea dont you)

and one more would be easier for your readers/followers if you actually tagged your entries (i see you've been reviewing episode per episode of certain dramas :) )

~ok thats all~ dont take my comment to heart

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your hardwork and great reviews. I use your blog to find new doramas to watch. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised you are honest enough to post the images in their entirety. I believe it is done in good taste (silly of me to say this.... but, now I know why my male friends go ga-ga over girls with big boobs! Don't look at my direction! Haha!).

On the subject of filtering such images, I don't really know what to suggest. There are may pros and cons about such a matter, the consequences to consider, etc.

Akiramike, I suppose you will use your discretion on this decision won't you.

Apart from this drama (which I can't get to watch online) can you recommend any other solid good Japanese dramas that we can watch. Doesn't matter if it is old (as produced a few years ago) or current, and where online can we watch it? Where I am concern, I depend very much on online sites to watch Japanese dramas.

Agigato gozaimasu.

Akiramike said...

List of solid jdoramas is too long. Just look through my reviews though unfortunately I do not have a scoring system. There's probably a thread about must watch shows on d-addicts and

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to add a search function to your blog?
Or as an above poster said, labeling your posts.
Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

Just noticed there is a field to the left at the top of the page where you can search the blog.

Anonymous said...

thx for the review

just wondering where did u get the english sub?