Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ace wo narae ep 4

Its been a year since JTV released eps 1 and 2 of Ace wo Nerae and finally ep 3 and 4 are out. Ace is basically a very shoujo type dorama about a girl who takes up tennis. The acting and action is so bad that its good. Who am I kidding, I just enjoy seeing Aya Euto jumping around in a short skirt and I just wanted to post these screencaps after watching ep 4.

Hhhm, nice pose by Aya Euto. If only she'd arch her back more....

Goddammit, I want to the coach of a female high school tennis club who dresses like a yakuza when I grow up. Stupid coach holding her skirt up. We want to see some legs!

Hhmm, nice view. Hopefully Aya Euto will wear these type of skirts in the later eps.....

If you haven't guessed by now, I'm trying to find any upskirt shots in this series and this is probably the closest one I've found. Too bad they change camera angles when she gets up.

This dorama is screams shoujoness. (I think its from a shoujo manga) There's your cool looking yakuza coach. There's a princess like character who ties her hair in pink ribbons, place the piano and lives in a huge mansion with french maids and a step-brother step-sister sub plot.

My biggest complaint is the overuse of CG balls. The girls obviously can't play tennis and the CG balls make it all the more fake. Still its a fun dorama and fellow sukebes can keep themselves awake by perv at the girl's legs.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Jukunen Rikon ep 1+2


It's the last day before you are going to retire from a successful architecture career.

You have managed to raise 3 children who are now adults.

Your wife has been good to you through everything and you look forward to spending your retirement together.

You have achieve what society deems is success - career and family.


Little do you know that your wife is going divorce you.

Your seemingly happy marriage was not as it seemed..

Your son is dating a MILF...

Your daughter a peniless musician...

WTF have you been working hard for?????

If this doesn't convince you to watch Jukunen Rikon then maybe this will.....

Sakurai Sachiko!!!!!!! Its been ten years since Koukou Kyoushi but she's still hot.

Mmmmmm.... Katase Nana.......

Ep 1 was bloody good. Even though everyone knew what was coming, the build up and climax were executed very well. The acting of the old couple, Watari Tetsuya and Matsuzaka Keiko was really good. The lack of music the camera's focus on the actor's faces really made the dinner scene really powerful.

Ep 2 was disappointing as they went into a more comedy route, showing the poor retired father trying to do housework. FFS wtf does not know how to use a washing machine???!!!!!! If you can't cook, just order take away and cook rice at home.

Hopefully the series will pick up in ep 3 but I'll keep watching based on the strength of ep 3 and Sakurai Sachiko. :)

Friday, October 28, 2005

Thought of the day - Mental Illness

Supposedly one in four people suffer from mental illness of some kind. So check out three of your friends and if they seem ok, you're in deep shit.

... and Miki should stop molesting Ayaya.... sigh......

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Nobuta wo produce ep 1

The plot Nobuta wo produce in a nutshell is about about two guys who planning to turn an outcast girl, Nobuta into the most popular girl in school. Sounds like one of those tired, cliched ugly duckling teen movies doesn't it?

The 1st half introduces us to Shuji who understands the hierachy in school and accels in joining the hip crowd though he looks down on them and sees them as kids. He just wants to tell everyone that they're all wankers but can't. Yamashita Tomohisa plays the half ostracised rich kid who is seemingly intoxicated all the time.

For sukebes, (yes, that means you) the main girl Nobuta is played by Horikita Maki, Densha's sister. Koshien poster girl and the 2nd hottest chick in Engine, Toda Erika plays the school beauty.

What is so appealing about this dorama is that its very very weird and quirky and reminds me a lot of Kare kano. The characters are so eccentric that they are a story onto themselves. Eg there's this owner of a bookshop that only allows 'beautiful' people to read in his bookshop and this vice principle who scales the school's roofs.

Hhhmm, nice view from down here.

Toda Erika is so kawaii........... (u know ur getting old when u feel a slight pang of guilt perving at girls born in 88)

Japanese schoolgirls playing watersports in the toilet.......

Nobuta after getting her water bukake........

I'm finding its hard to describe how fun this dorama is. Though the general plot is similar to those American teen movies, its japaneseness (does this word exist) makes it like a different type of show altogether.

Props to chiisana_tantei for uploading ep 1 and dancestar24 for the subs.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Thought of the day......

Overheard at a my fav comic book store:

Drink a glass of brandy, lose 5 minutes of your life.

Smoke a cigarette, lose 10 minutes of your life.

Go to work, lose 8 hours of your life.

Puts things into perspective, doesn't it?

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hair cut + Massage

Too lazy to think so I've decided to post a conversation between me and KTS about Ken. Ken is the star of my Kisah Benar pts 2 and 3 and is currently back in my hometown while KTS has returned from a brief visit there. If Ken ever finds out about this, I'm a dead man....

Disclaimer: names of the people have been changed to protect the innocent. Some liberty may have been taken with the facts to make it more dramatic.

KTS: Ken's gf is a hairdresser
Akiramike: ooohhh
KTS: give him free cut and massage one
Akiramike: lol, u went 4 haircut?
KTS: nope
Akiramike: lol
KTS: he offered but i no time
KTS: he said 20 ringgit get haircut and massage where to find
Akiramike: offered his gf?????????!!!!!!!!!!!
KTS: hahahaha
KTS: offered bring me to his gf's shop laa
Akiramike: massage got happy end?
KTS: offered his gf lol
Akiramike: lol
KTS: massage wrong head man
KTS: u think massage dick head meh
Akiramike: massage below head also can, lol

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Retrogaming: Bare Knuckle/ Streets of Rage

In the late 80s the best side scrolling beat-em-ups were Double Dragon and Golden Axe. There were so many mediocre games of the genre. Most have crappy sprites during repetitive attacks against countless baddies that looked the same.

In 1991, Sega released Bareknuckle/ Streets of Rage and the side scrolling fighter genre was never the same. Some of the 'innovations' include:
  • Unlike the other games, SOR had tons of move animations. Sure there was only one attack button but you could pull of a variety of attacks, expecially from grapples. I remember one SOR ad where the showed all the moves in the game and I just marvelled at the number of different animations.
  • The ability to land from air throws which was fucking cool.
  • When the enemy grabs you from behind, you could press 'jump' to kick out in front of you and then 'attack' to throw the enemy grabbing you.
  • The ability to throw your teammate at your opponent.
  • Stage 7, set on a rising platform where the fun was throwing the enemies down to their doom.
The profiles of our heores...... Even after playing this game so many times, I still have no idea wtf Lambada is. I have I feeling I'm better off not knowing..............

By pressing the A button a policeman comes out of a policecar.......

.... and launches a rocket that damages everyone in the screen except our hero.

The most memorable thing about the game was the music by Yuzo Koshiro. SOR showed that the Megadrive, even with its crappy sound chip could produce one of the video game soundtracks ever. SOR showed that video games were about working around and pushing the limitations of the system, and the Megadrive was still in the beginning of its lifespan.

I got the game in 92 and I remember playing with my brother and dying at the last stage. Unfortunately we had to go to bed and I just couldn't wait to defeat Mr X the next day. We played the game a lof but not as much as SOR 2, but that is another story.........

Blaze throws the final boss, Mr X. Good thing her skirt is short enough to fight in, hehe.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Amai Seikatsu - not so sweet after all

My fears for Amai Seikatsu have come true. Once again, like Hikon Keisoku/ Unmarried Family we were teased with 3 possible endings and we get the fourth one which is like a no-ending. The ending aside, the final two episodes lacked any excitement and urgency. There was no big revelation, no huge crisis, no big hijinks. Just slowly settling the plot lines one by one. Not to mention the vague ending to the Uchida Yuki subplot.

This'll teach me never to get my hopes to high.

I wouldn't mind visiting Uchida Yuki's southern port, hehe.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Using Chinese swear words to liven up the Queen's English

Disclaimer: Do not read this post if you think people can go to hell for swearing. Akiramike will not be responsible for any incidents caused by anyone trying to practice the guide in the middle of Chinatown.

Was walking to work, trying to think of something to write on my blog that did not require screencaps when I hit upon the idea to write about swearing in Chinese. I had a look around the net and the 'guides' to swearing were more suited to China or Hong Kong.

My knowledge of swearing in Chinese is more from Malaysia and Singapore. As we speak English quite a bit, we have developed our own form of English known as Manglish/Singlish incorporating various Chinese dialects and Malay. And the best thing about it is that as long as you speak the Queen's English, you only need to know a few basic words, incorporate it and presto - your swearing vocabulary has increased manifold! So let's get started..............

Cibai (pronounced chee-bye) ~ female sexual organ aka cunt

Cibai is the 'fuck' of Chinese swearing in the sense that its the most used word but it is very versatile. The greatest thing about the word 'fuck' is that it can be used as a noun, verb, pronoun or adjective, eg Fuck that fucking fucker for daring to fuck with me. Though cibai can be used in the same forms as well, I've never come across people using it more than twice in a sentence.

Cibai is hokkien and the cantonese equivalent is chaohai. However it is so commonly used that even non Chinese and Malaysia and Singapore know it.

Cibai's greatest weakness is that it doesn't sound good if used too much. (Not that fuck is impervious to overuse) However, cibai's greatest strength is the number of words that can be added to it, eg:

machibai ~ your mother's sexual organ

chaocibai ~ smelly female sexual organ

cibaikia ~ female sexual organ kid

cibaimian ~ female sexual organ face

Cibai is also frequently used as its the easiest swear word to insert into English.

Lanjiao (l-un-jiao) ~ penis

Lanjiao can be used interchangeably with cibai but we don't use it much because:

1) We prefer to insult other people's mothers.

2) Its better to talk about the person's dick than his father's.

Now here examples of how cibai can be used to beautify the English language:

Cibai as pronoun:

  • Hey cibai, you still alive?
  • Hey you fucking cibai, get your lanjiao over here!
  • Oi lancau, what the fuck where you talking about with that cibaikia?

Cibai as an adjective:

  • That cibai fucker's really going to die.
  • Its all that fucking cibai bitch's fault.

Cibai as a verb

  • That fucker damn cibai.
  • Oi, dun cibai me later.

Cibai as an exclamation:

  • What the the hell do you want? Chaocibai!
  • Cibai..... now I'm really fucked.

For an actual example of cibai being used in English, click here:

Its a recording of a profanity laced conversation between a Chinese and Indian in Singapore and I highly recommend it. Props to Avatar for sending me the link.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Amai Seikatsu - So far damn fucking good

Amai Seikatsu (at least for the 10 eps I've seen so far) is one of the best written doramas I've seen. I decided to give this show a try because of Akashiya Sanma's great performance in One Million Stars and this show just blew away all my expectations.

Sanma plays womaniser who keeps on getting into problems and always tries to lie his way through them. Though his character is a bastard, he is very entertaining ala Masakazu Tamura in Oyaji.

Its the women who steal the show though, especially Uchida Yuki. I'm not a fan of Uchida Yuki, especially after watching Big Wing and Cat's Eye. She was good in Akimahende but her role in Amai Seikatsu was definitely made for her.

Akashiya Sanma as the lying, cheating husband who calls his dick Fernandez! lol.

Takashima Reiko as the wife. Jdorama fans might now her as the cook in Engine.

Uchida Yuki as a nurse with a hidden past. Drool.............

Good question, lol.

Can you tell I'm obsessed with Uchida Yuki?

Hhmmm, Uchida Yuji in nurse uniform with Sanma's ex lover, Kyoko (no idea wut the actress' name is)

Anyone know the name of this actress?

I wonder which is worse, the wrath of one's ex-wife or ex-lover. Hope I'll never find out, hehe.

Another actress whose name I don't know.

Sanma getting 'seduced', lol.

The best thing about this dorama is the pacing. From the beginning it never lets up and there's always stuff happening in each episode. I've been wanting to blog about it since ep 1 came out but was afraid that the writing could not keep up. With 2 episodes left, I'm eagerly anticipating the end.

The only thing I fear is the Hikon Kazoku (Unmarried Family) ending. Hikon Kazoku is similar except not as funny and the bloody stupid ending ruined it. Oh yeah, forgot to mention the humour in this comedy. Most of it comes from Sanma and the situations he gets into and being a comedian he's laugh out funny.

If you're looking for a good dorama to watch, I highly recommend Amai Seikatsu. You'll be hooked from the first ep. Its a crime that only a couple hundred of ppl are downloading this. :(

And a big arigatou gozaimasu to ap for sharing golden oldies like Amai Seikatsu with us.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Ramblings 5/10/05 and thanks Jem!

Finally got a two months contract so yesterday was my last day temping at the law firm (which will be referred to as Md) that I've been working on/off for the past 2 months. Surprisingly, I felt kinda sad when I finally got confirmation of my job.

The people at Md are great and I would like to continue working there but job security (even for two months) is important. During my months of being a jobless bum I swore that I would take any job that came along. Besides, working for the Family Court should look good on my CV. :)

On a related note, looks like Jem ( has been offered a one year job in HK. Three years ago, my main sources of jdoramas were adclan, streamload and Jem. For those who don't know, Jem captured and uploaded doramas from Singaporean tv. Thanks to Jem's seflessness, I was able to watch such great jdoramas as Yamato Nadeshiko, Beauty or Beast and Golden Bowl.

Who can forget when Jem didn't know that the last episode of Golden Bowl would be longer than usual and ran out of HD for the last 10 eps? The wait for someone who had taped the final episode to send it to Jem and to have it inserted was excruciating.

What is amazing is that Jem has captured a lot of series and has contributed so much to the dorama scene all for the wish to spread subbed-doramas around. Us leechers and dorama-addicts owe Jem a debt that can never be repaid. So, congrates Jem and good luck!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Crazy about Younha

Been listening to Younha for past few days and I can't just get enough. I consider her to be the anti-Boa of jpop. Boa's too polished, like Lee Hyori while Younha is more 'raw' and definitely more talented.

Houki Boshi is probably her best song. The first time I heard it, I wasn't impressed but it grew on me. I really like her brand of piano-rock.

Yubikiri is a nice slow song. As many have mentioned, the beginning of the song is very similar to track 7 of the OST of the Korean movie The Classic, called 'You to me, me to you' which I really like. IMO, the best thing about the Classic are the scenes with the song.

There's also a Korean version of the song which I think Younha sings better but the I still prefer the Japanese version cause my knowledge of Korean is limited to anyonghaseyo, saranghe, biane and kamsamsumida.

Her latest single Touch is a cover of an old Japanese song which I only find ok. Can't wait to listen to her album.