Saturday, October 22, 2005

Nobuta wo produce ep 1

The plot Nobuta wo produce in a nutshell is about about two guys who planning to turn an outcast girl, Nobuta into the most popular girl in school. Sounds like one of those tired, cliched ugly duckling teen movies doesn't it?

The 1st half introduces us to Shuji who understands the hierachy in school and accels in joining the hip crowd though he looks down on them and sees them as kids. He just wants to tell everyone that they're all wankers but can't. Yamashita Tomohisa plays the half ostracised rich kid who is seemingly intoxicated all the time.

For sukebes, (yes, that means you) the main girl Nobuta is played by Horikita Maki, Densha's sister. Koshien poster girl and the 2nd hottest chick in Engine, Toda Erika plays the school beauty.

What is so appealing about this dorama is that its very very weird and quirky and reminds me a lot of Kare kano. The characters are so eccentric that they are a story onto themselves. Eg there's this owner of a bookshop that only allows 'beautiful' people to read in his bookshop and this vice principle who scales the school's roofs.

Hhhmm, nice view from down here.

Toda Erika is so kawaii........... (u know ur getting old when u feel a slight pang of guilt perving at girls born in 88)

Japanese schoolgirls playing watersports in the toilet.......

Nobuta after getting her water bukake........

I'm finding its hard to describe how fun this dorama is. Though the general plot is similar to those American teen movies, its japaneseness (does this word exist) makes it like a different type of show altogether.

Props to chiisana_tantei for uploading ep 1 and dancestar24 for the subs.


Anonymous said...

hey there. i got here through a dorama forum? you left your blog address there. i was searching for this song " namida no request" by checkers. do you have it? the link at the forum expired. hope you can contact me! :) thanks.

JoeC said...

soo, u like school grrs eh? cheers!

Akiramike said...

joec: I like girls in uniform. :)

joyfulstar: That's the song that Haru's sings in Pride right? Was looking for the song as well but couldn't find it. Old Japanese songs are hard to find.