Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Using Chinese swear words to liven up the Queen's English

Disclaimer: Do not read this post if you think people can go to hell for swearing. Akiramike will not be responsible for any incidents caused by anyone trying to practice the guide in the middle of Chinatown.

Was walking to work, trying to think of something to write on my blog that did not require screencaps when I hit upon the idea to write about swearing in Chinese. I had a look around the net and the 'guides' to swearing were more suited to China or Hong Kong.



My knowledge of swearing in Chinese is more from Malaysia and Singapore. As we speak English quite a bit, we have developed our own form of English known as Manglish/Singlish incorporating various Chinese dialects and Malay. And the best thing about it is that as long as you speak the Queen's English, you only need to know a few basic words, incorporate it and presto - your swearing vocabulary has increased manifold! So let's get started..............

Cibai (pronounced chee-bye) ~ female sexual organ aka cunt

Cibai is the 'fuck' of Chinese swearing in the sense that its the most used word but it is very versatile. The greatest thing about the word 'fuck' is that it can be used as a noun, verb, pronoun or adjective, eg Fuck that fucking fucker for daring to fuck with me. Though cibai can be used in the same forms as well, I've never come across people using it more than twice in a sentence.

Cibai is hokkien and the cantonese equivalent is chaohai. However it is so commonly used that even non Chinese and Malaysia and Singapore know it.

Cibai's greatest weakness is that it doesn't sound good if used too much. (Not that fuck is impervious to overuse) However, cibai's greatest strength is the number of words that can be added to it, eg:

machibai ~ your mother's sexual organ

chaocibai ~ smelly female sexual organ

cibaikia ~ female sexual organ kid

cibaimian ~ female sexual organ face

Cibai is also frequently used as its the easiest swear word to insert into English.

Lanjiao (l-un-jiao) ~ penis

Lanjiao can be used interchangeably with cibai but we don't use it much because:

1) We prefer to insult other people's mothers.

2) Its better to talk about the person's dick than his father's.

Now here examples of how cibai can be used to beautify the English language:

Cibai as pronoun:

  • Hey cibai, you still alive?
  • Hey you fucking cibai, get your lanjiao over here!
  • Oi lancau, what the fuck where you talking about with that cibaikia?

Cibai as an adjective:

  • That cibai fucker's really going to die.
  • Its all that fucking cibai bitch's fault.

Cibai as a verb

  • That fucker damn cibai.
  • Oi, dun cibai me later.

Cibai as an exclamation:

  • What the the hell do you want? Chaocibai!
  • Cibai..... now I'm really fucked.

For an actual example of cibai being used in English, click here:

Its a recording of a profanity laced conversation between a Chinese and Indian in Singapore and I highly recommend it. Props to Avatar for sending me the link.

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