Tuesday, January 31, 2006

2nd House ep 3, yamete = stop?

The sleeping face of an angel............

I've always thought that 'yamete' means 'stop it' Clearly from ep 3, Japanese men do not know the meaning of the word. When we last left out knocked out heroine, Aki was about to be assaulted. Fortunately she manages to come to and after some yamete action manages to scare him off with her crying.

Lesson no.1: Don't start what you can't finish.

Yamete scene no.1

The lucky bastard, Misawa comes in at the right time to console our distressed maiden. However, he later gets cold feet for fear of his wife's wrath.

Lesson no.2: Always walk into a house/apartment when you see a half naked guy run out of it.

3P is the Japanese term for menage a trois, the dream of every sukebe.......

Here's a tough question, which is better 2P with Isoyama Sayaka or 3P with these two nurses?

I guess there is no correct answer.........

Aki's ugly friend (note to producers: ugly girls are not funny) introduces her to a side job as a model. This being a shounen dorama, the photographers of course turn out to be perverts and Aki is in deep trouble. She messages Misawa for help but he is in a middle of a meeting.

Lesson no.3: Kawaii girls should not trust their busu friends.

Aki practicing her facial expressions. OMFG, I think I'm dying from an overdose of kawainess.....

I like the symbolism of the tengu mask. (hint, long red nose).

Aki blocking the door and messaging Misawa for help. Somehow I feel like having some watermelons.

Aki under attack from the evil camera.....

After deciding that damsels in distress are are worth a wife's fury, he runs off to Akiba to save Aki. Unfortunately, the 2nd yamete scene of ep3 has already started! Will Misawa make it in time?

Lesson no.4: Instead of messaging someone who's at work, next time just call the cops.

Yamete scene no2. Aarrggh, can't wait for next episode.

Seriously, I think Japanese women should not scream yamete. They should say something like 'Naruto is on tv' or 'Final Fantasy XII just came out today'. Maybe they should stop saying it in the kawaii way that makes it sound like music to sukebe ears. Maybe, to steal a quote from Love Complex, 'for women, no means yes and yes means no!'.

For some good news, [Asabou!] is subbing 2nd House. The bad news is its hardsubbed. Oh well, its not as bad as having to download Byaku Yakou all over again.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Isoyama Sayaka and Kawamura Yukie Sabra photoshoot

While eagerly waiting for 2nd House ep 3 to deliver even more Isoyama Sayaka goodness, I thought I'd just post some screencaps from a Sabra photoshoot.

I love that mischevious neko-like grin Sayaka is making. Sayaka's a little plump but she's 100 times better than so called 'super-models' that look like sticks. Her biggest selling point is of course her jugs and kawaii face.

When boobs collide.........

Bloody great view of action. I want to be a gravure cameraman when I grow up.

Who doesn't like to see two hot women rollicking around in bed? Notice Sayaka's arched back? A little exagerration in poses goes a long way.

I find this to be a pretty boring pose. Maybe something for the gravure fans who are into foot fetishes?

But me like this view.

The second part of photoshoot takes place in some high class club or something and they're going for a more sexy look. IMO, they should have gone for something like tight and skimpy dresses instead of bikinis. Somehow bikinis give a more playful image.

Hhhmmm, Sayaka seems flatter from this view.........

Yukie should move her hands higher and exact revenge for pic #1. And Sayaka looks a bit like Sora Aoi.

Special thanks to Gravure-King Druggy for being my main supplier of gravure vids.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

2nd House ep 2: I LOVE COSPLAY!

Warning: the following post contains nudity and those who have not heard of Jenna Jameson or Sora Aoi better stay away.

OMFG, ep 2 is here and this dorama is a sukebe's dream. While there are still no subs, its still very watchable as sukebeness is a universal language. I'm sure anyone can understand 'cosplay kirai desu ka?' No words can describe the joy of watching this dorama so I'll let the pics do the talking......

Lesson No. 1: Always check for special packages before jumping in the deep end...........

........... or you'll end up like this........

OMFG, OMFG, OMFG, OMFG, OMFG, OMFG, OMFG.................

Koichi wakes up to find himself in heaven............... Notice the seductive pose Isoyama Sayaka is in........

The nurse singing Ayaya's 'Yeah! Meccha Holiday'! How I miss those fun Ayaya songs! Kinda reminds me of the time Ayaya's tube top slipped off when she was singing the same song. Perhaps a sort of homage to the incident?

OMFG, OMFG, OMFG, OMFG, OMFG, OMFG. I think I'm going to have a heart attack.

Ep 2 end with poor Aki about to be assaulted. While I'm we're waiting for Koichi to save the day in ep, let's thank God for creating Isoyama Sayaka.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is a film about two 20+ year olds, Okada Junichi and Matsumoto Jun who have affairs with older women. No. 1 problem for me is Kuroki Hitomi was Junichi's mom in Oyaji, one of my fav doramas ever. It was very freaking watching them together. I was waiting for Masakazu Tamura to burst into the scene and throw a tantrum and yell out 'deteke!' or Hirosue Ryoko to scream 'Okasan, dame!'.

Kuroki Hitomi, still the hottest MILF ever at 45.

The Junichi + Hitomi story is so ZZZZZZZ. We've seen this younger dude relationship from Kuroki Hitomi so many times it becomes a littlwhining and crying. Good thing I can fast forward.e stale. Maybe its just the Oyaji factor working against me. There's so many things about Kuroki Hitomi's character that are unexplained and Okada Junichi's basically playing a female character, constantly whining and crying. Good thing I can fast forward.

Ok, we all know Kuroki Hitomi's got a good body. Somehow this film is more about her looking good rather than exploring her character.

The Matsumoto Jun story is much better, only because of Terajima Shinobu's performance of the very temperamental housewife. Of the four central characters, her performance is the most grounded. Junichi, Jun and Hitomi basically act the same way they do in doramas and just lack the depth required. Matsumoto Jun basically does his Domyouji from Hana Yori Dango but he and Shinobu have good chemistry together. Of note is the funny argument at the car park where Shinobu basically whines like a school girl.

Hirayama Aya has a small cameo, nothing special. Though I enjoyed how they played this scene:

Aya returns home and notices something strange.......

I'm pretty sure there's a logical explanation for this. Perhaps her mom was giving Jun a haircut? A shower? Err...

Aya obviously pissed off that her mom didn't ask her to join in and form a threesome.

There's only one suitable response from Jun: "Why? Cause I'm a motherfucker baby!"

Ultimately this is a fantasy movie for middle age women with a fetish for effiminate boys. Which isn't too bad if the narrative weren't so focus and the acting uninspired. Japan seriously needs some good editors who know how to keep movies focused and tight. The weakness of so many Japanese movies is the lack of editorial control and storylines meandering in useless tangents.

Personally I'm sick of this younger dude + older woman crap in Jmovies and doramas. WTF are the doramas featuring middle age, pot bellied, bald salarymen and young school girls? Is an older woman going for a young man less predatory than a middle age dude going for a young girl?

Its bloody discrimination, pure and simple. Or maybe it just happens all to often in Japan that they don't even bother...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Jyoou no Kyoushitsu ep 8

Hikari rallying the troops for war.

Yes, ep 8 is here and like all the previous eps, its a fucking good one. Hikaru takes a gamble and manages to rally half the class against Queen Maya and so the war finally begins. She never declares herself leader of the rebellion but gives timely suggestions on what tactics to adopt. The Queen has half the class on her side and turns both sides against each other, perhaps hoping they'll wipe each other out in the process. Why fight your own war when you can get others to fight it for you?

Lol, obviously the Queen does not know she is the villian of a school dorama. Either that or she thinks she's the hero.

Never make enemies with grade schoolers: they know their Art of War.

If Hikaru is the brains, then Kanda is the heart; finally able to unite the class against the Queen. However, when it looks they have the Queen against the ropes, she turns the tables on them and uses their first weapon, their parents, against them!

Crap, nothing is as scary as a bunch of self righteous housewives. My money's on Kanda's mum selling out and redeeming herself.

Maya gloating in her latest victory. I think she teaches just to play politics with grade school kids.

Kanda looking fucking pissed off and I doubt the Queen would like it when Kanda's angry. Looking forward to see who they fight back next ep.

And the preview of ep 9 looks even more exciting. With 3 more eps left, I wonder what twists and turns the dorama will take.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

2nd House ep 1

Warning: The Dorama being reviewed contains nudity and will arouse all male viewers.

Home is the domain of the wife. The husband's domain is the workplace. So what does a pussy-whipped husband like Koichi have to do? Convince his friends to share to share in a 2nd house: a secret hideaway from their wives. A place where boys can be boys. A refuge from overbearing wives.

OMFG...... though I walk into the VALLEY of the shadow of death.......

Alas, after signing the contract, his 3 friends pull out of the deal and he relinquished the contract to Aki, a hot busty babe who looks exactly like Isoyama Sayaka who had wanted the place earlier. In gratitude she invites him to her place during the weekend......

Is just me or is it very steamy in the room?

2nd House is the 2nd midnight dorama I'm watching. I've been wanting to blog about Jyouou, which features the lovely Sora Aoi but there are too many screencap worthy shots that I can only do it justice by doing 1 post per episode.

You can arrest me any time........

The main attraction in 2nd House is gravure idol cum actress Isoyama Sayaka. Not only is she super kawaii, she has one hot body including probably the most enticing cleavage in Jdorama land.

Ep 1 being only half an hour doesn't do much except set up the background of the characters and how Koichi and Aki meet.

My dear, what a nice ketsu you have..............

And the nurse's fucking kawaii responce of 'ecchi!'. I feel a nosebleed coming.......

Preview of ep 2:

This is what the door the heaven looks like.........

And this is what heaven feels like............

Special thanks to eighteen for seeding it and turtleAE86 for the subs. Can't wait for the next ep! If ur a sukebe, this is a must download series!