Saturday, January 28, 2006

Isoyama Sayaka and Kawamura Yukie Sabra photoshoot

While eagerly waiting for 2nd House ep 3 to deliver even more Isoyama Sayaka goodness, I thought I'd just post some screencaps from a Sabra photoshoot.

I love that mischevious neko-like grin Sayaka is making. Sayaka's a little plump but she's 100 times better than so called 'super-models' that look like sticks. Her biggest selling point is of course her jugs and kawaii face.

When boobs collide.........

Bloody great view of action. I want to be a gravure cameraman when I grow up.

Who doesn't like to see two hot women rollicking around in bed? Notice Sayaka's arched back? A little exagerration in poses goes a long way.

I find this to be a pretty boring pose. Maybe something for the gravure fans who are into foot fetishes?

But me like this view.

The second part of photoshoot takes place in some high class club or something and they're going for a more sexy look. IMO, they should have gone for something like tight and skimpy dresses instead of bikinis. Somehow bikinis give a more playful image.

Hhhmmm, Sayaka seems flatter from this view.........

Yukie should move her hands higher and exact revenge for pic #1. And Sayaka looks a bit like Sora Aoi.

Special thanks to Gravure-King Druggy for being my main supplier of gravure vids.


Anonymous said...

OMG, OMG...where do you get those Sabra photoshoots? Do you trade them?

Druggy said...

Just contact the dude who manages this webpage.....

Anonymous said...

who do i contact the dude who manages this webpage?