Thursday, January 12, 2006

Kouhaku pt 2

GORIE - Pecori Night

I have no idea why the Japanese find cross dressing comedians funny. Must have something to do with Kabuki actors being all guys. The one thing that got on my nerves this Kouhaku is how Gorie was in every freaking group shot standing in the foreground. Ugly dude in drag does not equal entertainment.

However, Gorie + cheerleaders' performance of Pecori Night was one of the best choreographed dance performances I've ever seen. As can be seen from the screenshots, the use of colours is spectacular. Compare the dancing in Pecori Night to Boa's. Yeah Boa is a damn good dancer but she's boring. There's somehow no enthusiasm and fun. Maybe its its just my cheerleader bias affecting my judgement. I would recommend getting Kouhaku just for this performance. Yes its that damn good.

I'm too lazy to cut the performance out and upload it. Here's the song instead:

I think I've had a dream like this before, except without Gorie.

AIKO - Star

Next is my favourite singer of 2004, Aiko. I loved her two singles this year: Kira Kira and Star. Nothing much to say except give her song a listen.

Aiko is like Japan's version of Bjork, except more kawaii and nowhere as eccentric.

YAMAZAKI MASAYOSHI - One more time, One more chance

I'm pretty sure I heard this song somewhere before. I doubt there's an English version. Must have been used in some dorama or something. Nevertheless a fucking awesome song. I would rate it along with X Japan's Forever Love as one of the best Japanese love song I've heard. Get it here:


I think its the 3rd year in a row this song's been on Kouhaku. I love this song so no complaints from me. Its better than listening to those enka songs. If a song by a plump woman spends like 2 years in the top 100 charts, you'd bet its a fucking good song. (though I prefer Begin's version)

I'd love to see Okinawan folk music get more a presence in Kouhaku. Speaking of Okinawa, wtf is Orange Days? This song deserves to be on the play list of every fan of Japanese music:

M-FLO loves AKIKO WADA - Hey

Probably the coolest performance of the night. I have no idea why I haven't kept up with M-flo last year. Miss You was one of my fav songs in 2004. For those who are confused, Akiko Wada is a woman, who looks like a man who looks like a woman.

SMAP - Triangle

OMFG, SMAP cannot sing. No matter how good they are at acting, their singing sux. It was so embarrassingly off key. Not to mention their singing of 'Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana' in the middle of the show was only passable. One would think after so many freaking years they would at least learn how to sing. I mean their singing is as bad as Kasumi Koharu's. Seriously, they have too big a presence in this year's Kouhaku.

In the end, it was a freaking good show. The only thing missing were Ken Hirai and Orange Range. And Tsunku should have let the 10-nin Momusu sing the whole Love Machine song godammit. Koharu has absolutely nothing to do with the song or its success.

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