Tuesday, January 31, 2006

2nd House ep 3, yamete = stop?

The sleeping face of an angel............

I've always thought that 'yamete' means 'stop it' Clearly from ep 3, Japanese men do not know the meaning of the word. When we last left out knocked out heroine, Aki was about to be assaulted. Fortunately she manages to come to and after some yamete action manages to scare him off with her crying.

Lesson no.1: Don't start what you can't finish.

Yamete scene no.1

The lucky bastard, Misawa comes in at the right time to console our distressed maiden. However, he later gets cold feet for fear of his wife's wrath.

Lesson no.2: Always walk into a house/apartment when you see a half naked guy run out of it.

3P is the Japanese term for menage a trois, the dream of every sukebe.......

Here's a tough question, which is better 2P with Isoyama Sayaka or 3P with these two nurses?

I guess there is no correct answer.........

Aki's ugly friend (note to producers: ugly girls are not funny) introduces her to a side job as a model. This being a shounen dorama, the photographers of course turn out to be perverts and Aki is in deep trouble. She messages Misawa for help but he is in a middle of a meeting.

Lesson no.3: Kawaii girls should not trust their busu friends.

Aki practicing her facial expressions. OMFG, I think I'm dying from an overdose of kawainess.....

I like the symbolism of the tengu mask. (hint, long red nose).

Aki blocking the door and messaging Misawa for help. Somehow I feel like having some watermelons.

Aki under attack from the evil camera.....

After deciding that damsels in distress are are worth a wife's fury, he runs off to Akiba to save Aki. Unfortunately, the 2nd yamete scene of ep3 has already started! Will Misawa make it in time?

Lesson no.4: Instead of messaging someone who's at work, next time just call the cops.

Yamete scene no2. Aarrggh, can't wait for next episode.

Seriously, I think Japanese women should not scream yamete. They should say something like 'Naruto is on tv' or 'Final Fantasy XII just came out today'. Maybe they should stop saying it in the kawaii way that makes it sound like music to sukebe ears. Maybe, to steal a quote from Love Complex, 'for women, no means yes and yes means no!'.

For some good news, [Asabou!] is subbing 2nd House. The bad news is its hardsubbed. Oh well, its not as bad as having to download Byaku Yakou all over again.


Ray Mescallado said...

Here's a tough question, which is better 2P with Isoyama Sayaka or 3P with these two nurses?

Jeez, Akiramike, that's like the Sophie's Choice of otaku-dom.

Akiramike said...

Except otakus will have a hell of a time contemplating the question. Personally if they were wearing nurse uniforms, I would be inclined to choose the 3P. Maybe.