Thursday, January 19, 2006

Jyoou no Kyoushitsu ep 8

Hikari rallying the troops for war.

Yes, ep 8 is here and like all the previous eps, its a fucking good one. Hikaru takes a gamble and manages to rally half the class against Queen Maya and so the war finally begins. She never declares herself leader of the rebellion but gives timely suggestions on what tactics to adopt. The Queen has half the class on her side and turns both sides against each other, perhaps hoping they'll wipe each other out in the process. Why fight your own war when you can get others to fight it for you?

Lol, obviously the Queen does not know she is the villian of a school dorama. Either that or she thinks she's the hero.

Never make enemies with grade schoolers: they know their Art of War.

If Hikaru is the brains, then Kanda is the heart; finally able to unite the class against the Queen. However, when it looks they have the Queen against the ropes, she turns the tables on them and uses their first weapon, their parents, against them!

Crap, nothing is as scary as a bunch of self righteous housewives. My money's on Kanda's mum selling out and redeeming herself.

Maya gloating in her latest victory. I think she teaches just to play politics with grade school kids.

Kanda looking fucking pissed off and I doubt the Queen would like it when Kanda's angry. Looking forward to see who they fight back next ep.

And the preview of ep 9 looks even more exciting. With 3 more eps left, I wonder what twists and turns the dorama will take.


Wapiko said...

Another Jyoou fan! I thought I saw you in the comments for episode 7. Honestly, how awesome is this series? *o* Kryptolus is doing an excellent job with the production of the subs, but I do wish the release date intervals weren't as long.

Akiramike said...

I do agree this series is so awesome. Its so sad that not many ppl are watching this just cause there are no pretty boys/girls in it.

It'd be nice if they'd put a 'watch Jyoou - its too good' banner at d-addicts! I'm just glad Kryptolus is doing the subs.