Sunday, January 15, 2006

Nurse Aoi Ep1

Yatta! The Jan-March dorama season started and my most anticipated dorama, Nurse Aoi was the first to be fansubbed! I don't expect this to be an excellent dorama and so far its been pretty watchable. The main reason for my enthusiasm for this dorama is Ishihara Satomi who was so kawaii in H2.

Unfortunately, there is no camera shot of Nurse Aoi's poka dot pantsu. :(

This time she's the star of the show, playing a Misora Aoi, a nurse who has been sent to a crappy hospital for something that she did. Everyone in the croocked hospital seems to have a hidden past and the series will most likely be about how Aoi contends with the problems at the hospital.

A very pissed of Nurse Aoi.......

This series reminds me of Haruka 17. We have a beautiful gravure idol turned actress, given the lead role in dorama and surrounded with a good supporting cast. Most notable is Yaniga Toshiro who plays a happy go lucky sukebe Dr Takagi. Most jdorama fans will recognise him as Muroi Shinji from Odoru Daisousasen in which he plays a stoney faced, uber series cop. His character is a total 180 degrees from Muroi keiji and equally as entertaining.

Lol Takagi sensei gets the best lines......

And he gets to touch Ishihara Satomi's oshiri! grrrrr. Actually I think its probably an oshiri double in this scene cause she doesn't turn back and it changes to a completely different angle completely afterwards.

Secondly, they have Nishimura Masahiko as a sleazy doctor who only treats patients with money and like to take credit for himself. While he does a good job at being sleazy, his forte is playing weird and humorous characters.

The sleaziest toupee in all of jdorama land.

Rounding up the supporting cast is Sugita Kaoru, who made big news last year because of her brief marriage.

Yes, all the rumours of Ishihara Satomi dating Akiramike are not true.

Hey aren't u the obasan from Hana Yori Dango?

The main problem with this dorama is that Ishihara Satomi is being asked to too do much. Yes, she a decent actress and very hot but so was Hirayama Aya in Haruka 17. Both are not able to shoulder 10/11 eps of dorama by themselves. Not many actresses do. And nurse Aoi is not a compelling character. She's your tyical genki, gambarimasu character. The best character is the sukebe Takagi sensei and he needs to shoulder the weight of the story before the series end up like the 2nd half of Haruka 17.

As I said earlier, I don't expect much except hopefully a watchable dorama, some laughs along the way and a decent ending. A big shout out to gryzze for the subs and dancestar 24 for the subs.

Holy crap, its the Henshin Tigers dude from Densha! Now if only Sonim will show up.

Another dude from Densha. I think he's holding an Ayanami Rei figure in nurse costume. :)


tUrtleAE86 said...

Nishimura Masahiko looks so weird with hair! lol...

Akiramike said...

I found the hair very funny but there's no humour in his character at all. IMO, he needs to make his performance more campy.

rt said...

The Tigers guy!!! Love him!