Saturday, January 21, 2006

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is a film about two 20+ year olds, Okada Junichi and Matsumoto Jun who have affairs with older women. No. 1 problem for me is Kuroki Hitomi was Junichi's mom in Oyaji, one of my fav doramas ever. It was very freaking watching them together. I was waiting for Masakazu Tamura to burst into the scene and throw a tantrum and yell out 'deteke!' or Hirosue Ryoko to scream 'Okasan, dame!'.

Kuroki Hitomi, still the hottest MILF ever at 45.

The Junichi + Hitomi story is so ZZZZZZZ. We've seen this younger dude relationship from Kuroki Hitomi so many times it becomes a littlwhining and crying. Good thing I can fast forward.e stale. Maybe its just the Oyaji factor working against me. There's so many things about Kuroki Hitomi's character that are unexplained and Okada Junichi's basically playing a female character, constantly whining and crying. Good thing I can fast forward.

Ok, we all know Kuroki Hitomi's got a good body. Somehow this film is more about her looking good rather than exploring her character.

The Matsumoto Jun story is much better, only because of Terajima Shinobu's performance of the very temperamental housewife. Of the four central characters, her performance is the most grounded. Junichi, Jun and Hitomi basically act the same way they do in doramas and just lack the depth required. Matsumoto Jun basically does his Domyouji from Hana Yori Dango but he and Shinobu have good chemistry together. Of note is the funny argument at the car park where Shinobu basically whines like a school girl.

Hirayama Aya has a small cameo, nothing special. Though I enjoyed how they played this scene:

Aya returns home and notices something strange.......

I'm pretty sure there's a logical explanation for this. Perhaps her mom was giving Jun a haircut? A shower? Err...

Aya obviously pissed off that her mom didn't ask her to join in and form a threesome.

There's only one suitable response from Jun: "Why? Cause I'm a motherfucker baby!"

Ultimately this is a fantasy movie for middle age women with a fetish for effiminate boys. Which isn't too bad if the narrative weren't so focus and the acting uninspired. Japan seriously needs some good editors who know how to keep movies focused and tight. The weakness of so many Japanese movies is the lack of editorial control and storylines meandering in useless tangents.

Personally I'm sick of this younger dude + older woman crap in Jmovies and doramas. WTF are the doramas featuring middle age, pot bellied, bald salarymen and young school girls? Is an older woman going for a young man less predatory than a middle age dude going for a young girl?

Its bloody discrimination, pure and simple. Or maybe it just happens all to often in Japan that they don't even bother...

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