Thursday, December 29, 2005

3 reasons to move to Ruri's island

Ruri no Shima is set in set in a small island in Okinawa which has a population of 49 ppl. Wtf would want to live on an island with nothing? Well, I've got 3 good reasons:

1. Konishi Manami

Yes, I often daydream about Konishi Manami......

2. Nishiyama Mayuko

Last seen in one of my fav doramas, Ai Nante Irane yo.

3. Igawa Haruka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hot, hot hot. I'm am not talking about the stupid Melbourne weather.

She really looks like Yuna in this scene.

And for those lolicons out there, Rumi herself played by Narumi Riko.

After a long hiatus, Studio Oto is back with ep 5 and so far the dorama has been pretty slow, just showing how Ruri and her interaction with the island's inhabitants. Seriously, how does one survive without internet, arcades, bookshops, cinemas, and a pacinko parlour? The only intruiging part of the story is Takenouchi Yutaka's character who seems to be running from something. As long as they speed things up a bit and neither of the 3 characters bites the dust, I'll probably follow the series to the end. There's nothing to really complain about but nothing really interesting.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Jyoou no Kyoushitsu ep 7

Finally ep 7 arrives and its a fucking good one. I've probably heaped all the praise I can on the series. I only pray that the rest of series goes well and has a good ending.

The Queen blackmails the weakest link and turns her traitor, using her to diffuse an attack. After that, she then turns the traitor over to the class to be crucified. Someone has obviously been reading her Michiavelli.

Kanda and gang against....... a lighter?...........

Hikaru becomes the brains of the rebel group. Kanda finally confronts her mom in a brilliant scene.

Come on Yusuke, u ain't taking no sledging from no little girls!

The most interesting thing of all is that the revelation of the Queen's whereabouts the previous 2 years is revealed. While its shocking, I'm more interested to know why she is so willing to divulge it. Perhaps its the Queen herself who needs saving?

The Queen showing a slightest bit of emotion.......

WTF????? This cap from the preview of ep 8 somehow scares the crap out of me...

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Mysterious Nose Bleeding strikes Japan!

Japan, XX December 2005 - A strange illness has struck Japan in December - millions of Japanese men have been experiencing unexplained nose bleeds. Many concerned wives and girlfriends have reported that the nose bleed also causes guys to smile and gaze absent mindedly at the television.

The ministry of health could not determine the cause of the sudden outbreak of nose bleeding and urged the wives and girfriends not to panic. It is unknown why this illness has only affected men. The ministry has urged those affected to work less hours and to reach home by 9pm on Tuesday nights starting 10 January 2006.

In unrelated news, it has been announced that Ishihara Satomi, last seen as Koga-chan in the H2 dorama will be starring in a new dorama called N's Aoi in January. Based on a manga, Ishihara Satomi will be playing a newbie nurse.

On an unrelated note, the writer also experienced some nosebleeding and is strangely looking forward to January.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

GITS SAC 2nd Gig: Ep 26

Warning, huge spoilers!!!!!!

I haven't been watching much anime as I had in the past. The funny thing is I'm not sure whether its because of lack of quality anime or its because I'm getting old. I blame it on the fact that famous anime like One Piece and Naruto are really very SLOW.

The other issue is lack of anime with good, mature stories. Mature not as in blood, sex and violence but stories with more depth. The GITS SAC series has been a godsend. The series expands on the cyberpunk world that we glimpsed in the animated movie and mangas and adds even more personality, intrigue and my favourite of all, politics.

Yay, Gouda's finally gets his brains blown off.

The most interesting thing about this series is that it has a lot to do with what is going on in the world today. Refugees. Suicide bombings. Governments eager for war. The manipulation of the media.

The world in GITS SAC is out of control and Section 9 is given enourmous power and autonomy to 'fix' things. Its a good thing that as viewers we know that Section 9 are the good guys but even the worst crimes can start with good intentions.

As Alan Moore once wrote: who watches the Watchmen? Perhaps this would be a good theme to address if they ever do a 3rd season (which I doubt). Politics in SAC is so factionalisedand self serving and politicians so unaccountable that it is impossible to right the wrongs by the book. (hhhmm.. sounds like the real world)

Last song of the Tachikomas........ sniff......

Another interesting part of the series is the philosophical discussion on AI, net and what it means to be human or part of society. None embody such discussions more than the Tachikomas, the AI 'tanks' used to assist Section 9.

One of my favourite discussions from season 1 was that since the Tachikomas shared their memories, do u actually have to inhabit a body doing something to be able to claim to have done it? What if another mind that exists in the next body clearly remembers the act?

To me, the Tachikomas were the star of the show. They were the comedians, philosophers and heroes. And the scene where the Tachikomas knew they could save everyone by sacrificing themselves was heart wrenching. And to the credit of the writers, they didn't milk it.

And they didn't show the sorrow of Section 9 for the Tachikomas' sacrifice. The Tachikomas embody the lyrics of theme song. '..... we are soldiers, stand or die.' fast and free, follow me, time to make the sacrifice... we rise or fall.' The only hint of sadness on the part of Section 9 is that the replacements, the Uchikomas are less 'human'and more 'robotic' than the Tachikomas.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Ramblings about Jpop in 2005

Not a very exciting jpop year for me and I blame it on two things:

1) Lots of jpop stuff now being distributed over BT and less stuff on irc. I've always used irc as my main source of jpop but the number of fserves are getting less and its much harder to find stuff from not so famous acts.

2) Zone breaking up. Sigh, Zone was the one band who've been consistent. DAI's last single was bleh, Momusu bores me to tears now, I think Brilliant Green broke up and Day After Tomorrow's singles sound the same.

And Takayo only graduated last year. I still listen to jpop (its the only thing I listen to anyway) but Zone was the only group that I followed religiously and I've not really kept up with jpop much since then.

Sniff sniff..... Zone's last concert at budokan.....

It's fitting that their last performance was Secret Base ~ Kimi ga kureta mono. IMO its their best song and its about friends promising to meet up in 10 years time. Here's hoping there will be a Zone reunion tour in 10 years........

Mizuho... the most kawaii drummer ever...

Sayonara Zone and thanks for a great 3 albums.........

Two pretenders to the bandol (band + idol) throne are Nakanomori Band and Mi. Mi is bleh and Nakanomori Band is interesting but needs a really good song.

Yaguchi Mari gets fridayed

One of the biggest news of the year was Yaguchi Mari getting caught by Friday (a magazine) going out with Oguri Shun and she had to quit. The official reason was that she had to take responsibility as team leader blah blah blah but IMO, I think it was a good excuse to leave and not have to do a graduation concert.

The shocking news probably saw the most outpouring of grief and disbelief since Goto Maki announced her graduation.

Kasumi Koharu wins 7th gen audition.

Tsunku is nuts. If Kasumi Koharu is the 'miracle member' then I'm KimuTaku. She clearly does not have the X factor or potential of Goto Maki or even Takahashi Ai. Not to mention it was the most boring Momusu audition ever. I want to see lot of crying and evil music teachers. Tsunku must have been on some hallucanagenics or something. And she doesn't deserve to have her pic on my blog.

Otsuka Ai's ballads

Otsuka Ai burst into the jpop scene last year with her super catchy 'Sakuranbo' but 2005 is the year she shows she can really sing.

With lyrics like this wut's not to love about Otsuka Ai ? :)

Do As Infinity breaks up

Dun give a crap.

Day after Tomorrow breaks up

Dun give a crap

Crap, its been 1 1/2 hours and I've only written so little!? I think it'll be easier just to do a 10 favourite songs from 2005 post. And the no.1 thing I wanna see in Jpop in 2006? Ogura Yuko's 2nd album!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Kiken no Aneki ep 8

Kiken no Anneki is a nutshell is about an aspiring doctor and his 'dangerous' sister. Misaki Itoh obviously can't act so they tried to play to her strength by making her character the equivalent of a dumb bimbo with a good and honest heart.

The problem is, like the brother, I find her character very irritating and she is IMHO not kawaii enough for the part. Her 'stupidity' is just not innocent enoough. There's no aaaaaaawwwwwww she's doing everything for her brother kind of feel. Densha Otoko really made her overrated and she should stick to doing supporting characters.

Moriyama Mirai does a good job as the brother and carries the show very well. He's the emotional center of the show and I just pity the poor character for having to put up with all the sister's antics.

Takashima Masanobu who I first saw in Kochira Hon Ikegami Sho plays an inept doctor who is infatuated with Itoh Misaki. Its weird seeing him from playing a good natured cop to a bumbling doctor but he does a good job of being the main source of humour in the show with his various attempts to woo Itoh Misaki.

For sukebe's this series has two good selling points. First is Eikura Nana who plays a fellow medical student. She doesn't do much in this show but she is really pleasing to the eyes. :)

Doushitano? Don't look so sad...........

A smile that can cure all sorts of sickness............

Most exciting of all is Shaku Yumiko, who dorama fanatics will remember as the teacher from Stand Up! and I'm pleased to say she's as hot as ever. Whatt's good about this drama is that Yumiko has a strong and ongoing sidestory. Every good dorama needs to have a decent sidestory so that the viewers can take a break from the main story and to pace the dorama.

Shaku Yumiko plays the hottest nurse ever.......

...... who works as a cabaret club hostess at night........

While I find Itoh Misaki to be the weak point of the show, they're surrounded her with a good cast and its a very watchable dorama. Now if only Densha makes a cameo............

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Nobuta wo Produce ep 9

The middle eps were a but flat but the series really starts to pick up again in ep 8 with the revelation of the villian who has been causin Nobuta grief.Having the villianness, Aoi come to the forefront really put some much needed suspense and dread into the series. It also helps that she's dangerously kawaii. It seems like Hiiragi Rumi who plays Aoi released an idol DVD earlier this year. Hhhmm.....

All I want for Christmas is some idol and gravure DVDs.........

Behold the kawaii face of evil!

The cinematography in the show is fucking great. Love this shot of Aoi walking down the street..

Took me 9 episodes to realise that this dorama isn't about love triangles, school hierachy or how we present ourselves to others.Nobuta wo Produce is first and foremost about friendship and I'm glad its not a cliched frienship type stories similar to Asunaro Hakusho and Orange Days.

No, I'm not getting obsessed with Hiiragi Rumi. Its just that uuhhh... I doubt she will figure much into the last ep so she deserves more airtime in this post......

I would like to see more Toda Erika though. The scene between Mariko and Shuji at the end of ep 8 was great. But ultimately, the show is about the frienship between Shuji, Akira and Nobuta. And seriously, Shuji is an idiot for letting Mariko go. Wait till Shuji starts working and gets sick of having to decide where to go for lunch everyday.

The Koshien poster girl. Never knew bucktoothed girls could look this good. :) They should ask her to be the poster girl of the World Basketball Championship which is going to be held in Japan.

No 'Nobuta Power Chuyuu' scenes this ep unfortunately. :(

My craze for Nobuta wo Produce has died down a bit after the slower middle eps. However, I think I'm going to enjoy it much more when I get around to watching the series in one shot. This is a series about little moments like Nobuta Power Chuyuu and Akira's crazy antics. Its more about character interaction than story. Its just lacking the can't wait to see the next ep feel.

Of course the final ep will make or break this series. Currently listening to the Jyoou no Kyoushitsu soundtrack. Can't wait for ep 7 of the series!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Starcraft causes mental illness

We've all head about studies which show that gaming increases your reflexes, how dating sims can level up your picking-up-skills and how the PS2 joypad can be a subtitute for the vibrator. Well, today I have proof that Starcraft causes mental illness!

These are from emails between me and Druggy to alleviate the boredom of work. I've edited all the political talks since I don't want Druggy to be imprisoned under ISA.......



Family/Friends don't betray each other. Funny, this reminds me of a typical story. Once, J,E and M said to D "Do not attack a newbie lar in SC". D obeyed. But at the following game, J,E and M rushed D who was utterly defenceless......Naturally, D was destroyed completely in that game *Cough*cough*


if J, E and M rush D, that must mean that D actually had 2 other teammates who could have came to his aid. and the great kv said there is no such thing in SC as utterly defenceless. instead on analysing the game, D became very spiteful and blamed everything on J, E, and M and somehow used his twisted sense of logic to convince himself that J, E and M had somehow 'betrayed' him.

I think this D has serious mental issues and is out of touch with reality. If i were you, I would send him to tanjung rambutan for a few days..


No, failed to see the point. The point was that it was illegal to rush 1 person especially when the 2 other person in his teams were BEGINEERS........D did not become spiteful.....because of this BUT because J,E and M went back on their words....where is their sense of honor? I recall also "JEM" did not say anything after winning that game...cough.....cough....

"Once, J,E and M said to D "Do not attack a newbie lar in SC"


Ya lar. Your other 2 teammates are newbies so J, E & M kept to their word and attacked the gosu lar.

Obviously this D is suffering greatly from keeping such spitefulness welled up inside him. I'm betting he's one of those fellas who always smile and says 'i'm not spiteful' but deep down just wants to beat up everyone.

J, E & M obviously did not go back on their word, I did not see the letters Y & C in J,E, & M. Only YC make noise after every victory. D is obviously a danger to society and himself. His arguments make no sense and stubbornly tries to justify everything he says. Wait D, would make an awesome BN politician like the fella who said if u dun like to do nekkid near squats, get out of XXXXXXXX.

The rushing is the problem lar....I think the problem here is like FRIENDS DO NOT BETRAY............RIGHT? You are like, "we should go after the man who took the MMS picture not the constable in charge".....instead of "we should go AFTER\nBOTH of them"........anyways, pointless lar now to argue about this, nall D can look to now is the future of good friends WHO DO NOT BETRAY........................

J, E & M obviously did not go back on their word, I did not see the letters Y & C in J,E, & M. Only YC make noise after every victory.

D is obviously a danger to society and himself. His arguments make no sense and stubbornly tries to justify everything he says. Wait D, would make an awesome XX politician like the fella who said if u dun like to do nekkid ear squats, get out of XXXXXXXX.

The rushing is the problem lar....I think the problem here is like FRIENDS DO NOT BETRAY............RIGHT? You are like, "we should go after the man who took the MMS picture not the constable in charge".....instead of "we should go AFTER BOTH of them"........anyways, pointless lar now to argue about this, all D can look to now is the future of good friends WHO DO NOT BETRAY........................


Let's look at the chain of reasoning:

1)Once, J,E and M said to D "Do not attack a newbie lar in SC"

2) J E n M on team 1 and D with 2 noobs on team 2

3) so J E n M on opposing side against D.

4) J, E n M cannot attack noob in SC and SC is about attacking non ally.

5) D is obviously GOSU

6)therefore D is not noob

7)therefore J E M attack D.

So wtf in this sequence of events did J E & M 'betray' D? Its not like they were in same team as D and attacked his sunken!


It is very obvious that Druggy, though a highly educated and intelligent gosu has some gaps in his logical thinking. Furthermore, he continues to refer to himself in the 3rd person as D, thereby showing signs of multiple personality disorder.

Its is my diagnosis that Druggy has kept the years of spitefulness and vengeful thoughts inside and somehow it has menisfested a new personality, D. Druggy is aware of D's memories and experiences and yet does not realise that they are his. Furthermore, this event must have happened a long time ago before he became a gosu and gained the ability to fend off two ppl.

Now, how did SC actually cause Druggy to be mentally instable? I have three theories:

The first has to do with SC's perfection. No other RTS has achieve perfection in gameplay, balance and tactics. Druggy, being the gosu that he is probably is near to achieving SC awareness or SC nirvana whereby like Neo, he can see all the variables in the game. The human mind cannot comprehend perfection and thus 'short circuits'..

The second is that Druggy is quite simple a spiteful person.

Third possibility is that he's been taking too much drugs.

So Druggy, there is only one way to cure you. You must face ur demons and come down to Melbourne in Jan for the Ghostroc farewell tour 2006.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sada Masashi - Kanpaku Sengen

Woot! Maci from d-addicts posted the insert song from Suekko Chonan Ane Sannin by Sada Masashi. Watched the dorama end of last year and though it started slow, it became very watchable, especially cause of Fukatsu Eri.

Was looking for the lyrics last night and it turns out this is one damn funny song!

Couldn't find the lyrics translated into English but found one translated into Indonesian here:

Had a hard time with some of the Indonesian and I left some things untranslated but you'll get the gist of the song.

And check out the flash animation that will explain the song to you:

Omae wo yome ni morau maeni
Itte okitai koto ga aru
Kanari kibishii hanashi mo suru ga 
Ore no honne wo kiiteoke
Before I take you as my wife
There is something I must say
It may sound harsh
But its my true feelings so listen well

Ore yori saki ni nete wa ikenai
Ore yori ato ni okite mo ikenai
Meshi umaku tsukure
Itsumo kirei de iro
Dekiru hangi de kamawanai kara

You will never sleep before me
Don't wake up after me
Cook delicious food for me
Always keep yourself appealing
Yah... sebisa kamu lah...

Shigoto mo dekinai otoko ni
Katei wo mamoreru hazu nado
nai tteiu koto
Omae ni wa omae ni shika dekinai
koto mo aru kara
Sore igai wa kuchi dashisezu
Damatte ore ni tsuitekoi

And don't you forget
A man has to work
And protect his family
You also have things only you can do
So when outside dun protest
Be quiet and follow me

Omae no oya to ore no oya to
Dochira mo onaji da taisetsu ni shiro
Shutokoshuto kashikoku konase
Tayasui hazuda aisureba ii
Hito no kageguchi iu na kiku na

Your parents and mine
All are equaly important
The trials of in laws and family
As long as there's love its ok
Don't listen to gossip

Sorekara tsumaranu shitto wa suru na
Ore wa uwaki wa shinai !
Tabun shinai to omou ...
Shinai janai ka na ?
Ma chotto kakugo wa shiteoke

Do not get jealous without reason
I will not be unfaithful !
Sepertinya ga akan sih...
Ga akan ga sih ?
Yah, kamu siap2 aja deh

Shiawase wa futari de sodateru mono de
Dochirakaga kurou shite tsukurou mono dewa nai hazu
Omae wa ore no tokoro e ie wo sutetekuru no dakara
Kaeru basho wa nai to omoe
Korekara ore ga omae no ie

Happiness is for two to grasp
Its harsh if only one works hard
You have left your home from mine
Remember you have a new place to return to
From now on, I am your home

Kodomo ga sodatte Toshi wo tottara
Ore yori saki ni shinde wa ikenai
Tatoeba wazuka ichinichi demo ii
Ore yori hayaku itte wa ikenai

After our kids are grown and we are old
Do not die before me
Even for one day
Do not leave before me

Nanimo iranai ore no te wo nigiri
Namida no shizuku futatsu ijo kobose
Omae no okage de ii jinsei datta to
Ore ga iu kara kanarazu iu kara

I only ask for you to hold my hand
And cry two tears for me.
Your presence has brought me a good life
Aku akan bilang seperti itu. Pasti aku akan bilang.

Wasurete kureru na
Ore no ai suru onna wa
Aisuru onna wa shougai omae hitori

And don't you forget
The woman that I love
My whole life there is only you

Wasurete kureru na
Ore no aisuru onna wa
Aisuru onna wa shougai
Omae tada hitori

And don't you forget
The woman that I love
My whole life there is only you

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Anego ep 1-6

OL (office lady) doramas are not my cup of tea. I couldn't stand Shomuni though I think that had a lot to do with Esumi Makiko. I thought Shinohara Ryoko did a pretty good job in Mukodono, Mukodono 2003 and the 3 eps of Mother & Lover that I'd seen and I wanted to see whether she could carry a dorama as the lead. I found the first two eps really boring and I was thinking for dropping this series

Anego pulling her moves at omiai or is trying to tell the dude something. Do Japanese actually do Omiais like in the doramas?

Then I realised that Tomosaka Rie was in the show! Woot! Took me a while to realise it. The last dorama I saw her in was Kimi Ga Oshietekureta koto which was like made in 2000 and she look much older now. (let's not mention that piece of crap called Five Spies) I decided to give Anego a few more eps and I'm bloody glad I did.

Anyways, the basic plot is that Shinohara Ryoko is a 32 year old OL who's been in this company for 10 years. Yeah, I know wut ur thinking, another crappy 'woman having a mid-life crisis dorama'. The difference in this show is that because of her seniority and experience, everyone looks up to her and basically uses her to solve their problems, ranging from affairs to blackmail to employee discipline. Hence everyone calls her Anego, which comes from Aniki (older sibling).

So far Shinohara Ryoko is carrying the dorama well. It helps that the many supporting characters are really good and the writing of eps 3-6 has been sharp. She just doesn't have the screen presence like Matsushima Nanako, Hirosue Ryoko or Kanno Miho to carry a dorama with minimal supporting characters.

But its Tomosaka Rie who really steals the show as Eriko, this married woman who befriends Anego and is obviously mentally unstable and seems to make up stories. Her character is very enigmatic and I'm not 100% sure Eriko is completely out of her mind. If she were, surely she would either in an institution or under heavy medication.

Tomosaka Rie as the very emotionally unstable Eriko.

There are also two aspects of this dorama I find interesting. Each episode starts with Shinohara Ryoko delivering a monologue to the audience with 'we will rock you' in the background and people just going about their business ignoring her.

Second is the use of 'thought balloons' for lack of a better word. ie characters' thoughts are written out while they are talking. Usually when someone is thinking something in a dorama the only to do it is having their 'inner voice' speak out or have them talk to themselves when they are alone, which I always find stupid.

Having their thoughts on screen as they're talking about something else is an interesting technique in storytelling and I'm surprised no other dorama I've seen has picked it up.

Damn, Toda Naho has aged much since Konna Koi no Hanashi (1997).

There's plenty of laugh out load moments like Anego helping her boss and colleague hide their affair. The writers could have turned into a Anego solves a problem each episode but it seems they got bigger thing planned.

Apparently the dorama gets more serious towards the end which could be a bad thing. Doramas about women in their 30s are a dime a plenty and frankly unremarkable and always have very boring endings. I just find the Anego concept and Tomosaka Rie's weird character along with the funny comedy made the last three eps very watchable. Still with 4 more eps to go, I'll probably stick till the end and hopefully not regret it. Fingers crossed.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Hana Yori Dango ep 7

This screencap will sure attract the attention of all sukebes out there:

Thursday, December 08, 2005

King of Fighters Another Day: Chapter 1: All out

All I can say is wtf? Ep 1 is a ten minute short with 3 minutes of credits. How exciting. (note sarcasm) And it had to feature those two Meira bros from MI. Wtf.The only bros needed in the KOF world are Terry and Andy. WTF gives a crap about those two? Plus KOF: MI was a crappy game anyway. Chain combos do not belong in KOF.

Iori has one freaking line in his 2 minute appearance and its not Asobiwa Owarida...

The one thing to note is that it obviously takes place after KOF XI cause Iori has lost his powers.

Does Mai go around South Town dressed in her KOF costume? No wonder Andy's always running away from her......

Well, at least I didn't have to pay for it. The bloody trailer was more exciting.......

Yes I am............

Thanks to RealKim for posting the link. I just want to see Terry pull off his Buster Wolf DM....

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Ichi litre no namida ep 4

Since ep 1, there's this actress playing one of Sawajiri Erika's friends that looked very familiar to me. Took me 4 freaking eps to realise it was Koide Saori! Yes, Koide Saori, the anime seiyuu from Densha Otoko!

I am a baka for not noticing sooner. I blame it on her not being in cosplay mode. For those still blinded by lack of cosplay, she's the one on the left.

Not much to say about this dorama that I haven't said here. But seeing Jinnai Takanori who plays Aya's pop makes me want to watch Heaven Cannot Wait season 2. His potrayal of Tendo in the first series is priceless. I just want to see him go ba-ba-ba-ba-baka! mo........ If you've not seen Heaven Cannot Wait, its one of the best written episodic doramas out there. (When I say episodic it means that each episode is a self contained story)

The main reason to watch this series is of course Sawajiri Erika who shows that girls with crooked teeth are more kawaii than girls with straight ones!

There is only one appropriate responce for this shot: KAWAII~~~~~~~~!

If that's the face of vengeance, she can have her revenge any time.........