Thursday, December 29, 2005

3 reasons to move to Ruri's island

Ruri no Shima is set in set in a small island in Okinawa which has a population of 49 ppl. Wtf would want to live on an island with nothing? Well, I've got 3 good reasons:

1. Konishi Manami

Yes, I often daydream about Konishi Manami......

2. Nishiyama Mayuko

Last seen in one of my fav doramas, Ai Nante Irane yo.

3. Igawa Haruka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hot, hot hot. I'm am not talking about the stupid Melbourne weather.

She really looks like Yuna in this scene.

And for those lolicons out there, Rumi herself played by Narumi Riko.

After a long hiatus, Studio Oto is back with ep 5 and so far the dorama has been pretty slow, just showing how Ruri and her interaction with the island's inhabitants. Seriously, how does one survive without internet, arcades, bookshops, cinemas, and a pacinko parlour? The only intruiging part of the story is Takenouchi Yutaka's character who seems to be running from something. As long as they speed things up a bit and neither of the 3 characters bites the dust, I'll probably follow the series to the end. There's nothing to really complain about but nothing really interesting.

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