Sunday, December 25, 2005

Mysterious Nose Bleeding strikes Japan!

Japan, XX December 2005 - A strange illness has struck Japan in December - millions of Japanese men have been experiencing unexplained nose bleeds. Many concerned wives and girlfriends have reported that the nose bleed also causes guys to smile and gaze absent mindedly at the television.

The ministry of health could not determine the cause of the sudden outbreak of nose bleeding and urged the wives and girfriends not to panic. It is unknown why this illness has only affected men. The ministry has urged those affected to work less hours and to reach home by 9pm on Tuesday nights starting 10 January 2006.

In unrelated news, it has been announced that Ishihara Satomi, last seen as Koga-chan in the H2 dorama will be starring in a new dorama called N's Aoi in January. Based on a manga, Ishihara Satomi will be playing a newbie nurse.

On an unrelated note, the writer also experienced some nosebleeding and is strangely looking forward to January.

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