Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Ramblings about Jpop in 2005

Not a very exciting jpop year for me and I blame it on two things:

1) Lots of jpop stuff now being distributed over BT and less stuff on irc. I've always used irc as my main source of jpop but the number of fserves are getting less and its much harder to find stuff from not so famous acts.

2) Zone breaking up. Sigh, Zone was the one band who've been consistent. DAI's last single was bleh, Momusu bores me to tears now, I think Brilliant Green broke up and Day After Tomorrow's singles sound the same.

And Takayo only graduated last year. I still listen to jpop (its the only thing I listen to anyway) but Zone was the only group that I followed religiously and I've not really kept up with jpop much since then.

Sniff sniff..... Zone's last concert at budokan.....

It's fitting that their last performance was Secret Base ~ Kimi ga kureta mono. IMO its their best song and its about friends promising to meet up in 10 years time. Here's hoping there will be a Zone reunion tour in 10 years........

Mizuho... the most kawaii drummer ever...

Sayonara Zone and thanks for a great 3 albums.........

Two pretenders to the bandol (band + idol) throne are Nakanomori Band and Mi. Mi is bleh and Nakanomori Band is interesting but needs a really good song.

Yaguchi Mari gets fridayed

One of the biggest news of the year was Yaguchi Mari getting caught by Friday (a magazine) going out with Oguri Shun and she had to quit. The official reason was that she had to take responsibility as team leader blah blah blah but IMO, I think it was a good excuse to leave and not have to do a graduation concert.

The shocking news probably saw the most outpouring of grief and disbelief since Goto Maki announced her graduation.

Kasumi Koharu wins 7th gen audition.

Tsunku is nuts. If Kasumi Koharu is the 'miracle member' then I'm KimuTaku. She clearly does not have the X factor or potential of Goto Maki or even Takahashi Ai. Not to mention it was the most boring Momusu audition ever. I want to see lot of crying and evil music teachers. Tsunku must have been on some hallucanagenics or something. And she doesn't deserve to have her pic on my blog.

Otsuka Ai's ballads

Otsuka Ai burst into the jpop scene last year with her super catchy 'Sakuranbo' but 2005 is the year she shows she can really sing.

With lyrics like this wut's not to love about Otsuka Ai ? :)

Do As Infinity breaks up

Dun give a crap.

Day after Tomorrow breaks up

Dun give a crap

Crap, its been 1 1/2 hours and I've only written so little!? I think it'll be easier just to do a 10 favourite songs from 2005 post. And the no.1 thing I wanna see in Jpop in 2006? Ogura Yuko's 2nd album!

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