Saturday, December 03, 2005

NBA ramblings 3/12/05

The main reason to watch any Spurs home game: Eva Longoria. What's hotter than a desperate houswife? A desperate houswife who watches basketball. :)

After Amare's injury, I was thinking the Suns were fucked. Next thing I knew, Boris Diaw is averaging 6 assists and Leandro Barbosa was scoring 10+ points a game. Last season I was questioning why the Suns were sticking with Barbosa. He's quick but can't make decisions well and there was all that talk about Steve Nash taking him under his wing.

This season, the best way to get Barbosa playing well was NOT to let him handle the ball and pass it to him to attack. Now he's hitting mid range jumpers and beating ppl to the ring with his quick step.

I was sad to see Steven Hunter go cause I thought he did a heck of a job as back up to Amare but I really have to take my hat off to Kurt Thomas. This guy is a rebounding machine and plays damn hard on defence. Not to mention he can shoot from 15 feet. My eternal thanks to Isiah Thomas for the trade, lol. Seriously, wtf did the Knicks let him go? If I were a Knicks fan I would have gunned down Isiah Thomas by now.

Its nice to see D'Antoni running plays for Marion. The guy can really coach. They're running different offences against different teams and its great to see teams try to keep up when they go small.

Can't wait to see Kurt Thomas, Amare, Marion, Diaw and Nash on the floor at the same time. OMFG. No fucking defence can stop them. Seriously. As long as Amare comes back healthy and is in form like last year, they have a good chance to win the big one this year.

Speaking of defence, OMG the Suns can defend. While I miss their crazy run and shoot game from last season, I'm impressed with their group defence. They hound ball carriers, close the passing lanes and rotate very well. And wtf would've thought Diaw, who's 6'8 can guard centres.? D'Antoni is a fucking genius. Albeit Joe Johnson is bloody regretting his decision to go the Hawks but IMO Diaw is a better fit for the Suns. I hope the Suns beat the Spurs in the playoffs so Finley will regret not going to Phoenix.

The only worry is how Nash has been carrying a huge load for the team with Amare out. Raja Bell needs to be more of a playmaker than a shoot first guard. I reckon they can put unknown NBA player with Nash and he''ll make them look like a million bucks. I mean wtf ever heard of Boris Diaw when he was with the Hawks

Steve Nash, the best freaking PG in the world. The best way for USA to win basketball gold at the Olympics would be to conquer Canada.


Poor Kobe. His team really sucks, except for Lamar but Lamar needs the ball a lot to be effective. Bynum has potential and Kwame Brown is really crap. The Wizards must be so happy to get rid of him. However things are looking up. Though they lost to the Wolves yesterday, they'll finally showing signs of understanding the triangle.

But seriously Kobe is still the best player skill wise in the league. Its up to him to be patient and let Phil build the team around him.


OMG, Jason 'White Chocolate' Williams is actually pretty playing very well as a PG. The funny thing with the Heat is that they screen but they don't roll. Even when they do, the PG doesn't pick pass the pick the ball. Its weird how after watching the Suns every other team doesn't seem to be playing team offence.

Channing Frye getting rejected by Alonzo 'show me your pythons' Mourning.


The Spurs seem to have been infected with the Robert Horry syndrome. Cruise in the season and then its showtime in the playoffs. Not that they're not winning but its obvious their not switching to fifth gear yet. But poor Tony Parker can't slack of cause his GF's watching, lol. Maybe this is all part of Pop's master plan.

And seriously, where did Parker find the time to improve his shooting. I thought he would be spending his off season shagging Eva.

Who needs cheerleaders when you've got Eva? They should switch to Eva Cam anytime there's a time out.

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