Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Jyoou no Kyoushitsu (Queens Classroom) ep 5

God, I fucking love this dorama. Ep 5 sees the whole class turning on Kanda and she truly realises that she is all alone. The Queen is one smart bitch. She give Yusuke what he wants the most: his graduation certificate! The poor fella has to decide between spending the rest of the school year playing or continue fighting an uphill battle against the Queen.

The climax of the ep is when Kanda breaks down and the Queen tries to lure her to the dark side. The Queen has taken everything away from her and now offers Kanda the ability to gain even more than she had. What's a kid to do when the whole class has turned against her and she can't get any help from her parents or sister?

But I like the idea presented in this episode that the Queen is like a lioness throwing her own cub down a ravine so it can learn to survive. Kinda reminds of V for Vendetta, one of the best graphics novels ever. Break a person down and then build them up again. If this is the Queen's aim, then it should be asked why did she specifically target Kanda?

The sub should read 'come to the dark side Kanda!' If the big reveal in this series is the Queen saying 'Kanda, I am your mother!', I am going to scream. Seriously.

Next episode is going to be about Hikaru and from the preview its not that big of a revelation. There's 6 episodes to go and I can see The Queen's declaration of no summer holidays turning the whole class against her. I like her line in the preview for ep 6 where she says to the mothers, 'Since education is free, isn't no summer holidays for the kids a good thing?'. But why would Kanda, Yusuke and Hikaru want to work with a bunch of lying, cheating backstabbers? I reckon they should go along and sell out the rest of the class out to the Queen!

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