Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hana Yori Dango ep 2

For those who never heard of Hana Yori Dango, its the shoujo manga which the famous taiwan series Meteor Garden was based on. My exposure to Taiwan tv series has been limited to some basketball series which I forgot the name of and the joint S'pore and Taiwan production the Champion. The one thing both series shared was the incredibly horrible acting that made Fukada Kyoko and Fujiwara Norika look good.

Plus the fact that millions of teenage girls were mad crazy about meteor garden meant there was no way I would enjoy it.

Finally decided to give Hana Yori Dango a shot and so far, its been a fun 2 eps. HND like so many shoujo stories features this poor girl who studies in an affluent school, gets bullied, has strong character blah blah blah. The important thing for sukebes is whether its got lots of girls to perv at. Check out the screencaps to find out..

Inoue Mao after getting kidnapped by Domyoji. Wut sort of idiot kidnaps cute schoolgirls, dresses them up and then does nothing. Only the rich kind I suppose..... (there exists the possiblity that Domyoji did stuff to her when she was knocked out and the Japanese censors... nah)

3 rich girls getting some champagne bukakke. IMO the key to a good dorama is spraying girls with liquid.... just kidding..... maybe.

I would love to join them for a swin, especially with the freaking hot Melb weather.

Hhmm, Sada Mayumi. She kinda looks like Paris Hilton in this shot.

Kawaii!!!!!!!! :)

OMG, Matsushima Nanako is Domyoji's sister???? Pls let this be more than just a photo cameo..

Yes! Matsushima Nanako's going to be kicking ass and taking names in ep 3. Now if only GTO will show up....

Inoue Mao does a good job as the main girl but one actress that would be perfect for the role IMO would be Ueno Juri of Swing Girls fame. Inououe Mao just doesn't have the X factor/screen presence that Euno Juri has. One thing for sure, HYD has pretty good production values and as long as things dun get too melodramatic and there are plenty to chicks to perv at, I'll be along for the ride.


JoeC said...

where do ya get al this jap serials?

Jordi said...

dude you're in melbourne? I somehow missed that despite visiting here many times (melbourne person too)

joec: d-addicts.com is the best source

I hope this HYD drama is sexy - but Japanese dramas are never racy :\ you can have an episode about pregnancy but never mention about the attraction they had to each other - for all you could know they just kissed and had babies.

I'm not a big fan of Matsumoto Jun - his characters are always similiar and he somehow made Gokusen longer for me because all his scenes were sooo sllooooowww

Ice said...

The basketball series you watched is mostly 'My MVP Valentine'. That drama is pretty horrendous. I couldn't finish the whole series because I couldn't stand most of the actors in that show (e.g. boyband 5566 *shudder*). Meteor Garden was actually pretty good though - I enjoyed it. There are some other TW dramas that are actually really good, but unfortunately it seems like you came accross the crappy ones...

Akiramike said...

jordi: Hello fellow Melbournian. Go check out Jyouou. Its got Sora Aoi and some nude scenes. :) Didn't enjoy Gokusen, its not even half as cool as GTO.

I don't think Matsumoto Jun is good either, Oguri Shun is probably the best 'bishonen' actor out there but no one is as bad as Takizawa Hideaki.

ice: Yeah, I couldn't finish it either. That show really made so many mediocre Japanese ones look good. I haven't really given Taiwan dramas a fair shot but my bandwidth's already taken up from all the jdoramas, jmovies and manga. :)

Anonymous said...

Eh??? How come you don't talk about Matsumoto Jun??? He's like the frickin lead actor...
It feels like you're kinda too bias.... All you talk about are the female lead actress.... ^^
Do you have some grudge against cute guyz, or something!?? ^^
If you are gonna do a review, I suggest you do it in a non-bias view...... Reading your reviews, in a girl perspective..It seems as though you have problems with the lead actors...especially the Johnny's (or extremely popular) one... Hmmm......