Sunday, November 06, 2005

In defence of Kuroki Hitomi

Came across an interesting news report in Minichi Daily News about Kuroki Hitomi's refusal to look her age. Check out the article here: Fresh-faced drama queen told to act her age.

For those who don't know, Kuroki Hitomi is the MILF of jdorama-land. She is the Heather Locklear of Japan. No other 45 year old woman looks as good as she does and she will undoubtedly still look bloody good at 50. I first saw her in the First Love, playing the mother of Takezawa Hideaki.

At that time, I was thinking the producers were damn stupid for casting a 30 year old as the mother, sorta like those day-time soap operas. Little did I know she was already 40 then and in some scenes, even looked younger than Matsushima Nanako.

Once Kuroki Hitomi decides to look her age on TV, the illusion of her beauty will be forever gone. Besides, there are plenty of old looking actresses out there. Name me any other 40+ year old actress who still looks hot.

And who the fuck cares about 'realism'. Japanese doramas are not realistic. They have a sort of anime/fantasy tone. Real world nurses don't look as hot as those in doramas. The real schools don't have a high ratio of hot looking girls. We watch doramas to escape from reality. WTF wants to see doramas with ugly looking women?

Jdorama produces should stop complaining about how good she looks. If only all the 40+ year old mothers in jdorama-land were as hot as Kuroki Hitomi. :)


Jordi said...

strangely people are fine with a drama with a hot chick but a fugly man.

Aaron-SaMa said...

101 proposal ^^

Akiramike said...

The double standard exists probably cause a guy doesn't have to be good looking to be 'manly' or 'cool'. Personally I dislike the current trend towards bishounen or 'beautiful' looking actors but that's a rant for another day.

JoeC said...

hot hot beyond words! cheers!