Sunday, April 26, 2015

Kageri Yuki Natsu spoiler review

Kageri Yuki Natsu is the best jdorama so far and has a strong possibility of staying the best this year, though I hope something even better comes up. I already wrote my review here but since its now been subbed, I thought it would be fun to rewatch it again and understand all the parts that I could not. I highly recommend that everyone watches Kageri Yuki Natsu. Shows like this are why I watch jdramas. This raises a lot of interesting issues and manages to fit it into an exciting suspense dorama.



We've got Hiroko, the daughter of the alledged kidnapper trying to live a normal life and repay her relatives for taking her in. There's Mutou, the husband of the kidnapper who was too scared to reveal the truth and is determined to help Hiroko as a small measure of penance.

Then we also have the housekeeper, the daughter of a man convicted for murder telling Hiroko that she must not let the issue of Hiroko's father's alledged sin affect her life. The housekeeper says that Mutou doesn't know about her past but I'm pretty sure as a reporter he knew and hired her because he knew what it was like.

This was in the kidnapped child's room and is very expensive. When kids are born in Japan, the (grand)parents usually by this (can't remember the name) or a really big vertical flag with the kid's name on it. I learned this on my last trip.

And in the end the son has to live with the knowledge that his adopted father kept the lie going. He is both the son of the victims and the criminal. Will he let this affect his future? I love his line to Hiroko that compared to the housekeeper, at least she now as a choice and in the end Hiroko chose to pursue her dream despite the fact that she knows Mutou gave her the job out of guilt.

Not only that, Mutou had the guilt of losing his wife though I think he still have protected her and the crime anyway cause deep down he didn't want her sullying the family name.

Talking about guilt, we have Acchan as the prostitute who has been living with the lie that she told as a five year old. She never knew the details but perhaps deep down she knew she did something wrong with bad consequences and was at last set free.

I was wondering why Horie, the trading company guy would not reveal who the real kidnapper was? Perhaps it was because it was not his sin to confess?


Rewatching Kageri Yuki Natsu, I love how clues constantly pop up. Hiroko saying Mutou's son doesn't look like his dad. The band with the babies' names and blood type always being brought up. I like how Mutou's insistence in protecting Hiroko is covered by him and his boss's determination to not let the leak affect an employment decision.

Speaking of leaks, was the leak purposely done by Mutou so that Watabe Atsuro would uncover the truth? Was there any connection with the rival newspaper and politician bribery story? I had rewatched the first two episode two months ago before my trip.

If there is any interesting element I forgot, please write in the comments.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ryu ga Gotoku Zero review / Yakuza Zero

Wow, what a beautiful, bittersweet ending. After the crap that was the ending for Ishin, Ryu ga Gotoku Studio have done a pretty decent job considering that its a prequel so certain people have to be alive and in certain places for the first game. I already wrote a lot of my thoughts here but the following are things that stick in my mind after finishing the game.

My main complaint is with the gameplay. After 131 hours, I still can't get all the skills. Completely retarded. You hardly get any money for completing sub stories and most of it is done through Kiryu's Money Island minigame which is a mobile game-like time waster cause you need to wait for your properties to make money and claim the money by going back to your office. The could have easily made it less time consuming by allowing Kiryu to give instructions to his office by using public phones.

Majima's kyabakura minigame is fun cause of the JAV actresses but takes way to freaking long because it combines a dating sim with kyabakura management game and compared to Money Island, doesn't make as much money.

My most hated thing is repeating sub stories for both characters which is just padding and a waste of time. Kiryu and Majima shouldn't both have disco, postcards and the same exact game centre sub story. Quality over quantity. A game shouldn't be long just for the sake of being long. They need to stop turning this series into a grinding game. I'd rather 60 hours of quality content than 100 hours with lots of fluff.

Zero has some of the best sub stories in the series and also some of the stupidest (in a bad way) and reduntant sub stories as well. The main story is memorable. I love 5 but what I remember are the character moments and not much about the story.

Overall, I'm just relieved that the story and characters were done well. Please no more excessive grinding gameplay in the next game. I think Nagoshi or Yokoyama need to pay attention to how minigames and subs stories affect the main game. And more JAV actresses please!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Someday, someone is going to make a movie about a bad guy who intends to destroy humanity by going back in time and showing all the kids in the 80s the Avengers movies and blow all their minds. First off, there is no after credits scene. Booooo.

The only negative thing I can say is that Ultron while entertaining is just there for the Avengers to beat up and the mcguffin kinda sucks but at the same time fulfills its role which is to create all the great character moments. Someday a Marvel movie will have a great villain besides Loki but its all about the characters and Whedon gets the characters.

Once again, Whedon does a masterful job balancing so many characters, giving them their moment to shine but the true main character is Hawkeye. I really like what Joss does with him and cements his importance to the team. However, I think Ultron is already straining at the maximum number of characters because its very tough service all the characters' story archs and the main plot.

The opening scene is basically the new version of that team on shot scene from the first movie. The money 360 shot from the final battle is straight out of the comicbooks.

Its interesting how the early rumours about Age of Ultron turned out to be true. The ending had me wanting to watch the next one. The only thing I can do is rewatch Age of Ultron again, I guess. Bring on Civil War! Don't go in expecting the feeling of watching Avengers for the first time. Ultron is just a bigger, more polished version.

Unfortunately, the poor people living in Japan will have to wait until 4 July to watch Ultron but I would trade watching Ultron early for being able to eat Coco Ichi every few days.

Actually, there is one thing I hate which is Vision lifting Thor's hammer. Seriously, the one thing I want to see in Infinity War is Cap lifting Thor's hammer and bashing Thanos with it but this diminishes that moment.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Date Eps 2-10

Date is Kosawa Ryota's attempt at a romantic comedy and it is a pretty good one. His witty dialogue between the Koutou Yuumin and the girl with Asperger syndrome is reminiscent of Okada Yoshikazu and Nojima Shinji (before he started all writing johnny doramas). Its funny and different because both are interesting characters and I enjoyed how Kosawa Ryota made fun of romantic comedy conventions.

It felt fresh and different until the halfway point to set up the main characters going with the supporting characters. The it felt kind of familiar and old, especially with Kuninaka Ryoko in the supporting role. I guess Kosawa Ryota had to play within the rules of the romantic comedy but I was hoping he would subvert the rules even more.

However, he did write an ending that was something different from what we normally see. Its the most indirect confession scene ever but I was feeling tired of it like Kuninaka Ryoko's character.

Overall, its still pretty funny and watchable and everyone gave their best, especially Anne but I just wish it had not adhered to the romantic comedy sequence of events. Recommended and fun show, might get a bit tiring towards the end. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Minna! Esper Dayo! Esper, Miyako E Iku!

Miyako E Iku! is a fan service laden meaningless dorama special to the could have good dorama series Minna! Esper Dayo!

Unfortunately Kaho is not in this cause she's got a boyfriend and has lost her powers because she not a virgin anymore. :(

The good news is Mano Erina is still in this along with Kitahara Rie from AKB48.

Shometani Shota is the luckiest actor in jdorama.

Hashimoto Manami from Shimokita Glory Days. Hhmm. I need to rewatch that show.

I have no idea WTF Sono Sion is doing anymore. His stuff feels like a shadow of his glory days.

You will never look at mini cars the same way after watching Miyaho E Iku!

I can't recommend this dorama special unless you're a die hard Mano Erina fan like me.

Thanks to Koshonin for retiming the Japanese subs which you can get here. The raw can be gotten from nyaa here.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Japan loot 2015

I don't like the DOA combo breaker system but I just bought it for Marie-Rose and her costumes.

Unfortunately the mouse doesn't offer much wrist support.

Should have gone for Kinki of Maguna instead of Legend of Legacy. Pretty sure its a much better game.

Plus bonus wallscroll for only 2000 yen.

Dunno if I will have time for Blooborne. I don't mind replaying The Last of Us with Japanese voices and I gave my PS3 version to a friend. Since David Hayter is no longer Snake, its time for Japanese Snake.

From the makers of Bayonetta.

Hori RAPV for PS4 and 3. The TE2 is going for 20000 yen and I prefer Sanwa buttons but the TE2 glass felt flimsy.

Hopefully I can get used to the kuro buttons.

Uru4 poster.

RGG0 poster. Still unable to find RGG5 poster.

Mayaya from Irodori card.

I killed my Saturn when I forgot it didn't have a voltage convertor. Got one for my Wii so its all good. Now to find time for all my games.

Thanks to bframe for getting me the Lumix GM1 for a cheap price. Not as pocketable as the RX100 but I'm going to get the zoom lens on day. The focus ring came off after a week and was fixed with double sided tape.

Found some shops selling the lens for 3man but ended up not buying.

I love how Yodobashi gives you a plastic cover for your bag when its raining. Someone must have a job in Yodobashi to tell all the cashiers that rain has started or stopped.

The song for my trip is Kumamushi's Attakaindakara. Its got a painful memory but its got good memories for me as this song is getting really popular.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Random pictures from Japan trip 2015

Basketball shop in Shibuya.

Toyota car museum in Odaiba.

How come we got no hoverboards yet?

Sega Rally! Long easy right, maybe.

Tezuka Osamu mural in Takadanobaba.

Book about all Megadrive games.

RIP Satoshi Kon.

Now that tejikomi katsu is back at Coco Ichi, all is right in the world.

Bloodborne sold out in Labi Hiroshima.

Doctors manju.

Special Tokyo Station Pikachu.

Kodoku no Gurume guide book.

This t-shirt is exactly what I want except there is no LL size. So sad.

So wanted to support Naka Yuji and buy Rodea but 7000 yen for a Wii game given HD treatment is too much.