Sunday, April 26, 2015

Kageri Yuki Natsu spoiler review

Kageri Yuki Natsu is the best jdorama so far and has a strong possibility of staying the best this year, though I hope something even better comes up. I already wrote my review here but since its now been subbed, I thought it would be fun to rewatch it again and understand all the parts that I could not. I highly recommend that everyone watches Kageri Yuki Natsu. Shows like this are why I watch jdramas. This raises a lot of interesting issues and manages to fit it into an exciting suspense dorama.



We've got Hiroko, the daughter of the alledged kidnapper trying to live a normal life and repay her relatives for taking her in. There's Mutou, the husband of the kidnapper who was too scared to reveal the truth and is determined to help Hiroko as a small measure of penance.

Then we also have the housekeeper, the daughter of a man convicted for murder telling Hiroko that she must not let the issue of Hiroko's father's alledged sin affect her life. The housekeeper says that Mutou doesn't know about her past but I'm pretty sure as a reporter he knew and hired her because he knew what it was like.

This was in the kidnapped child's room and is very expensive. When kids are born in Japan, the (grand)parents usually by this (can't remember the name) or a really big vertical flag with the kid's name on it. I learned this on my last trip.

And in the end the son has to live with the knowledge that his adopted father kept the lie going. He is both the son of the victims and the criminal. Will he let this affect his future? I love his line to Hiroko that compared to the housekeeper, at least she now as a choice and in the end Hiroko chose to pursue her dream despite the fact that she knows Mutou gave her the job out of guilt.

Not only that, Mutou had the guilt of losing his wife though I think he still have protected her and the crime anyway cause deep down he didn't want her sullying the family name.

Talking about guilt, we have Acchan as the prostitute who has been living with the lie that she told as a five year old. She never knew the details but perhaps deep down she knew she did something wrong with bad consequences and was at last set free.

I was wondering why Horie, the trading company guy would not reveal who the real kidnapper was? Perhaps it was because it was not his sin to confess?


Rewatching Kageri Yuki Natsu, I love how clues constantly pop up. Hiroko saying Mutou's son doesn't look like his dad. The band with the babies' names and blood type always being brought up. I like how Mutou's insistence in protecting Hiroko is covered by him and his boss's determination to not let the leak affect an employment decision.

Speaking of leaks, was the leak purposely done by Mutou so that Watabe Atsuro would uncover the truth? Was there any connection with the rival newspaper and politician bribery story? I had rewatched the first two episode two months ago before my trip.

If there is any interesting element I forgot, please write in the comments.


4545 said...

The post-revelation events and how it makes you empathize with Mutou, alone, is good enough a reason for anyone to watch this. I can't emphasize enough how masterful this part was done. And it leads nicely into the closing too! A great drama with an actual good ending!

Again, thanks for this recommendation, Mike.

Mrmz said...

I loved the drama overall, the acting, the character, the gloomy feel to it, the pacing of the mystery but there is one thing that bothered me. Too much whitewashing of the main criminal!

I guess it's just me but the criminals that annoy me the most is those that lives in self-pity and end up causing more harm to others because of their self-pity. I hate Muto's wife and have no sympathy for her. I wish she had a worst end, I think it went way to easy on her. Characters like her make me angry!!

I just want to give credit to something else in this dorama, first time they show a functional Japanese divorced family, maintaining a good relationship for the sake of their kid, and not depriving the kid of one of the parents. It's really refreshing.

Akiramike said...

I wouldn't say there was whitewashing just because no one was screaming at him and explaining to the audience the sin that he had allowed to fester.

It is pretty evident that he can never be forgiven and he was a total coward.