Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ryu ga Gotoku Zero review / Yakuza Zero

Wow, what a beautiful, bittersweet ending. After the crap that was the ending for Ishin, Ryu ga Gotoku Studio have done a pretty decent job considering that its a prequel so certain people have to be alive and in certain places for the first game. I already wrote a lot of my thoughts here but the following are things that stick in my mind after finishing the game.

My main complaint is with the gameplay. After 131 hours, I still can't get all the skills. Completely retarded. You hardly get any money for completing sub stories and most of it is done through Kiryu's Money Island minigame which is a mobile game-like time waster cause you need to wait for your properties to make money and claim the money by going back to your office. The could have easily made it less time consuming by allowing Kiryu to give instructions to his office by using public phones.

Majima's kyabakura minigame is fun cause of the JAV actresses but takes way to freaking long because it combines a dating sim with kyabakura management game and compared to Money Island, doesn't make as much money.

My most hated thing is repeating sub stories for both characters which is just padding and a waste of time. Kiryu and Majima shouldn't both have disco, postcards and the same exact game centre sub story. Quality over quantity. A game shouldn't be long just for the sake of being long. They need to stop turning this series into a grinding game. I'd rather 60 hours of quality content than 100 hours with lots of fluff.

Zero has some of the best sub stories in the series and also some of the stupidest (in a bad way) and reduntant sub stories as well. The main story is memorable. I love 5 but what I remember are the character moments and not much about the story.

Overall, I'm just relieved that the story and characters were done well. Please no more excessive grinding gameplay in the next game. I think Nagoshi or Yokoyama need to pay attention to how minigames and subs stories affect the main game. And more JAV actresses please!

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