Thursday, April 23, 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Someday, someone is going to make a movie about a bad guy who intends to destroy humanity by going back in time and showing all the kids in the 80s the Avengers movies and blow all their minds. First off, there is no after credits scene. Booooo.

The only negative thing I can say is that Ultron while entertaining is just there for the Avengers to beat up and the mcguffin kinda sucks but at the same time fulfills its role which is to create all the great character moments. Someday a Marvel movie will have a great villain besides Loki but its all about the characters and Whedon gets the characters.

Once again, Whedon does a masterful job balancing so many characters, giving them their moment to shine but the true main character is Hawkeye. I really like what Joss does with him and cements his importance to the team. However, I think Ultron is already straining at the maximum number of characters because its very tough service all the characters' story archs and the main plot.

The opening scene is basically the new version of that team on shot scene from the first movie. The money 360 shot from the final battle is straight out of the comicbooks.

Its interesting how the early rumours about Age of Ultron turned out to be true. The ending had me wanting to watch the next one. The only thing I can do is rewatch Age of Ultron again, I guess. Bring on Civil War! Don't go in expecting the feeling of watching Avengers for the first time. Ultron is just a bigger, more polished version.

Unfortunately, the poor people living in Japan will have to wait until 4 July to watch Ultron but I would trade watching Ultron early for being able to eat Coco Ichi every few days.

Actually, there is one thing I hate which is Vision lifting Thor's hammer. Seriously, the one thing I want to see in Infinity War is Cap lifting Thor's hammer and bashing Thanos with it but this diminishes that moment.

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