Monday, April 06, 2015

Goodbye Kumamoto and Hello Hiroshima

That's Asami from Bar Secret in Kumamoto. She's played all the Ryu ga Gotoku games, The Last of Us and Walking Dead. She also can sing the Momusu and Ayaya medleys meaning she knows their old songs. I am talking all the pre-Love Machine stuff. There were even songs that made me go, 'I'm not sure I know this.' WTF has she been all my life? Plus service was awesome.

There's also this 19 year old newbie in Secret called Rui. She's a major anime and vocaloid fan. Its the perfect girls bar for me. Highly recommended. I am never going back to the Vivi, Lala Girl, Juju, Sweet chain of girls bars again. I need to stay in Kumamoto for a week or two and drink every second day.

Nagarekawa, the Kabukicho of Hiroshima.

Bframe was on business in Hiroshima last Thursday and invited me for a night out. I wanted to extend my stay in Kumamoto to 4 nights and couldn't make up my mind until I realised I had been drinking like crazy for a week and needed to slow down.

Love-chan adult shop.

My original plan was to go Otsu in Shiga which I did go later but to Hiroshima I went. I was less sad to leave and more scared that another five hour season might kill me. Bframe had an early start on Friday so I knew we wouldn't be out long.

Dinner was very meh except for the wagyu. The highlight of the night was this maid kyabakura. The girl I got was a real hardcore otaku including BL doujin and crossdress cosplay which was very interesting.

Nikonikoni drawn by Rei-chan.

Damage was ok and luckily I was sick of karaoke that time cause its 300 yen a pop. Good service and worth checking out. I guess there are even more female otakus working maid cafes but I just find them overpriced and not as fun.

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