Sunday, April 12, 2015

GAGAGA SP live at Shibuya Star Lounge

I first heard GagagaSP's Sotsugyou and Hajimete Kimi to Shabeta many years ago and have been listening to them on and off since.

GAGAGA SP is easily my 2nd favourite band right above Ulfuls, Spitz etc.

The bad news is that they didn't play Sotsugyou, Hajimete Kimi to Shabeta, Kyoko-chan, Zoku Kyoko-chan and Matsuri no Junbi. :(

The good news is that they did sing Konchikushomei, Senbon Hanabi and a lot of songs that I like bit not enough to remember their names.

They've got 17 years of songs anyway and non of the original 3 look like they've aged.

Star Lounge is basically a small bar with a stage and no tables. Oh yes, the bar had ashtrays and I parked myself closeby.

Never knew his gimmick was to drink water and spit it at the audience. Good thing I chose ashtrays over front row.

Effing awesome towel.

GAGAGA SP's t-shirts are so much better than Sambomaster's. I just hate Sambomaster's current designs.

Fuk, she gave me the wrong t-shirt. Fark! I wanted the super cool one. Nooooooooo.

Normally in concerts during the encore bit where the band takes a shirt breather before playing the last 2/3 songs, fans either chant ankoru or clap.

This live, they all sang through the break which is really cool cause shouting ankoru for 5 minutes is stupid.


Aarrrr said...

Does the drummer still look the same? xD

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