Saturday, April 11, 2015

Himeji castle and chicken skin gyoza

Met up with Yukimi Sunday last week at Kyobashi station. We were suppose to have okonomiyaki at Sakura in Tenmabashi but luckily Kaori called to check and the were closed for hanami.

Should have taken a picture of lunch. The okonomiyaki and pork wrapped in egg yaki thing were awesome. The yakisoba was bland and needed a lot of sauce. This was first time I had eaten okonomiyaki which didn't rely on sauce for flavour.

Most of the scenary shots are by Yukimi cause I am a crap photographer compared to her.

And finally, the highlight of the trip torikawagyoza aka chicken skin gyoza. Omfg, it tasted like heaven with the spice seasoning. Seriously, it is was so good I went back for more.

Also had deer but torikawagyoza was too awesome for words. Currently trying to find one in Tokyo. Went to a shop in Takadanobaba after finding it on tabelog but turns out it closed a few years ago. Gah!


Bobo said...

Those shots are BEAUTIFUL omg I'm insanely jealous, I haven't even been to Japan once >.>

Wewi said...

OMG chicken skin gyoza...