Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Kumamoto-jou night sakura

My favourite photo.

Second favourite photo.

So good to be back in my favourite nightlife town in Japan.

Was hoping to see Mai-chan again but my heart was shattered when I was told that she got pregnant and quit.

What was all that work is no.1 crap she told me last year?

Looks like no more places with 1000 yen for 40 minute sets.

Its all 30 minute sets now.

Good thing competition is tough so most important ia to keep trying new places until finding one with good service.

Disappointed the security dude at Sweet quit cause he was the one who did the cooking.

Thank to bframe for getting me a Lumix GM1 so I can take night photos. Not too sure about the green hues.

The Sony RX100 is a lot more pocketable with the Lumix I can get a better zoom lens.

My favourite Kumamoto ramen, Tengaiten.

1 comment:

VampireXxX said...

wew...seeing your photo makes me want to go to Japan one day...really beautiful...

and top of that...the kumamoto ramen looks delicious =.=