Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Tweaked my freaking right ankle again today. Nothing serious but now its a bit tender. Maybe it never really healed from the injury two years ago. My left ankle has not completely healed from an injury two weeks ago. I am having problems moving backwards to the left side. Realised I had a couple of scratches from today when I was taking a shower. Got hit on the head once, got clothslined once, though I also accidentally returned the favour.

Old age has really made injuries last longer and hurt more. I remember back in high school I once twisted my ankle pretty bad but it didn't hurt that much, there was no sprain and I was back playing in 5 minutes. Now I have to slow a down a bit just to minimise the risk to my ankles.

With golf you don't have to worry about keeping pace with the person dribbling with sore ankles. You don't have to worry about getting elbowed or getting whacked in the head when fighting for rebounds. You don't have to worry about ppl scoring in your face or blocking your shots. Golf is basically taking a walk in the park while hitting a few balls.

Golf is like playing HORSE in basketball without any layups or dunks. Everyone takes turns taking shots and whoever shoots better wins. Since golf is such a high profile sport, so should bowling, darts, lawn bowling, snooker and the ice bowling thingie where they have to use brooms. Golf is a game of that poses limited danger to your physical well being, except getting a tan. Even old ppl like Jack Nicklaus can still qualify to play in the PGA.

The other advantage of golf is that its easier to lose to your boss and make it look real. With basketball how good a player is, is really obvious. Plus with all the body contact, it would be very difficult not to get competitive. With golf, if your boss who sucks is losing, just hit the balls to the tress or bunker and take a few shots trying to get on the green.

The final great thing about golf is Michelle Wie. She is one hot chick.

Initial D, what a disappointment

Haaaaaalelujah!!!!!!!!!! My connection to d-addicts is fixed! The one week of jdorama deprivation is over! Now for long arduous task of catching up. If there's one good thing that came out of this past week is that I learned some new pc stuff.

First, its DHT networking which is trackerless bt! I knew that the suprnova.org group was working on a trackerless bt program but now bitcomet has it. The downside is that its slower and probably uses more resources than normal. But its good news for p2p sharing. The problem would be trackers that keep track of stats. I wonder whether DHT will work without the need for logging in.

Second thing is using proxy servers. Yeah, using proxies has been around for a long time but I never bothered using them until now since I could access everything in uni. Its interesting that you can use proxy to connect to trackers. Now that my life is back in order, I can go back go back to job hunting..... probably later tonight.

Watched the Initial D movie yesterday and I must say it really is a disappointing movie. Did the freaking directors actually watched the anime or did they only read the manga? The anime is good because of 3 things: CG cars, really cool driving tactics and GREAT EURO TECHNO POP MUSIC. With a budet of US$12 million, you would think that they could at least afford some decent bass thumping music during the racing scenes.

The whole movie I was just waiting for some cool music to play during the races thinking maybe there saving the music for the last great race. Such an oversight is really unforgivable. Even putting some cheesy Yuki Hsu music would be better than the ones they had in the movie.

Secondly, the only 'trick' that they had in the movie was the tires in the drain one. Even then, it wasn't that obvious. With s many races in the movie they could have added the tire of the drain trick or the switch of headlights thing or even the use the leaves to drift thing. The thing about racing movies, if there is no trick, visually its not as exciting.

The saving grace of the movie is Anthony Wong playing the father and Suzuki Anne who was dubbed in cantonese. After watching Korean movies set in Japan with Korean actors speaking decent Japanese its sad to see HK actors playing japanese speaking in cantonese. I mean Jow Chow probably has like 20 lines in the movie. It would be so easy for him to memorise his lines in Japanese and a cute japanese girl speaking cantonese is just plain wrong. If the Koreans can do it, we chinese should be able to as well. Well, at least they didn't have japanese speaking japanese and hkers replaying in cantonese as if they are wearing some universal translator like in Star Trek.

Fun note: I noticed 'Kuma' from Gokusen in there as well, though he was only in the background scenes.

recommended song of the day: Abaredasu by Ulfuls. Gets better everytime I listen to it.

Monday, June 27, 2005


Got off the phone with the help desk person from my isp. Told him I had problems connecting to d-addicts.net, I could not even ping it and it was registering 30+ hops before timing out on tracerts. The fucking idiot had the fucking balls to ask me to lower my IE security settings and install SP2. Hello you idiot mother fucker!!!!!!!!!!!

WTF has that got to do with me not being able to PING the goddamn server. What fucking computer course did u fucking land to get this fucking help desk job? He did not even fucking seem to know how fucking serious not being able to ping is.

I don't even have a fucking computer degree and I fucking know more than the idiot. Fucking bastards reading from a list. A fucking primary school kids can do that.

I was so fuckings pissed off that I wanted to curse his idiocy. But then, he was only doing his fucking job. Blame the fucking isps for hiring ppl who don't know jack shit about computers. At least I didn't get some fucking idiot from some country speaking unrecognisable english.

The only time I had decent support was when I was with a small isp that was run from a house. Since there were two guys running it, they had to know their stuff. (sometime we called them up at 4am in the morning, lol!)

The gods are pissed at me.

Day 5 of no access to the d-addicts tracker. Going to call up my isp at 9 and find out what is happening. Arrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhh........ for everyday that goes by, my backlog of dramas to get piles up. Should I change isp? I don't even know wtf the stupid problem is. Could be a routing problem for all I know. What if I change isp and the same problem is still there?

Fark. Every year some crappy things always happen to me. This year its spraining my left ankle, not being able to get even a paralegal job and now d-addicts tracker problem. Is God getting his revenge on me for not going to church for god knows how many freaking years?

Or have I somehow offended the gods of jdoramas and they want to see me suffer like a drug addict without access to drugs? In fact, I'm addicted to many things - movies, jpop, cigarettes, coke, bball, surfing the net for news, wrestling and of course jdoramas. Two of my addictions don't require the internet but are crucial for my enjoyment of it.

The only good thing about this my dorama withdrawel is that I've been forced to use clubbox and finally found a copy of Shall We Dance. Its chinese subbed though but its fucking better than Miramax's 15 minutes cut off version.

I have become so relient on the net that everytime some problem happens I can't think of anything else. The likelihood of experiencing one free of problem free broadband is the same as me hooking up with a cute japanese girl.

Now listening to Ozaki Yutaka's 'I love you'. Been looking for this songs for years without even knowing wtf sang it. Thanks to the kind soul on jpopmusic for uploading it.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Crying Fist, Korean Films and Fuck Hollywood

The pic above has nothing to do with Korean films. The fine arse belongs to Alizee, a French singer famous for her song 'Lolita'. I put her there cause the view is very hypnotic.

Just finished watching Jumeogi Unda aka Crying Fist. Really good korean movie about boxing. Its about two boxers who meet up in the end to fight for the Light Heavyweight championship. The only thing lacking is an epilogue cause they really fleshed out the characters. Its wrestling terms its a face vs face match. Except in wrestling, winning is not as important having a great match. Oh Daesu from the incredible Old Boy is really good in this one.

Came back from bball and straight away fell asleep. Missed my SC appointment, ccb. Sigh.

Korean films are pretty good. The best films aren't the romance films but their serious films. The romance films are too typical and they all seem the same. Blame it all on 'My Sassy Girl'. In fact lots of Korean romance films are derivatives of my Sassy Girl.

- Bitchy girl who suddenly turns sweet when she reliases she likes the guy, but not before bullying him for most of the movie

- Sissy guy who gets bullied by the girl and takes it like a sissy.

- Girl running to meet guy in slow motion accompanied by music. Too bad no Korean actress has really big jugs so we can get the 'Baywatch-effect'.

- Puking. God, I hate puking in movies, especially since I'm always eating something when watching.

- Tons of crying. Actually I think crying is like a national pastime in Korea. I know Japanese like to see cute girl crying with a crying reality show (I'll write about it next time) and Momusu graduation concerts and specials but some Korean movies are just about the girl crying from beginning to the end. Kdramas are worse, which is why I don't watch Kdramas at all.

In fact I think the most important skill a Korean actress should have is cying. Crying when the guy she has a crush on starts dating her best friend. Crying when the guy confesses. Crying when she finds out they are actually brother and sister. Crying when she find out the guy has some uncurable disease. Crying when she receives a present. Crying is a girl's greatest weapon against guys. We have no defenses against it and end up making stupid promises and not thinking clearly.

The plotlines in Korean movies/dramas are just to get more tears. Its like the actress is looking at the audience and going 'look I'm crying, its really sad, so all the girls watching should cry along with me'. I think its great for Korean guys cause it makes it easier for them to score after taking their gfs to the movies - 'You must be tired from all that crying. Oh look, there's a love hotel here. Let's go in to rest and uh fix up your layers of makeup.'

Since I'm watching by my lonesome I find excessive crying very boring and takes away my empathy for the character. Maybe I'm just to cynical. Still, Korean movies in general are pretty good and definitely much better than HK movies. (Good idea for a rant)

Recommended Korean movies:

1) Old Boy - best revenge movie ever. It will stay on your mind for at least a week after watching it.

2) Samaria - Really good movie about teenage prostitution.

3) My Wife is a gangster - The best movie in the gangster/comedy genre.

4) A moment to remember - A bit unrealistic at the end but really good directing and acting. To say more will spoil it.

5) My Sassy Girl - One of the best endings ever. The first half is hard to sit through. Lots of hidden/implied stuff in the movie and if I had picked them I would have enjoyed it better. I only got the whole story on the second try.

Oh yeah, fuck hollywood and their constant remaking of Japanese/Korean movies. They are making really good movies and you bastards just want to steal from them. Damn Miramax for licensing so many movies and not releasing them are releasing them after years. Damn you for cutting 15 minutes of the japanese 'Shall We Dance' DVD. You absolutely have no fucking respect for one of the best movies ever. And fucking remaking it with Richard Gere and JLo? You absolutely have no fucking idea why the movie works.

Its because its a salaryman movie. Because its set in a conservative culture where the ideal life is to slave away in the office, go karaoke and go home late everyday and have no life. Because its set in a conservative culture where things are not expressed but implied.

Fuck you Miramax for releasing Hero only after Quinten Tarantino pressured you. Even ten putting a 'Quinten Tarantino presents' in the front. What did he have to do with the making of the fucking movie. Fucking no respect for Asian cinema.

Damn you Jennifer Garner for wanting to remake 'Ima Ai ni Yukimasu'. If you liked it so much why don't you fucking release it in the fucking states. You can't even hold a candle to Takeuchi Yuko. Plus Orange Range's Hana is the fucking bomb.

Fuck Disney for licensing Miyazaki's films and releasing them without marketing and in limited cinemas. Just because you suck doesn't mean that you can prevent other companies from releasing great animation to the rest of the world. You too scared for people to realise that Japan makes the best animated movies not just for kids but for teens/adults as well?

Fuck whoever remade Dark Water. Jennifer Connelly is a good actress but Kuroki Hitomi is the hottest MILF in the world.

Friday, June 24, 2005


Woot! Spurs win! And Duncan gets to be the MVP shooting 10/27????? WTF is up with that? Manu goes 8/13 and 2/2 for 3 point. In fact the MVP should be a three way tie between Duncan, Manu and Horry. I was only rooting for Spurs cause they beat the Suns and they only beat the Suns cause Joe Johnson got injured by Stackhouse. And somehow Shawn Marion dissappeared during the Suns-Spurs series. If only Manu didn't get injured he would be the freaking MVP.

Probably the happiest Spur tonight will be Parker. Afterall, he's going to be celebrating with Eva Longoria.

Lucky bastard.

Fukada Kyoko sucks

I remember seeing her pictures long, long time ago and thinking she's pretty cute, except her legs are not as shapely.

Then I watched SOS. In SOS Kyoko's brother has a thing for her but she has a thing for another student who was having an affair with his teacher. Sounds interesting right? Yes it does except her acting really sucks. Fukada Kyoko has 2 facial expressions and zero depth in her acting. She's basically a human doll who looks cute in still pictures. She was so bad that she made Uchiyama Rina look good. (Not that Uchiyama Rina is a bad actress but she's pretty mediocre)

Things got worse on my second Kyoko jdorama: To Heart. This time she plays a girl stalking a boxer called Takeda Yuji. How do I remember the character's name after like 3 years? Cause she spent the whole drama series shouting his freaking name. If Fukada Kyoko stalked me like that I would beat her up with the nearest blunt object I can find. Maybe Takeda Yuji (played by Dohtomo Tsuyoshi) was a boxer so didn't fear her as much but any sane man will stay away from a crazy stalker with two facial expressions.

Next was the japanese-korean joint drama: Friends. Such a historic joint production and the best chick to represent Japan was Fukada Kyoko? WTF were they thinking. The only positive thing out of this drama was learning some Korean.

The best proof of Kyoko's suckiness is Otousan. Granted, it was a boring drama but it had Nakatani Miki and Hirosue Ryoko and they both made Fukada Kyoko look like the unlatented bitch she is. I mean, how many directors' and sponsors' dicks did she suck to get these parts and all those commercials?

My hatred for Fukada Kyoko is compunded by the fact that she has 'won' acting awards?! and she's suppose to be quite popular. Take for example her most famous jdorama: Kami sama mou sukoshi dake, playing a girl with aids. Her 2 facial expressions did nothing to get empathy from me. In fact I was hoping her character could die earlier so we could get more Nakama Yuki.

I am never going to watch any more Fukada Kyoko doramas/movies ever again, unless she's playing a supporting role and the main actress is really hot. Shibasaki Kou is probably the only idol who comes close snagging the 'why is this talentless ho in so many freaking dramas' award.

To get over digging up long buried memories of Fukada Kyoko I present Hirayama Aya who can be seen in the Korean movie 'Fighter in the Wind'. Damn she was damn hot in that one. :)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Problems with Batman Begins

I love Batman Begins. Makes all 4 Batman movies look even worse. Some of the things in the movie they did really well but there are a few nitpicks that I can't get out of my brain.

1) WTF did Bruce Wayne blow up the bad guys' base if he wanted to save the condemned prisoner? I mean, it probably hurts more to be buried under tons of debris than to have one's head chopped off. How many ninjas did Bruce actually kill? They gave him free ninja tuition and this is how he repays them?

2) Why did he have to bring the bat-tank-mobile along? There's so many better ways to bring Katie Holmes back to the cave for some uuh.... nocturnal activities. He could have went across a few rooftops and got into a normal car and not have the police chasing him. He could have gone ninja turtle, gone into the sewers and got up somewhere else n took a getaway car. I mean he's freaking Batman. He's suppose to operate in the shadows, like how Ra's taught him.

But no....... he had to show off his batmobile and endanger the lives of the innocent policemen doing their jobs. Can't really blame him for wanting to use the batankmobile just to hit stuff.

Not to mention I'm pretty sure the police can look around and see that the tire tracks lead somewhere to wayne manor. I mean police are not stupid. This isn't the dadadadadadadadadadada........ Batman of Adam West police.

3) Human bodies are made 70% of water or something like that. Dunno the exact figure cause I hate bio. Anyway the super weapon in the end would have killed off everyone. I mean it got the water pipes the burst. Ppl in Gotham should have blood coming out of every orifice in their body. (Not that I want to see it)

One potential explanation is that the weapon only points downwards ie that's why it was on the train line so it could 'attack' the pipe lines below it. But what good is it as a weapon if it can only point downward. The movie could have explained it a lot better.

Anyways, on to wishlist for Batman 2. WB sign up Nolan and Goyer now! Dun wait 1 year like Fox did with Singer for X3.

1. No Robin. Robin is gay. If you want to add Robin, make it in part 3 and make her a girl. Seriously, rich playboy who lives in a secluded mansion with only a butler taking in a young boy. They could make a movie where Bruce gets prosecuted like Michael Jackson.

2. Bring back Katie Holmes. Ppl blast her acting online but seriously, she's probably the only girl to get away with bitch slapping Batman. I'm sick of movie where every movie there's a different chick. Batman changing chicks every movie either means he ony likes tight pussies or he sucks in bed.

3. No Bat plane, bat boat or anything that screams ' we need to sell more toys'! That's what I was thinking when watching the batankmobile scene. Batman's greatest asset is his mind. Toys are just for impressing chicks.

4. Lots more of Gordon. The Gordon story in year 1 was great. (If you haven't read Batman: year one, go to your local comic shop n get it. It soooooooo good.) The baseball bat scene, the Essen affair. Gordan is the everyman trying to do good and sometimes failing. Dun make him a supporting character who's only purpose in the end is an ID4 moment.

5. Really dark and scary joker. Steal from 'The Last Joke' if you have to. Just no Jack Nicholson non menacing Joker. Just rewatched the first Batman. Really, what's so menacing about Joker. Have him cut the sides of his mouth like the guy in 'Ichi the killer' so he has a wider smile. Joker has to be really creepy and give kids nightmares! Gwahahahahaha!

6. No batnipples, no batgirl and no henchmen in skates and big name actors giving super campy performances. (I'm looking at you Joel Schumacher)