Monday, June 27, 2005

The gods are pissed at me.

Day 5 of no access to the d-addicts tracker. Going to call up my isp at 9 and find out what is happening. Arrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhh........ for everyday that goes by, my backlog of dramas to get piles up. Should I change isp? I don't even know wtf the stupid problem is. Could be a routing problem for all I know. What if I change isp and the same problem is still there?

Fark. Every year some crappy things always happen to me. This year its spraining my left ankle, not being able to get even a paralegal job and now d-addicts tracker problem. Is God getting his revenge on me for not going to church for god knows how many freaking years?

Or have I somehow offended the gods of jdoramas and they want to see me suffer like a drug addict without access to drugs? In fact, I'm addicted to many things - movies, jpop, cigarettes, coke, bball, surfing the net for news, wrestling and of course jdoramas. Two of my addictions don't require the internet but are crucial for my enjoyment of it.

The only good thing about this my dorama withdrawel is that I've been forced to use clubbox and finally found a copy of Shall We Dance. Its chinese subbed though but its fucking better than Miramax's 15 minutes cut off version.

I have become so relient on the net that everytime some problem happens I can't think of anything else. The likelihood of experiencing one free of problem free broadband is the same as me hooking up with a cute japanese girl.

Now listening to Ozaki Yutaka's 'I love you'. Been looking for this songs for years without even knowing wtf sang it. Thanks to the kind soul on jpopmusic for uploading it.

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