Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Tweaked my freaking right ankle again today. Nothing serious but now its a bit tender. Maybe it never really healed from the injury two years ago. My left ankle has not completely healed from an injury two weeks ago. I am having problems moving backwards to the left side. Realised I had a couple of scratches from today when I was taking a shower. Got hit on the head once, got clothslined once, though I also accidentally returned the favour.

Old age has really made injuries last longer and hurt more. I remember back in high school I once twisted my ankle pretty bad but it didn't hurt that much, there was no sprain and I was back playing in 5 minutes. Now I have to slow a down a bit just to minimise the risk to my ankles.

With golf you don't have to worry about keeping pace with the person dribbling with sore ankles. You don't have to worry about getting elbowed or getting whacked in the head when fighting for rebounds. You don't have to worry about ppl scoring in your face or blocking your shots. Golf is basically taking a walk in the park while hitting a few balls.

Golf is like playing HORSE in basketball without any layups or dunks. Everyone takes turns taking shots and whoever shoots better wins. Since golf is such a high profile sport, so should bowling, darts, lawn bowling, snooker and the ice bowling thingie where they have to use brooms. Golf is a game of that poses limited danger to your physical well being, except getting a tan. Even old ppl like Jack Nicklaus can still qualify to play in the PGA.

The other advantage of golf is that its easier to lose to your boss and make it look real. With basketball how good a player is, is really obvious. Plus with all the body contact, it would be very difficult not to get competitive. With golf, if your boss who sucks is losing, just hit the balls to the tress or bunker and take a few shots trying to get on the green.

The final great thing about golf is Michelle Wie. She is one hot chick.

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