Friday, July 01, 2005

Bogut is going to get posterised and why Steve Nash is God.

Andrew Bogut, the no.1 NBA draft pick made some disparaging remarks about Australians who have been to the NBA, especially Luc Longley. I'm no Longley fan. He wasn't a dominated centre nor did he have a post up game. But he could pass well and could shoot a 10-15 footer with ease. He wasn't a shot blocker but the Bulls had incredible defence. And let's not forget he has 3 rings.

Hell, even Andrew Gaze has one ring, although he hardly came out of the Spurs bench.

One should only trash talk when one can back it up and Andrew Bogut is either really good or really stupid. Two weeks ago he mad some remarks about Kobe Bryant and its going to be a sure bet that Kobe is going to dunk on him and they are going to make a poster out of it.

Personally I can't wait for the start of the NBA season.

Someone once said that the definition of Michael Jordan is God coming down to earth to play bball. Well that's if God came down to earth in the body of 6-6 supremely fit athelete. If God came down to earth in the body of a 6-3 white dude who can't jump and isn't very fast, he would be Steve Nash.

Steve Nash is God to all those basketballers who are not atheletic enough. He is the only other point guard in the NBA besides Jason Kidd who looks to pass first instead of shooting at every single opportunity. Nothing pisses me off than PGs who dun pass/ dun seem to realise that their teammates are open. Bball is a team sport. When the rest of the team is not involved, there is no team. Helping ppl score makes them work harder in defence and hustle more. It makes the defence move and tells them that everyone is a threat on offence. When a PG keeps taking shots just needs to concentrate on rebounding to take the rest of the team our of the game.

Steve Nash more than just passes, he makes passes where the route is only open for a split second. When I see other teams screen n roll, I suddenly see a pass that only Nash would have seen and made. Nash and Stoudamire have made Malone and Stockton obsolete. I mean all of Stoudamire's points are dunks/layups/freethrows from Nash's pass. They make it look to easy that its hard to get entertained by other teams, except for Spurs with Ginobili.

Because he's s good with passing, it makes to so hard for the opposition to defend everytime he drives into the paint. The switch is not fast enough to cover Stoudamie. If they double team Amare, Nash just shoots the 10-15 footer which he makes like 70%. Or he can drive and dish to any of the 3 point shooters waiting on the outside. Its the most entertaining offence in the NBA because everyone is involved. Every dribble is testing the opposition's defence looking for a pass.

Jordan is the best player ever but he only won championships after they got the right pieces to help him and they had Phil Jackson to piece everything together (and teach Mike to pass more). Nash makes everyone so much better and is the general of Phoenix offence.

The final proof that Steve Nash is God is that if he keeps a moustache and beard and does not cut his hair, he would looks like somone who was born in Bethlehem 2005 years ago.

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