Saturday, July 09, 2005

Smokers are people too.

In 2007 the Victorian government is going to ban all smoking in pubs which IMO is due to the pressure by those idiots in the anti-smoking lobby. Yes, everyone knows that smoking increases the chance of getting cancer and smells but for God's sake, banning smoking while you drink?

Where the hell are the rights of people to smoke when they drink? If the government is so concerned about protecting the public from the harmful effects of smoking, then why don't they limit the number of indoor smoking places. People have a right to smoke just as people have a right to eat unhealthy food and not excercise. If you don't like to inhale smoke, then go to a non-smoking pub and drink your beer.

Smokers are a minority and our rights are getting weakened. We're not asking for the right to blow smoke in non-smokers' faces. All we're asking for it a place besides out own homes to have a beer and fag. Look at all those poor office people forced to smoke in alleyways in the middle of winter. I mean companies should at least provide a smoking room for people to relax instead of having them take the long elavator ride and have them stand in the cold.

An employee smoking is the same as an employee having a coffee break. Just because smoking is bad for health unlike caffiene, (not the sarcasm) smokers are treated like dirt in society. And every year one tax that always goes up is cigarette taxes. And we can't complain cause smoking is bad for health and such it is 'ethical' for the government to do it.

Of course, not a non-smokers are bad. Its those righteous zeolots who think they are so holy because they don't smoke. Its like those bigots who think are they are so good because they go to church. Being a smoker does not make one a bad person. Yes, smokers don't care for their health as much but tell that to the millions of overweight and non-exercising people out there.

I have a dream.... that one day, smokers and non-smokers can co-exist peacefully. That people can choose to go to a smoking or non-smoking pub. That employees don't need to stand out in the cold to smoke while their caffiene in the warmth of their offices. That people recognise cigarette pays a lot of taxes to the government and that there's nothing wrong with taxpaying smokers getting medical benefits.

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