Sunday, July 24, 2005

ai nante, iraneeyo, natsu

Damn, just watched eps 3-5 and its so fucking good. Watabe Atsuro is a scheming bastard but no man can can stand the kawaiiness of Hirosue Ryoko. Her potrayal of the blind 'sister' is so pitiful that you have no choice but to say kawaii so........ Its fun to see Morimoto Leo play a bad guy from his usual kind uncle type roles. I'm interested to see whether he can inject some venom into his character towards the end.

Really enjoy the tension and everything seems to be moving faster now. Of course a jdorama is only as good as its final eps so it'll be interesting to see how everything turns out. Hirosue Ryoko has the best lines in this series.

best quote from ep 5 : Kamisama wa zankoku, chigau yo. Kami sama wa inai dake. (God is not cruel, there is no God.)

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