Monday, July 25, 2005

5 reasons to watch Ganbatte Ikimashoi

WARNING: The following post contains some sexual innuendo and suggestive themes. Do not read if you don't have pubic hair yet.

1) 1st, we have our cute girl. Not sure about her name (wikipedia down) but I think its Aibu Saki. The pic doesn't do her justice. She looks like those JAV actresses pretending to be underage girls. Not that I like to watch JAV, I just do it to.... uh, improve my Japanese. But she's definitely kawaii in the show.

2) Okay, so Suzuki Anne isn't that hot, but she's a very good actress and and can be pretty cute.

She looks somewhat like Namie Amuro so I'll call her that.

3) Not sure of name. She plays Suzuki Anne's best fren. I dun like doing club activities either, I prefer doing her.

4) The forever hot Ishida Yuriko. I wonder what she could be talking about? Something that requires aggressive use of hands on something hard enough to cause blisters and her hot body to ache. Whatever its is, I don't mind her doing it to me.........

5) And the new antogonist only shown at the end of ep 2. She looks like she wants to do something evil to the girls....

And now for my rewrite of the climax of ep 2............

Namie Amuro confesses her love to Suzuki Anne and Anne-chan gets teary-eyed. Everyone goes 'aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww'............

They gazed into each other's eyes while the audience yells: Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Seriously, what is hotter than two hot chicks making out? Two hot chicks in schoolgirl uniforms making out.

Suzuki Anne makes her move, grabbing Namie Amuro's hand and ass. Damn, stupid bag blocking the panty view.

Suzuki Anne, quickly realising that her best friend and camera is watching, moves her hand away from Namie Amuro's ass and realises that Namie Amuro is not wearing a bra. Yes, I know there's no way she could tell through the jacket but who said dramas had to make sense.

Suzuki Anne's best friends feels left out from all the touching. Oh, how sad. The best friend proceeded to go to look for Akiramike for consolation. The censors did not OK the scene where they met so I don't have screenshots to show you.

In typical jdorama fashion, Suzuki Anne was two timing Namie Amuro and asked the cute girl to do some physical activity together. Suzuki Anne assured the girl that she would be gentle on her.

Avatarstormbringer asked if this was a Sailor Moon type show. Its about rowing, so we get to see the girls get wet. Fellowship of 419 pt 3 will continue soon.............

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