Friday, July 22, 2005

Fellowship of 419: The Birth of the Fellowship

Long, long ago in ages past when Akiramike had long hair, he was fighting the forces of boredom by playing lots of KOF. However, one fateful day he moved into a land called 419qb and was never threatened by boredom again. The land of 419 was initially inhabited by other beings known as NiGHTs, Kv and Yc. Kv was looking for greener pastures after pillaging the last village and NiGHTs had just left his homeland.

Things started slowly in 419 until on day, KV introduced one of the greatest weapons ever against boredom to Akiramike and his friends John and Leek. It was called Counter-strike. Akiramike had played Doom and Duke Nukem before but this was the first time he was playing against other beings, and he was getting his butt kicked. Then KV introduced one of the most basic elements of warefare to Akiramike and John: camping!

Akiramike and John crouched on opposite stairs in CS_Office and waited for innocent Counter-terrorists to walk pass before riddling their body with bullets. It gave Akiramike a great feeling. A feeling of power and guilt in using such tactics. But it felt good nevertheless and so addiction to CS was born.

Soon 419 embraced the game known as CS except for subborn YC who was adamant in playing only Half-Life. But soon, he succembed to the exhiliration of getting headshots and knifing people in the back.

Somewhere down the line, the members of 419 met their extended members and the fellowship of 419 was born:

Druggy (formerly known as Stealth Camper) - Like his past namesake, Druggy would kill people who by sheilding his evil presence. He had an innocent face but underneath it was the bloodlust of a beserker orc and the spitefulness of a adrena-ling.

AvatarStormbringer - The eternal enemy of Druggy. Avatar and Druggy were like dwarves and elves; forever bickering to the amusement of all.

Pipboy - He who could always be counted to cover your back or die for the greater good of the team.

John - The name John has come to mean many things in the adventures of 419, which shall be revealed.......

YC - master of evil laughter.

NiGHTs - The ultimate sniper/Desert Eagle user. One is never guaranteed victory against him even with a 4-1 numerical advantage.

KV - the veteran and resident evil genius.


Together, 419 played countless hours of fragging and even at one point was playing from night until morning, never lacking in bloodlust and eager friends/enemies. In the beginning 419 struggled to get their frags (kills) to 50% of their deaths. Later, they could get 1:1 frag/kill ratios and then started aiming for at least 1.5 to 1. The CS scene had just started growing and it was good. Friendly fire was one. Maps were changing every half hour or hour and 419 learned every map there was. No one forsaw the damage that over-popularity would do to CS.

Neither did 419 forsee that the initials SC would change their lives forever....................

Stay tuned for the next chapter in the saga of 419. Same blog, same http address and whenever Akiramike feels like updating his blog.

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