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Jdorama reviews and STOP BLAMING MONEY!!

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Slow Dance ep1

Somehow this show reminds me of Orange Days in the sense that Orange Days was about Uni Life and Slow Dance is about work life. Fukatsu Eri is playing the same role in Seukko chounan ane san nin = 30 something woman deciding between work and marriage. I have a feeling she's going to be typecast in this type of role until she turns 40! lol.

Speaking about 30 something women, when are we going to see another drama with older guy and much younger chick. The last one I remember watching was Koukou Kyoushi 2k3. Are the Japanese trying to counter-balance the national obsession with lolitas and schoolgirls by bombarding their tv with the message that older women are better?

They should be proud of their fascination with youth. It nothing to be ashamed off. Younger girls are attractive. They have to aura of 'innocence' which of course in today's society doesn't exist but who give a damn. Fantasy is better than reality and reality is but a perception and our perception of things is influenced by what we want to see. So bring on jdramas about fathers who fall in love with their daughter's classmates. Bring on stories about a 40 year old single dad being persued by two 20 year old women.

Its great seeing Hirosue Ryoko on the small screen again but its such a waste that her character has so little screen time. She's not one of those hot looking actresses who are fit only to play the best friend part. She's the one who blew away Uchiyama Rina in Moto Kare and deserved every award on the planet for Himitsu. Somehow, she's not so hot when she's playing the token supporting character with so little lines. Fingers crossed they get into her character more but I doubt it.

Its too early to judge how good Slow Dance is going to be but I just have a feeling its going to be like Orange Days - good production, decent pacing but ultimately nothing exciting.

Koi ni Ochitara

Watched ep 8-11 without subs. Couldn't wait to see what happens. This series started off slow and seemed like your typical poor man-rich man drama until the middle where things started to pick up. The storyline went in an interesting direction and had an ending sequence that everyone wanted to see, though I was expecting something more grand in the end. Nevertheless, a pretty good drama. Kusanagi Tsuyoshi was good and Yamamato Koji was great in his supporting role. (His performance as Hijikata was truly great) The funny thing is why Tsuyoshi is paired up with another actress who is obviously taller than him. (Matsushita Nao in this one and of course Fujiwara Norika in Staa no Koi)


I have a dislike for jdramas featuring lots of kids cause there will always be the fat kid and over-sentimental stories about the kids' background. They should make it a quota of maximum to kids per jdrama.

That said, Engine was enjoyable. KimuTaku is his usual kakoi self. Koyuki doesn't turn me on. The best thing for me was Euno Juri. Having seen Swing Girls, IMO Euno Juri is a pretty good actress and definitely deserves bigger roles. The real lack down is the lack of racing stuff despite the drama being called engine and the really boring race in the final ep.

Yeah, filming racing scenes is expensive but they certainly could have done a much better job. Its more a drama about orphans than about racing. Final verdict - some of the eps are good, girls are pleasing to the eyes, kids are cute (wtf did they have to put a fat kid in there!) but we've seen it all b4, just not with so many kids. Above average and worth watching but don't get your expectations up.

Money is the key to Happiness

Speaking of Koi ni Ochitara, I'm sick and tired by all this propoganda that money does not buy happiness. I mean, every time we buy something we get a little but of happiness. If I had the money to get a 1.5mbit connection and new HD, I would be happier than I am now. Therefore if little extra money can give us more happiness then definitely a lot more money would get us more happiness.

Some would argue that money does not buy friends and good family. Well, would poverty do it? Definitely not. Money buys respects. Money gives us the time and ability to enjoy life with friends and family. Money allows people to live in comfort. Of course having more money does not guarantee happiness but it certainly allows you to get more than if you were poor.

All this bullshit about how money is not important is perpetuated by the rich and powerful to keep us poor masses content while they control all the wealth and live in excess. They point to the rich and powerful who seem to experience lots of divorces and scandals. As if the poor and middle class people don't experience that as well. At least when the rich divorce, they've got enough money to split up and to take care of the kids.

Money does not cause unhappiness. Yeah people fight over money and families can be torn apart just by fighting over inheritance but the cause of that is greed and unwillingness to share/comprimise. Don't blame money. Blame the people. When people are unhappy, they like to blame anything else but themselves. So they blame money. Money can't talk back. Money can't say 'hey its because you're a greedy sob or its because you can't communicate properly with your wife'. Money is the innocent victim of this stupid propoganda.


Who wouldn't want to be rich? Anyone who doesn't is lying and they know it. Of course, this is tempered by the question - how much effort do you want to put in for how much money? For me its minimum effort for maximum result which means I'll never be rich. But it doesn't mean I can't dream about winning the lottery.

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