Sunday, July 03, 2005

Umemiya Masako

I was looking around for Umemiya Masako pics (the mistress in Golden Bowl) when I realised that there are no pics which can do her justice. Even the pictures in her photobooks aren't that good. She was sooooooo hot in Golden Bowl that any man in Kaneshiro Takeshi's shoes would have fallen into the pool as well. And why the hell is she doing Kamen Rider goddammit. She should be in jdramas and movies. Bloody kids won't appreciate how hot she is. Maybe its just an excuse to get the dads to allow their kids to watch Kamen Rider on the condition that they tape it so dad can watch it when he finishes work.

Scene in Japanese household:

wife: anata, come to bed.

husband: not right now. I'm watching kamen rider.

wife: wtf. Just because I stopped you watching schoolgirl AV doesn't mean you should watch kids shows!

husband: No. I just want to know what kids are watching these days so I can better communicate with my kid. (Umemiya Masako...... kirei.......) Can we role play tonight? I'll be kamen rider and you be Umemiya Masako!

Wife starts ringing her lawyer..............

Many japanese actresses/idols/gravure idols look so much hotter on the screen than in still pictures. Take another example one of my faves, Takeuchi (why did u have to get married) Yuko. She's not that hot looking but she was so fine in Pride.

Yar, Ogura Yuko looks cute in her pics but nothing can prepare any man for kawaiiness when she talks. She sings so badly/dances so clumsily that it triggers the male brain to scream 'sugoku kawaii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

On the other hand you have Fukada Kyoko who looks good in pictures but is crap on screen. Maybe the beauty of these Japanese godesses are to great to be captured on a single frame.

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