Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hirosue Ryoko is back and 1 on 1 in NBA

Yes! Slow dance ep 1 is out! Hope someone will sub the series! Too bad she's playing supporting character to Fukatsu Eri but Ryoko-san in a supporting role is better than no Ryoko at all. Problems is that I'm still slowly catching up on my dramas. Even had to give up on some jmovies eg Jam Films S with Ishihara Satomi.... :( Sigh, one can never have enough bandwidth. WTF is a 512/512 in Oz as expensive as a 1.5/256.

Chris Anstey challenged Andrew Bogut to a 1 on 1. Lol! Only Oz would be interested in such a match-up. Maybe the NBA should do a 1 on 1 tournament in the off-season. Let the players cut promos to the media and come out with entrance music and video like wrestling. They could even have a championship belt.

Anstey: I'm going to take you to the learning tree kid cause your mouth has been writing cheques that your body can't cash in...

Bogut: I'm the no.1 draft pick. I am the game-uh and I am that damn good-uh!

Anstey: Shut your mouth and know your role! I'm going to smackdown the ball on your head and beat your roody poo candy ass. I'm going to take the Spalding ball, shine it really nice, turn it up sideways and stick it....

Bogut: Will you please shut the hell up! You're just scared of me cause I got the 3 I's. Intelligence, intensity and the balls to Insult all Australians. Next on my list is the pretty boy Ian Thorpe. Oh, its true, its true.

Anstey: You obviously have not been taking your vitamins and saying your prayers. What you gonna do brother, when Ansteymania runs wild on you! Anstey proceeds to do the Hulk Hogan cup the ear thingie and the crowd remains silent. Anstey then does the Hogan flex poses and it was so quiet you could hear Phil Jackson doing Jeanie Buss in the excutive toilet.

The 1 on 1 match proceeds to the last point when Bogut 'accidentally' knocks out a referee. Two replacement referees come out and argue over who should officiate the match. Luc Longley does a run in and low blows Bogut.

ESPN sends Rasheed and Ben Wallace out with old school Undertaker music cause the ratings suck and they beat the crap out of Anstey and Bogut and then they proceed to cut a promo challenging NBA tag-team champions Amare Stoudamire and Steve Nash to a championship match.

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