Saturday, July 30, 2005

5 reason to watch Ai Nante Iraneeyo

1. Hirosue Ryoko doing her 'pursed lips looking for away' look.

2. Hirosue Ryoko's pleading eyes look which no man can resist.

What I enjoyed about this drama is that they didn't do the usual throw the whole kitchen sink at her and make Ako a super pitiful character.

3. Hirosue Ryoko using a walking cane as a weapon. Beware of cute blind chicks as they know walking cane-fu.

4. Hirosue Ryoko's neko like smile. *sigh*

5. No I am not obsessed with Hirosue Ryoko. I just think she's the best Japanese actress out there. She's not photogenic, so the pics don't do her justice but she looks great on the small screen.

Yeah there are other chicks in the drama but they pale to you know who. I was going to take screenshots of them but I decided they are not worthy of my blog. Special thanks to nightwind for uploading the drama for everyone.

For those looking for the theme song, Life by Ayako Ikeda, go to:


bran said...

Are you such a Hirosue fanatic? I think her misplaced canine tooth is appealing to many people =)

Akiramike said...

I think her 'misplaced canine tooth' makes her more appealing. IMO, there is more beauty in slight 'imperfections'. Supermodels just don't turn me on, lol.

Thomas Lim said...

I have other reason, I like the speaking of Ryoko, very exagratting.