Sunday, November 30, 2014

D-addicts tracker is dead! Long live d-addicts!

I come back home, clicked on my d-addicts link to the tracker and found it not working. Don't tell me d-addicts is down again? Then I tried the main page and it worked. At the active posts section is a post titled 'Closing down the torrent section'. I'm already suffering from post Japan trip depression and to compound this is the d-addicts news. Can my day not get any worse? Maybe this is all a nightmare and I'm actually sleeping in a ditch somewhere in Shin Koiwa.

Besides' Furransu's site which only has mainstream shows which are subbed, the only other options left are the direct download sites and asiantorrents. It was nice having bt links all in one site, especially for old shows.

A big thank you to Ruroshin and whoever else is also responsible for maintaining the tracker for so many years so fans like me can enjoy great and horrible jdoramas from Japan. Thank you for spending so much of your time and money just to bring the joy of jdoramas to others.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Shiga-ken part 3 : Hiyoshi Taisha Illumination

Being close to Winter, we didn't have to wait long for the sun to go down and the lights to get turned on. On a side note, Japan starts their Christma

My phone's camera is even worse at night. I wonder if the Lumia 1020 aka best phone camera ever could have done much better.

Its supposed to be red but comes out as pink.

This reminds me of Caffeine Nicotein's stage in Samurai Shodown 2.

Rehearsal for live performance but we couldn't stay cause there was a 2 hour limit for car parking.

Took the direct train back to Osaka from Otsu station.

The first ever Japanese guy I met who knows Lin Minmei and yes, we sang many Macross songs. I think his name was Kanda but I could be wrong. This was at Air's Clover at Shinsaibashi. Gift at Fukushima is now closed so I'll need to update the snack guide later.

With Kaori. There's this girl Yuka who left early who actually likes Sono Sion movies. Her favourite is Himizu and it was such a turn on being able to discuss Jigoku de Naze Warui. I think I met her last time I was back but I'll need to look back at my old posts. The girl who stayed 3 months in NY is Emi. (Just so I don't forget)

Friday, November 28, 2014

Shiga-ken part 2 : Hiyoshi Taisha

This place is effing beautiful.

I'm pretty sure some scenes in Kenshin were shot around here. The movie was shot around Biwako.

Unlike Kyoto, it wasn't filled with gaijin tourists. This was on a public holiday so there would be even less people normally.

My Lumia 1520 camera cannot do the colour justice. If there were a Yodabashi here, I would have forked out money for a good camera.

After getting attacked by a sheep, only animals in cages for me.

I just love the old samurai feel of this place. Kyoto just feels like a tourist attraction. Hiyoshi Taisha feels like going back in time.

This view is so fucking awesome.

Screw Kyoto. Shiga-ken is the place to go! Next up Hiyoshi Taisha at night!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Japan day 10 : Shiga part 1

Autumn leaves in Tenmabashi. Original plan was to rest in hotel but Kyoto sucked except for the yakiniku and I had not been to Shiga before. I was told my Kansai timing was good because of the weather but it also coincided with the long weekend aka sanrenkyuu.

Taking the train to Kyoto again...

.. and then jumping onto another line to Wani station to get picked up.

That is not the sea. Its Biwako, the largest lake in Japan. Yes, I did the 'umi da!' that every anime character says.

There's an island in the middle where a hundred people live.

We were driving around when we came across a sheep and two goats.

The sheep was lying down and when we got close the fucker charged at me and I jumped back. Thank goodness for the chains. I remember thinking as it was charging, "There's no horns on this animal to grab."

Looking for coffee shop staff at 800 yen an hour.

We went the Chanbon for buta soba.

Its actually not bad except they don't allow kaedama so I was half full.

Some famous Biwako bridge.

Lastly, I just missed the Michishige Sayumi graduation. Couldn't get a ticket and the resell tickets were very expensive. Even the cinema broadcast of the concert was going over 10000 yen!

End the end I decided it was not worth it and I would have been bored out of my mind especially with crappy seats ans the newer songa being boring for me. It was my last chance to see a momusu that I knew but I think I had a better time time tonight, which I will cover later.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Maid Cafe CC Ocha Ultra Tsundere

When I saw this piece by Brian Ashcraft of Kotaku, I knew I had to try it. Its been years since I've been to a maid cafe. If you want to eat its better to go to a ramenya, izakaya, Coco Ichi etc. If you want to drink, you get more bang for your buck at girls's bars or snacks.

So I went at 12 when they opened hoping there would be few people but the cafe filled up pretty quick. Looked around the menu and I didn't see ultra tsundere. Asked the girl who wasgoing to kick my ass and its an ura menu item which comes with a drink.

Basically the drink came and it proceeded like what Brian Ashcraft described. At the end, I asked about the photo as seen from the article and was told the photo was separate.

I could have skipped the whole ura menu and gone straight to the photo? I'm not sure you can get the photo without ordering the Ultra Tsundere though. If anyone is interested in getting abused by a maid, this is the menu for you. Just don't order the omurice.

An inte

Monday, November 24, 2014

Japan trip 2 2K14 days 8 and 9 : Osaka and Kyoto

Massan whiskey from the asadora that is showing now. This is from Nagoya station.

Osaka station.

Some kid molesting poor Pikachu.

I was asked why I didn't hug Pikachu. I am not going to risk my life and die from electric shock.

There are always street performances outside Osaka station by indie singers.

Kyoto sucks. Too many people and we spent more time in buses than looking at koyou.

Come to think of it, I should have turned a negative into a positive and tried to take pictures of the chicks taking pictures.

Rushing for 6pm reservation.

The main event in Kyoto was all you can eat yakiniku for 3500 yen with two hour time limit. I have never been so full in my life.

Cooking ika. The yakinikuya is called Mawari and it specialises in Omi beef from Shiga. There is only one store in Kyoto and all the other shops are in Shiga.

Huge christmas tree at Kyoto station. Next post will be about Ultra Tsundere in Nipponbashi. : )

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Irodori Meieki in Nagoya

Customary teppan miso katsu at yabaton.

Back in Yokkaichi.

Some evil show about kids enslaving animals and forcing them to fight so the kids can have fun. I'd like to see the animals enslave the kids and force them to beat each other up.

If you are ever near Nagoya, Iro Dori is a must go. Its basically an izakaya with cute girls and a stage for performances.

Its decently priced and if you are a strong drinker, you can take advantage of the all you can drink.

bframe risked life and limb to take a video of the start of the performance before being told no videos. Luckily he is still with us and the girls did not take him to the back and tickle him to death.

What's in the tube? You'll have to go to Irodori find out.

As with lots of places in Japan, you need to spend money to get their attention so if you see someone you like, buy her a drink, which we did too late.

Horribly taken shot of Momoka. So if you want an izakaya with a bit extra, definitely try Iro Dori!

I am feeling the need to collect all the cards.