Friday, November 28, 2014

Shiga-ken part 2 : Hiyoshi Taisha

This place is effing beautiful.

I'm pretty sure some scenes in Kenshin were shot around here. The movie was shot around Biwako.

Unlike Kyoto, it wasn't filled with gaijin tourists. This was on a public holiday so there would be even less people normally.

My Lumia 1520 camera cannot do the colour justice. If there were a Yodabashi here, I would have forked out money for a good camera.

After getting attacked by a sheep, only animals in cages for me.

I just love the old samurai feel of this place. Kyoto just feels like a tourist attraction. Hiyoshi Taisha feels like going back in time.

This view is so fucking awesome.

Screw Kyoto. Shiga-ken is the place to go! Next up Hiyoshi Taisha at night!


Shane said...

So I decided to go live in Japan. I'll be moving there in March and I've been placed in Shiga-ken! Hikone city on Lake Biwa to be precise. I remembered you visited the area so came to look at what's in store for me. Now I'm even more excited!

Next time you're on holiday in Japan let me know :-)

Akiramike said...

Congratulations Shane! Shoot me an email to my blogger nick