Monday, November 17, 2014

RIP Tonkotsu Ramen Ogi とんこつラーメン荻

Fuck. Did some research and the shop closed in June. Wtf. The best ramen shop in the world closed five months ago on June 20 which was two weeks after I left Japan. If he has told me he was closing shop I would have extended my stay.

The closest thing to matching Ogi is Tanaka Shoten which is way out in Odaiba and the last time I went wasn't so good.

The best thing about Ogi was the soup. No other tonkotsu ramen place had that thick but not watery/oily soup base. It was fucking heaven.

I'm so depressed. This is worst than Coco Ichi stopped doing tejikomi chicken katsu. Btw, they are now doing tejikomi menchi katsu which is not as good.


I desperately need to find another tonkotsu ramen place which is as good or else I'll go crazy. There is now a really big hole in my stomach, I mean heart.

If you click the link on top you can find more pictures. Seems like the dude went back to Hakata. I need to find out wtf hia new shop is and take a fucking 7 hour train there juat for the ramen.

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